And I’m back.

Hahahaha, I haven't changed a bit!

Unless you have just found this blog today, you might have read my post about my PC breaking down and me going to a riveting religious trip to the magnificent wonder that is Cebu City. Well, here’s the good news: my PC turned out to be fine. The bad news is, I am now a religious nut.

Well, okay, not really.

I am now behind at least one episode on every anime that I am watching. I have also come to neglect one of my online commitments aside from blogging. I’m afraid that the episodic posts are going to have to wait. Not for long, hopefully.

In other news, we have just acquired a DSLR camera. That means that I can finally post a wider variety of images and who knows, I may end up showing my picture here (You wish! I may consider it with enough requests though).

In the meantime, feel free to guess what the other entries in my Top 30 anime list will be. Don’t worry, my Top 30 is already solid and I don’t plan on changing the contents, especially the entries in my Top 10.


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2 Responses to And I’m back.

  1. oh wow, had me worried there about the religious bit XD
    Either way, welcome back to the Internet!!!!!!!

  2. Overlord-G says:

    Hehehehehehe. Oh you serious guy you. Every time I read one of your posts recently I ask myself the same question: “Why so serious?”. Anyway good to see you cleared things up last week.

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