Anime Festival Asia 2011: Conclusion, and lessons learnt

Well, it’s all finished now, with Anime Festival Asia 2011 drawing to a close. As the amount of money I spend increases exponentially, so does my enjoyment of the event – this bizarre feeling, as though I’m some sort of war-hardened veteran, leading the troops – feels nice, really. I even got to go both days this year. But since I have a job tomorrow morning, let me try and keep this short and skip to the interesting bit: lessons learnt from attending AFA 2011.

  1. If you must buy something that’s Limited Edition, buy it once you can. Simple logic really, but some folks expect the price to drop as time passes or are simply unwilling to fork out some extra money for the goods, hoping to buy it at a lower price. But most of the time merchandise flies off the shelves, especially it’s a limited run. Take the KKNM-run Touhou Booth for instance. Day One: the queue was, I dare say, one quarter of the length of the stadium – Day Two: You could just waltz right in.
  2. If you must buy something that they have plenty of stock, wait till the last possible moment to buy it. There was a Tony Taka poster/ Shining Hearts poster going for $43 on Day One, but in the late afternoon on Day 2 they cut it to just $15. The same store also cut Sakura Wars jackets from $60 to $10 each. Other stores, like the usual sword-selling stores, sold blue katanas for $10 each.
  3. If you must stalk someone, go in a group. The importance of this will be demonstrated in a later post.
  4. If you want to get into a main stage event, be prepared to queue up -early. We queued nearly 2 and a half hours for a concert we paid for, mind you, and we still didn’t get all the way to the front. The crowd there was so large that it was nearly impossible to get to the other Electronics convention on the other side without stepping on some fingers.
  5. Cosplayers like attention. Taking covert photos won’t work, you have to go up and ask for one directly……
Alright, since it’s already 1 AM I have to keep this list short. Hope to be able to go back to AFA next year, for this one was a blast! Can’t wait for the next Anime event to happen.
P.S. Saw Kalafina live, bitches. Top that. It feels great to be in an IP school . . . . . .


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17 Responses to Anime Festival Asia 2011: Conclusion, and lessons learnt

  1. Fabrice says:

    We didnt meet up D:

  2. Ming Xuan says:

    But being in an IP School doesn’t mean I don’t have O-levels…

  3. Carillus says:

    You should always plan your purchases beforehand so you know what you want to get, and you can arrange with a group of people to get things that you want. This way you beat the queue AND you get those limited edition items.

    Still doesn’t cut out the queuing, though. I arranged for someone to start queuing on Saturday at 6.10am, and I myself joined around 7.00am. What this meant was that we were at the start of the queue… After the doors opened I made a beeline for the KKnM booth and still ended up around 15th. Lucky I had someone in the Touhou booth 3rd in the queue so I got all my stuff anyway…

    Also, if you’re going for a concert, go all the way and get VIP. It’s totally worth it. 😀

    • Valence says:

      But the queuing this year was more efficient, wasn’t it, Carillus? (Wait what aren’t you in NS or smth)

      If you still had to queue 3 hours in advance for the Touhou booth, that takes dedication. The VIP ticket is DEFINITELY worth it. Having to stand rooted to the ground with your hand movements blocking the camera and people behind booing and signalling for you to lower yourself really sucks.

      On a related note, what did you buy at the Touhou stall? I’m curious. I wanted to queue for Suika, but I bought it from HobbyFrontier for $5 more just to save time.

  4. The Touhou shop was hilarious. Day 3 there was almost nothing left.

    And the queuing for the concert is retarded no matter how you think of it.

  5. kgods says:

    Those helpful hints should be made as a sticky. They are all too true. It sounds like you had a good time.

  6. Alx2oy says:

    I went for Saturday’s concert, FLOW was totally awesome! 😀

  7. bj0rN says:

    I had 4 autographed posters from Kalafina and because I took 4, I had 4 times more time spent talking with them at the booth while the others stare with awe. Farkyea!~

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