R.M.E – Rage Mode Engaged (Itoshi Wo Tome manga review)

If you follow me on Twitter, you might remember a while back i had a really long line of tweets regarding this manga. And the tweets did not consist of very kind words either. I did re-read it though, because I wanted to create a strong standpoint for a review so here are my thoughts, clear of the RME that occurred to me after my first reading of it.

Alright, I picked up this manga in a way I don’t usually do. Usually, I just go to blogs and pick those that seems interesting. But I picked this one through J-List 😛 Someone linked me to the Yuri manga section of J-List and Itoshi Wo Tome caught my fancy after I read the blurb. Set wayyyyyy back ago, a time when Japan was still feudal, it’s a story about the tomboyish daughter of a court official and her love interest as they face the challenges of having a Yuri relationship ( I could use the word homosexual, but I don’t want to XD). So yes, it is the basic set up for a lot of the Yuri manga I’ve read. Then again, it’s the setup for almost every romance related story.

This manga caught my eye because it looked really nice. They say men are visual creatures so I got interested. Googling it’s name got me to Dynasty Scans and then the scans. Well proportioned, no unrealistically enormous bewbs and well, it looks sweet and cute.

Ok, the story could definitely use some polishing though. Sakura, Tachibana’s lover seemed very……shallow. Like she only has 1 way of thought. Happily that changed a little further along the story and she gained some depth. Tachibana, however, is quite default lover. She really loves Sakura and really wants to protect her, especially from all the troubles their relationship brings. But I have nothing against this setup. It’s not very dynamic where the roles change but its still very enjoyable and cute. I say the emotions in this manga, although sometimes a little superficial, were done quite well.

And now, my main gripe with this story is very simple. The first time I read it, I just RME at the ending, which at that time, I thought was the dumbest f*#%#!g shit ever. Thank god I decided to re-read it if not this will be a very one-sided view. This bit will be spoilerific though so skip it if you don’t want them. Sakura gets invited to be a  court lady, another member in the Emperor’s harem of women. And Tachibana, of course, wants to protect Sakura. She sneaks into the palace and takes Sakura’s place after hiding Sakura. However, the Emperor finds out and decides to deal punishment.

At this point in the manga, the tone was rather serious IMO so IF the story went along the lines of them being executed by the Emperor’s will, it would somewhat fit the situation and I’ll enjoy it and be emo about it for a while. OR if the story went that they ran off together to live happily ever after, out of the range of the Emperor’s wrath. Both are plausible and would sit well with me. However, that was not the case. The story decided to take one of the most ridiculous but incredibly optimistic path. The Emperor decides to keep them as his……own personal RL Yuri porn. At that time, my only thought was “WTF IS THIS BULL-F@^%#^G SHIT?????” It was so ridiculous it bordered on retarded. I felt trolled beyond measure. I was reading through the last chapter with the Yuri sex scene and all and I was extremely irritated at it. It was just incredibly…..stupid.

You can only imagine how i felt when i read this. I can prepared to chuck my phone out the window to smash 19 floors down

However, on the 2nd read and after a short contemplation with a Twitter buddy, Yunra13, I came to a conclusion. Although it is very silly and ridiculous and smells faintly of BS, the story twist was so for a reason. I think it was so as it was meant to be humorous and light-hearted in nature. We all have read something where we displeased with the ending, especially if every single one of the characters you liked happens to kick the bucket. So this manga took such a storyline to kinda fufil the need we feel for a story with the best possible ending. And this kinda it. Everyone was happy in the end. However, this is all IMO so don’t take me to heart. But this is my final view of it.

Overall, Itoshi Wo Tome was a very refreshing manga with really pleasing artwork. Although fainty retarded and silly, it’s upbeat and entertaining. I recommend it if you are looking for a light-hearted read.

Sorry, i couldn't resist using this to end this post :3

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