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Unlike the other active bloggers in this site (Valence, Azure and Cyborg Communist), I am not Singaporean. I live in this archipelago consisting of 7107 islands – most of them bigger than the whole nation of Singapore. It is also a so-called Third-World country, mostly because of of a protectionist constitution established by someone who is now a candidate for being a national hero despite doing absolutely nothing beneficial for the country during said person’s term as president. So yeah, because I’m from a different country and I lack money to fly to Singapore, I won’t be going to AFA’11.

Luckily, being a citizen of the Philippines, most of the stuff and services you can find here are cheap – you can get a decent meal for 20 pesos (0.50 USD), among other things. Anime conventions here in my country are not really much different.

The event I’m talking about folks, is AME Monogatari, which is going to be held in November 12 (later today, in our time). This convention marks the 11th anniversary of the first, the largest and most influential (I think) of all anime-related collegiate organizations here in my country – the University of the Philippines Anime and Manga Enthusiasts.

Sure, you won’t get to see Kalafina performing live or a grandiose Hatsune Miku concert sponsored by 5pb or Sega, but the admission is really cheap. I got my pre-sale ticket for 130 pesos (about 3.25 USD). I also checked the schedule of activities for both conventions, and I don’t really see much of a difference, save for guestings of Japanese people and some live concerts. Capitalism sucks, doesn’t it?

So yeah, for those of you Filipinos who will be attending and are interested in talking to me in person (there’s no harm trying, yes?), I will be there with a few of my friends. I’m going to be wearing a white “polo” shirt, jeans, black and blue sneakers and a pair of orange-framed eyeglasses.

I hope to meet at least one of our readers there. =)

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3 Responses to AME Monogatari

  1. Zeroblade says:

    Never been to an AME yet (lazy to trek to the kingdom of UP) but I really wish anime conventions here would level up to anywhere near dem amurrikkan cons already. I don’t mind paying several hundred, even a thousand or two, if it means I can get anything more significant than a bunch of random corporate sponsor-driven “events”. Like panels, actual guests worth my time, screenings, et cetera.
    But yes, it would be nice if I could go (´・ω・`)

  2. Valence says:

    What did Singapore ever do to you, mate? ._.

    Anyway you should be happy that you have a collegiate anime organization! I’m jealous. I doubt in Singapore that such a club would have been created, given the study culture of colleges and junior colleges here…or Universities, rather.

    AFA is sponsored heavily of course, so I suppose capitalism is why the ticket price is like, $8 to $18 fucking SGD for entry and $48 dollars just to stand in a fucking mosh pit (which, for Kalafina, I am going to do nevertheless.)

    • Also, an extra $100 in addition to the $48 to get a plastic chair and to be 20m closer to the stage.

      But after the concerts, that $100 seems totally f*****g worth it. I got muscle aches all over

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