Anime Festival Asia 2011 – Field notes.

As with every year, there are plenty of things to blog about that simply don’t belong in a particular category. Thoughts about anime screened at AFA, for instance. So I took the liberty of bringing around this handy, Moleskine notebook (it’s worth it) , and in true journalistic fashion, taking down random thoughts I had throughout the day. That’s how journalists do it…right?

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so I’ve taken the liberty of censoring the authors’ eyes. No need to thank me.

I wonder how you’ll be able to sleep tonight knowing that your favourite anime blog is partially run by two creatures of the deep though.

The ticket queue this year was much more organized than the previous years’. The previous years had snaking queues which occupied two entire levels since they started ticket vending only around the time the festival opened. This time, not only did they have a more organized queue on the first floor, they also started the vending immediately. Saved us all a lot of time.

Too bad the concert’s mosh pit now costs money. 2 years ago it was absolutely free-of-charge. This year, we had to fork out $51 to stand in a sea of sweat. Not that we regretted it, of course.

Loosely paraphrased: "Why are you working here, lol (at the Mirai booth)" "I have connections to Danny Choo"

That's just creepy. Seriously.

if you look closely, you'll see Fabrice in the background with his Kou Ichinomiya cosplay.

Bought a Kalafina CD hoping we could get an autograph. Turns out that we couldn’t since we didn’t pay extra for the VIP ticket. There’s always next year…and two years later it’s the A-levels, followed by National Service. God I hope they come back next year.

I feel real sorry for the folks who buy everything on day one. Sakura Taisen jackets: $60 on Day 1, $10 on Day 2. Blue katanas: $30 on Day one, $10 on Day 2. Tony Taka poster: $43 on Day 1, $15 on Day 2. Oh my.

Concert report. We queued for how long? Like, 2 hours or so before the gate to the concert even opened, which in turn, was one hour before the concert itself…and we barely made it to the front. We just sat there and discussed what you’d imagine intellectuals like the male , Singaporean bloggers of AOIA to discuss : hentai and Tony Taka. Obviously.

Milky Holmes…was surprisingly okay. I actually knew the lyrics. It was a moment of surprise and shock for me.

We got to watch Kalafina live. No further elaboration required.

It’s good to stand right in front of the camera and be obscenely tall so that your hand keeps entering the camera’s field of vision. Especially when you buy one of those 3-minute super-bright light sticks which practically illuminate a 5 metre radius circle all around you, like, to quote CyborgCommunist, ‘a solar flare’.

This is how the May’n concert went. It was awesome, but I’m quite sure that at the end of it we had lost most of our weight, energy,  hearing, and eyesight.

Also we watched Kalafina live, while so many, numerous, poorfags, didn’t manage to do so. I hope they come back next year, because then I will save for a VIP ticket to get their autographs.

P.S. We watched Kalafina live.

Uploaded for emphasis.

Finally, some thanks are in order. Thanks to those who spent hours, surely, planning the whole of AFA this year ; it was a resounding success and we appreciate your efforts. Thanks to the stars who came down to AFA. Thanks to CyborgCommunist, who, for some reason, allowed me to hang out with him for two days despite my obvious lack of social etiquette, and thanks to everyone inside that group, including SleepySlacker. I hope to go again next year.

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  1. Instead of censoring my pic, you could have just used the one where I wore the mask XD

    Hentai and Tony Taka, Because we’re sophisticated men of society

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    Whoa, we all have glasses!

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