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Tigers, Foxes and Orges (Hyakko anime review)

To plainly put it, I was not looking forward to watching Hyakko. It was on my MAL just because I wanted to see for myself what others have told me was “the better school life anime” (compared to K-On it … Continue reading

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More is Less: Expectations and Enjoyment

The above tittle sounds like a slogan to some local policy… *shrugs* I have no idea when this started but I’ve recently found myself increasingly disinterested in anime. Maybe not just anime: TV shows, books, cartoons too. So here’s an … Continue reading

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@fkeroge’s Top Anime – Top 20-16; Also, Updates.

First things first: the important news is, I’m stopping episodic blogging because: one – I dropped Guilty Crown, and two – it’s hard to come up with new topics to talk about in Persona 4. There’s the update. Ah, yes, … Continue reading

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AFA posts Part 5: Parting words and purchases

Well, as my conclusion, I might be able to go to AFA next year. Hopefully, me and SleepySlacker’s “O” levels will be over before AFA 2012. If not, at least we came this year. It was a brand new experience … Continue reading

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AFA posts Part 4: The concerts

The concerts were probably the main highlights of the AFA. They invited quite a few guests to perform for us. For $48, we got access to the whole event and standing “seats” for the concerts (I’m told by Valence that … Continue reading

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AFA posts Part 3: The Cosplayers

Another gallery of all the cosplayers we took a picture. SleepySlacker has a fetish of some sort for candid pics so most of these are. The pictures were all taken by SleepySlacker. Click Here for more pictures

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AFA posts Part 2: The highlights of the booths

This is pretty much a gallery of all the cool and interesting stuff sold at AFA. ——————————————————————————————————————– Also for sale was an exclusive only at the AFA K-On towel wif the 4 original members. Anyone wanna cough up $127 for such a towel?

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AFA posts: Part 1 – Overview of days 2 and 3

I was invited to go to AFA with my fren, SleepySlacker. We planned it because it’ll be after our End-of-Year exams and that we wanted to the exposure. I went because I knew my holidays would be pretty much empty … Continue reading

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