There will be no Ano Hana season 2, ladies and gentlemen.

Just a heads-up for anyone interested.

During Day 3 of Anime Festival Asia, during the Anohana Showcase with Character Designer & Animation Director Masayoshi Tanaka, Director Tatsuyuki Nagai and Script Writer Mari Okada, in response to queries by Singaporean fans, ┬áDirector Tatsuyuki Nagai clarified that he had ‘no plans for a season 2 of Ano Hana’, and confirmed that there will not be another season of Ano Hana.

Not sure what significance this brings to fans though, but I’m sure fans of Ano Hana must surely be saddened. Let’s hope for an OVA to be made nevertheless.

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13 Responses to There will be no Ano Hana season 2, ladies and gentlemen.

  1. Overlord-G says:

    The main question here is after the ending of Ano Hana 1 which pretty much made it clear that the show’s over, HOW COULD THERE BE A 2ND SEASON AFTER THAT ENDING?! Maybe an epilogue OVA showing what happened with the cast afterwards but a 2nd season…no.

  2. ~xxx says:

    Watch it when you are seeing the ghost of your past.
    Anyways, It’s too good and its pretty dramatic.

  3. @fkeroge says:

    I’m gonna be an ass. Ano Hana is not a great show. Good at best. The melodrama levels left me laughing at every episode. Not really Key levels of writing drama there, but I guess that’s just me.

  4. Wecinx says:

    Wow When anohana season 2 Realese?…

  5. Supermastermochi says:

    season 2 after that ending???? theres no way, but maybe a OVA?

  6. LinkCross18 says:

    I hope there will be Anohana OVA of it because I really love the story and its a one of a kind. For me its the my #1 dramatic anime movies I ever have. Thankyou very much for making that movie for anime lovers. I hope you can make many movies that can touch our hearts :”)

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