With the Aid of the Internet (Husky and Medley manga review)

On the persuasion of @fkeroge, I came up with an idea for this post. The whole of last week I could not find any time at all to do any form of blogging, much less anime-watching. Which makes no sense since last week was the final week of school for the whole damn year. Somehow, all of my free time disappeared even without any homework ;A;

Any ways, I also decided I should write a post. This manga was the only thing I could do the whole of last week. Yes, it took 7 days to read 7 chapters. I usually do that in 1 hour but I couldn’t. But reading over an extended period makes savoring it much more satisfying.

Husky and Medley recounts the tale of the advancement of a girl’s relationship with her classmate from her posts on an internet board. In the manga, Medley finds herself attracted to her “perfect” classmate, Husky and consults with the Internet board on advice on how to get Husky to be her girlfriend (Asking an internet board for help nowadays seems like veritable suicide of the mind…..). In summary, this story was short (7 chapters…I WANT LENGTHIER YURI GODDAMN IT), cute and humourous.

Of course, being a manga, it means the art is important. Its delivers the story after all. Huskey and Medley has a rather simple design. Its pleasing to the eye but I’ve seen much better. But for the purpose and length of this manga, it was great. And although it was rather simple, I could still physically tell the characters apart, unlike other mangas where everyone looks copied and pasted. I’m actually a fan of over-exaggerated blushing (cuz its kinda moe :3) so Husky and Medley was good in that aspect.

Storyline wise, it was great. I love the chracter interaction between Husky and Medley. It was not 1-sided and it was dynamic. And they’re cute together ^.^ The pace of their relationship’s advancement was not rushed (thank god, rushed ones suck) and it’s especially interesting how Medley confesses to Husky. Being so very short, I really can’t say much about the storyline without spoiling it D: On a side note, the way the story is told is rather interesting as the original plot came from an internet board so it’s might be confusing to those who are not familiar with how internet boards work.

So here’s a short and rather rushed post about this excellent manga. It took my mind of all the bullshit that happened last week (especially my F%!$@&G rage about my Geog grade….). I picked this manga up after a rather interesting convo between Junie and Yi ^.^

Death is an otaku too ^.^

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