@fkeroge’s Top Anime – Top 25-21

There will eventually come a time in an anime watcher’s career where he/she has finally completed enough anime to know his/her own tastes and preferences. As of this writing, I have completed watching over 150 anime series, OVAs, specials and movies according to MAL, and have dropped a lot of anime, too. I think the 150 anime milestone qualifies me to start forcing you to watch recommending anime that fit my tastes better than the others out there, hoping that I can get more people to fanboy over said anime with me. So, without further ado, I hereby present to you the second part of my Top 30.

Note that these lists will only include anime that I have already completed, and I would not include anything that I  am still watching; so no FMA, Chobits and other genuinely good series that I haven’t seen or finished yet. Things may change once I see more of those “classics” like uhhh… yeah. Mainstream classics don’t seem to appeal to me very much.

Hey, even I run out of new things to say once in a while!

25. Taishou Yakyuu Musume (TV)


Mal score: 7

I don’t know if I had already made this obvious to everyone, but I am in fact, a feminist (or a supporter of equal treatment), to some extent. I get really pissed off when I see girls getting the shorter end of the stick just because of their gender, and I think I got into some fights when I was a kid because of that. Taishou Yakyuu Musume has its moderate feminist themes and a good display of “girl power” in a sport deemed at that time to be exclusively for males only.

24. Hyakko (TV)


MAL score: 7

I deem Hyakko to be the most underrated anime of all time (that I have seen, of course). It has a very colorful cast of characters. It knows what it’s doing and does it well. It’s not particularly funny or deep, and it lacks the usual feel of similar shows, but what makes Hyakko special is that it’s good without trying too hard – making use of the individual strengths of the characters’ personalities. It’s just… a fun show to watch, and I think that’s the most important thing about slice of life shows.

23. Amagami SS (TV)


MAL score: 7

Amagami SS made it into this list due to the sheer sweetness and pure, unadulterated romance that it presented. Sure, it’s all sorts of cliche and a bit chauvinistic at times, but Amagami SS avoided pitfalls that most harem anime run into by presenting itself in an omnibus format. This meant less awkward moments, less angst, and more character focus where it is needed. Now this is how I like my pure romance anime.

22. Air (TV)


MAL Score: 7

I watched Air when I was still an upstart anime fan. It was one of my first 15 anime. Air is the lesser of the KyoAni x Key collaborations, and the last one I have watched. But still, this anime still took a place in my heart because of a single character. Air also manages get its drama to be more on filial side, my ultimate weakness when it comes to drama.


I think I died a little inside just from that line alone. T_T

21. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (TV)


MAL Score: 7

Index could’ve taken this spot, but I keep asking myself: Why the heck is Railgun a whole lot better than Index? I mean, Index had a better premise and plot, by my standards. It had well-choreographed fight scenes and visual effects. Railgun pales in comparison to Index if we simply consider these things. But Index had one thing that made it the lesser of the two: Touma. Less Touma and more Misaka and Kuroko meant more enjoyment. Not to mention that Railgun was more memorable compared to Index in terms of characters, fun-ness, and music. why did I make a lot of Index comparisons?

PS: Did I ever tell you guys that I’m Filipino?

"Cool story, @fk."

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8 Responses to @fkeroge’s Top Anime – Top 25-21

  1. kluxorious says:

    Hyakko should be higher on the list

  2. foshizzel says:

    Railgun!! Wooooo! Well to answer your question I have no idea why Railgun is better than Index, I can only assume they saw the mistakes they made in Index and decided to “improve” on Railgun? Ahaha not really sure I guess it could be more related to Touma < Misaka for lead characters. Hell even the side girls in Railgun are more fun like Kuroko, Uiharau and of course my personal favorite Character beside Misaka! Saten ❤ ❤ she was always my favorite even without power she proved to be somewhat helpful.

    • @fkeroge says:

      I recall Railgun taking the first place in the “Character Power” aspect of a certain poll. I guess the characters of Railgun are nothing to laugh at.

  3. Marow says:


    I think I died a little inside just from that line alone. T_T

    My day ruined.

  4. Kaevex says:

    Only one I’ve seen on that list is To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, but it’s awesome.

  5. Nopy says:

    I’m glad to see AIR on that list. The amount of exposure AIR and Kanon 2002 are getting now is dismal since Kanon 2006 and Clannad aired.

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