Post 350: reminiscence – we are all getting old.

 ….. And once again, we hit another 50 posts. Despite our posting rates decreasing, the blog somehow maintains the same number of readers per day, with a nice range of 0 to 1. Sigh. How I regret not posting more when I was younger. Back in the day you could post 3-sentence long posts and still receive thousands of views. Nowadays the young uns’ are so picky with their posts, having a beef with the opinions of other whippersnappers everywhere.

In another related news, we’re about well on our way to death. We’re getting old. We can’t write posts without having to strain our backs or needing assistance to remember what we were going to write to begin with. One thing we can remember, of course, is the game  our origins. How and when we started blogging, why we ended up in this dump in the middle of Internet nowhere. And hence for post 350, we simply reflect on our pasts. I better keep writing before I forget my name again.

Meh, I’m too old to remember everything. Not that I’ve never written tonnes of posts on how I got here to help me remember. My memory’s kind of grainy. I think I’ll play the role of the wise dojo sensei, passing his judgement on his compatriots, instead of going on and on about things people have already heard about a long time ago. I’ll just drop in and out, leaving my comments everywhere like a deranged sex maniac leaves his mark on the minds of his victims.


The youngest member of AOIA. Types like he’s the youngest, too. It’s noticeable. Back in my day, everyone wrote like that. Everyone except me, of course. *cough, cough*. My throat’s acting up again.


CyborgCommunist : 

Hello again,CyborgCommunist here. This is my history with blogging and anime. And most importantly, how I ended up on Ambivalence or is it Ambiguity?

I started blogging recently, starting just this year. The idea of writing a blog has always appealed to me, even way back in my schooling life. However, I never had any inspiration to. Hence, the idea was locked away in my memories along with all the other things I wanted to do but never found the inspiration or time too.

But inspiration finally came, in the form of anime ^.^ (editor’s note: Back in my day, smilies cost 25 cents a pop. Now they’re free. How nice technology is.)

As a kid growing up, I did not get a good impression of anime. It’s hard to explain how, but I ended up with the idea that anime was bad and created rapist or something similar. So I never touched any anime as a kid.

Then along came secondary school and the opening of my closed mind. I went on a crusade to change stuff about my life and opened myself to new things like anime (although I still did not bother to watch any)

2 years pass after all that crap and I finally did find a source of inspiration, although in the weirdest way possible. It all started with Funnyjunk actually. I was browsing through it when something caught my eye. It was a screenshot of the visual novel, Sono Hanabira. It was very different from what I normally find there (the pic showed Yuuna and Nanami kissing. Sure helped to intrigue me XD) I went to search for the source and ended up on Listless Ink. I think I might have read like 20 posts and googled tons of anime names before I settled on the ones I was going to watch. I decided to read the manga, Girlfriends and watch Puella Magi.

With my appetite for anime growing, I delved more into the otaku culture of Japan. Eventually, I realized that I wanted to express my thoughts and opinions on the anime I watch. So I dredged back my age old idea of starting a blog from the recesses of my mind and Interests of a Psychopath was born.

The actual reason as to why I joined Ambivalence or is it Ambiguity is actually be very simply. I was simply feeling the desire to have a bit more readers to my posts because I like reading other’s thoughts and opinions. Valence’s blog seemed ideal as we both seemed somewhat similar online. (editor’s note: I’m not that young.)

Also, AOIA seemed like the kind of place I would like to blog on. Hence one day, when I was high on 4 bottles of Guarana infused espresso (about 400 milligrams of caffeine, half the amount required to kill you) and tripping balls from Minecraft, I asked Valence for permission to write on his blog. To my surprise, he agreed and so here I am!!! (editor’s note: too late to reconsider now, huh.)

Thank you for reading this passage about me!!


*hack, hackle, cough*. Argh, the passage reeks of youthful innocence. So enthusiastic, so full of life. The communist’s hopes and dreams, not yet crushed by the crippling expectations and corruption inherent in all societies. I vaguely remember when I was a happy lad, until the world came down on my shoulders. Enjoy your youth while you can, Johnathan.

So much innocence.

Azure Hoshizora

The only female writer at AOIA currently, and probably forever. It was a funny circumstance, really. For my first comment on her blog, I had forgotten what I was going to type. Yes, I was already suffering from senile dementia. Somehow, I just ended up typing Singapore FTW so I could write my comment later…something I just couldn’t remember after all.


This is a certain something that happened some time back. To be more precise, it was on the 27th of July 2010. My 15th birthday has just passed. My computer broke down. The Black Rock Shooter OVA was mindfuck. But at least mindfucking stuff invites lots of blog traffic.(editor’s note. *cough, splits phelgm*. Hehe…great minds think alike, good for you youngun’.)

Then there was this comment “Singapore FTW” on my About page. Typical comment for a fellow Singaporean to make but I clicked on the link anyway. (Valence: hehe, whoops.) Lo and behold, I witnessed (and never could unsee) a llama Black Rock Shooter. Inwardly, I swore. Funnily enough, I somehow bumped into that blog again on 1August. This time it was a review of the Sono Hanabira OVA. Then I thought: “There’s something about this blog… Wait, what does ‘Ambivalent’ mean anyway? I mean it can’t be a synonym of “Ambiguity”… And why does the author of the blog remind me of chemistry lessons which I don’t pay attention to? (Editor’s note: Neither did I.) I should comment…”

Meanwhile, I was still writing my own blog, but with lesser and lesser enthusiasm as the days went by. Maybe I was growing out of it, I didn’t even intentionally make a blog to being with, it just sort of became one. Most anime blogs die in 3 years. Mine’s probably due soon. It did, sometime around the Madoka finale when I finally (and abruptly killed it off)

Subsequently I took a break from the aniblogs. I still regularly flipped through some of the interesting ones (llama BRS definitely left a unique first impression). Then AOIA had more and more writers: Carillius, Anima and @fkeroge. It was interesting… A group blog. Does that mean you get to do group posts or something? What would happen if 2 authors wrote about the exact same thing? (lol) My hands were itching to type stuff. My English grades dropped fantastically (what this has to do with blogging I do not know…). And that llama BRS kept appearing in my head telling me to e-mail valence and apply as an author.

