AFA posts: Part 1 – Overview of days 2 and 3

I was invited to go to AFA with my fren, SleepySlacker. We planned it because it’ll be after our End-of-Year exams and that we wanted to the exposure. I went because I knew my holidays would be pretty much empty if I didn’t do anything.

I was actually only supposed to go on 1 day only, not 2. There is a story involved with this. I was told (by a dumb ass-clown) that Kalafina was performing on day 2. So I got the ticket for day 2. Then I found out it’s actually on day 3. So I had to spend more to go on day 3 as well. Not that I regret it. The 30+ hours I spent at AFA was THE SHIT. (We didn’t go on Day because we couldn’t get tickets for the Mikupa concert which we heard was shit anyway)

creepy dolls we saw

As an overview, getting into AFA for the first time on day 2 also has a silly story. I met at SleepySlacker at 8.30 along wif our midget fren.  We arrived at the convention hall at 9.30. And then it hit SleepySlacker. He left our tickets at home in his excitement to get to AFA. So we waited to 11 before we got in. But we saw plenty of cosplayers in that time so it wasn’t that much of a loss.

As expected, it was crammed and noisy. Very much so. Being new to all this stuff, we wandered around for a really long time, looking at all them booths. So much time that we forgot the Fate/Zero showcase. I was Disappoint. But hey, we went in to see the last 5 mins and saw LiSa perform. We did get to see Chiwa Saito live-dub some scenes of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. And we joined in the mirth when they dubbed the scene where Homu-Homu turns QB into swiss cheese. After that, I decided to stay with Valence and his friend to watch the live screening of Gundam Unicorn ep 4. My OCD was turned to max because I didn’t watch eps 1 to 3 but hell, there wasn’t anything else we wanted to do. I still didn’t get shit after the screening. I’ve never watched any of the Gundam animes. Some parts must have been epic though because the whole place cheered at those points. Like when this giant black Gundam fell from the sky.

Both my friends and me went there with little cash so we didn’t buy much. Mostly, we were following the Singaporean mentality to note prices and pray they drop tomorrow when we returned. (Some of the prices DID drop). 5pm came and we decided that we should go queue for the concert. We exited the convention hall and BLAM, a giant mob of people were already in line to enter. So we did the only thing we could do. We cut all the way to the front.

Got bored, took a pic of oppai

An hour later of standing perfectly still while being squished and we got in!! A little late (6.30 instead of 6) but hey, we managed to get standing “seats” at the front.

It was hard to take pics during the concert

The concert was the first concert I’ve been too and it was fun as hell. We thought we were boned because we weren’t at the front of the standing section. Then we realized that they put a metal fence behind us to create an area for the camera’s. So we literally sat on the fence. And we a better view than the people who paid an extra $100 for a plastic chair.

We left the convention halls feeling completely stoned and exhausted shortly after Flow showed up. But we were surely looking forward to day 3. I slept like the dead (which I already do on a daily basis) till the next morning the instant I got back.

look at all the people queuing for the electronic fair

Day 3 and this time SleepySlacker remembered his ticket. And thankfully, mine was already with me. So we entered at exactly 9am. We were surprised. It was really empty. SCORE. We managed to walk around without feeling like tuna in a can. Then we began our purchasing spree. For day 3, we actually managed to go to most of the stage events except the Mardock scramble 2 screening. Because we were 15 and the event was M18. We also couldn’t bribe the employees to let us in. The Anohana showcase was rather interesting to watch but mostly we were there to blow our time and get some nice seats before the concerts. We didn’t want to watch the regional cosplay competition at all so we left at that time and went around taking pictures of cosplayers.

This time, we decided to queue earlier for the concert as Valence watched some NC16 movie with his friend. We went to the concert hall at 4.10 and blam, there was already a queue. It wasn’t as chaotic as day 2’s but it was still pretty messy. So we parked our arse on the floor and blocked the walkways while we waited to enter. Today, the opened the doors on time too. A bonus.

We decided to go to the same exact places we watched the concerts from on day2. This time however, we couldn’t sit on the fence. Because Valence is pretty damn tall and he managed what we didn’t. He managed to block the view of those behind us. But heck, the concert was still fun and we stayed through the whole thing this time.

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    lol the LiSA concert was epic…. i love that fence

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