“Go on, Azure, you should apply. You know you miss writing about anime shit.”

“Shut up BRS llama. You’re both disturbing and disturbing me. I’m trying to do my homework.”

“Apply and I’ll stop disturbing you.”

“If it makes you shut up and go away, okay.”

So yes, I gave in and after ta few e mail exchanges with Valence, I ended up being on the AOIA team the week AnoHana ended.

Llama BRS hasn’t come to bother me much since but once very so often it keeps showing up to remind me to actually post something. Oh and I jumped 4 grades in English after that. (Editor’s note: Surprisingly I have scored straight As for English since January. Profanities seem to help scores.)


Whoo-ee. Girl, you have to lay off the drugs. Seeing llamas talk to you can never be good. Drugs cost me a huge chunk of my life, but instead of llamas I saw sheep. Specifically, this kind:

I had to go for therapy shortly afterwards. Drugs can’t possibly be good for you, Antoinette. They’re against the *cough* law, Crimson, *heckles, spits* and *adjusts back* they can’t be good for you. Have I ever told you about my own experiences with drugs? Well I hallucinated sheep instead of llamas. Specifically, this kind:

So yeah, importing drugs from overseas and acting as a drug mule is a federal offence in Singapore which can cause you to be sentenced to capital punishment. *cough* Don’t do it, Lily.



Ehh, *coughs, stretches back*. Youngun’s these days are getting more and more perverted, what with their ‘pokeymans’ and ‘hen tie games’ or whatever they call them pornographic materials these days. In my day, you know what we had? Discipline! Respect! When we wanted music, we cranked the gramophone! Now people can listen to music from fruits! *cough*. When I fought in ‘nam , there wasn’t any music to listen to at all! Nothing except the symphony of blizzards of bullets and the rain of blood, perhaps! Youngun’s are so privileged nowadays.



<mysection>Before my first blogging attempts<insert>, I had no passion for writing.
Every time my class gets assigned a report, a reaction paper or
anything that requires me to type more than 100 words, I always get
lazy and postpone typing the paper until the last minute. I would hand
in a rushed, half-assed excuse for an academic work just so that I
could get through high school. In fact, even today, I still don’t do
anything that I don’t want to if it’s not required from me.

That’s why in choosing the topic for my latest academic paper<insert>,
I only considered topics that are VERY interesting for me, such as
Philippine otaku culture and the Philippine economy, else I won’t even
start to do it until it’s near the deadline. (editor’s note: biochem with humanities papers? Back in the day, we only learnt how to work on farms.)

Needless to say, I like anime. Back in April 2010, when Angel Beats!
was airing, we finally got an internet connection at home, and that’s
when I became serious about watching anime. I got access to websites
that discuss anime, from the fanboys to the extreme detractors, I saw
them all. I never bothered to join any online anime communities since
I was lucky to have some other people to talk about anime with. This
was the case even after I got into university. I was assigned to a
room with anime-watching upperclassmen. How lucky was I? When school
started on June of 2010, Angel Beats! was still airing, and that’s how
it all started.

So yeah, the point is even though we had internet at home, I never
really got into writing about anime because of these two reasons.

So why am I here, bringing you this confession of mine? How did I
finally make the jump into the online anime community? This<insert>. The other side of this story is
that even though I watch anime, I am also an avid visual novel player.
At that time, the focus of most of my attention to otaku culture was
this little yuri visual novel series, Sono Hanabira. Inevitably, I
would run into Listless Ink sooner or later given that a Google search
of Sono Hanabira will put Listless Ink at the first page of the
results. And that’s where it all began. I came to Listless Ink for
Sono Hanabira, but I stayed as a reader for the well-written
editorials and reviews. Even today, I am still a regular reader.

It hit me. Why don’t I start a blog of my own? It would be a good way
to express my thoughts without revealing too much of my identity. And
so a opened an account here in WordPress about a year ago and did my
first ever post: a visual novel review. Of course, I was not expecting
many readers, let alone comments in my first post, but there they
were! I was very happy that people actually took the time to react to
my shabbily written post back then. Yi commented on it, and Valence
did as well. OverlordG <insert> kept
me posting through his constant commenting on my posts. I also started
to read more blogs after I registered mine at Anime Nano.

I soon became a regular reader of this very blog you are reading. I
commented a bunch of times too, though I would rather forget about my
early comments.

2011 came. I was still posting on my old blog about anime and
anime-related things, mostly about Madoka Magica though. Valence was
also doing the same. It was then that I thought about joining a team
blog that already has a stable audience. There was one little problem
though: which blog to join? There are many blogs out there with
several authors, and I needed one that can work with my writing style.
Soon enough, Anima (WHERE ART THOU?) joined the team. I realized that
AOIA may be just the blog for me. I talked to Valence through email
asking if I could be a writer, and lo and behold, @fkeroge is now
here! </mysection>




Oh wait. Why am I here? What was I supposed to be doing? The last thing I remember was going on the internet to try and catch the interfish, and then checking my electronic mail. Oh right! I had to post a 350th commemorative post! Oh dear, teenagers and their need for speed. Right, I have to start work immediately before I forget. Here’s the link to AOIA’s 350th post…..

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