@fkeroge’s Super Subjective Reviews! – No. 2: Baccano!

Well, okay. Technically, this is the first review of this kind that I am going to post if you don’t count my rant about a certain iconic anime. In this post, I bring you a popular Japanese light novel series turned anime, Baccano!.

Baccano! is a 16 episode anime about some people spending their lives doing crazy stuff. It is considered by some people as one of the best anime of all time. It was pretty entertaining to see them (try to) kill each other and stuff, and that thief couple could really get some grins out of me once in a while, but hey, guess what? I dropped it after episode 7 – or was it 5? Ah, yeah, I remember! That episode where they started using godd*mn alchemy to explain things! (do I remember it correctly? If not, I apologize.) I still can’t remember the exact episode though. *shrugs*

Okay, let me make this clear. I am in no way opposed to this kind of plot device, but man, please don’t make it look like you want me to take the plot seriously. I’ll be honest. I thought the show, or more specifically, the parts I watched, were terrible. Okay, this post will definitely make me look like a jerk, so I’ll try to present to you my case. It won’t be pretty, though. You have been warned.

That train creature thing, whassit called? Train Tracer? Rail Tracker? Whatever. Okay, this creature starts to randomly (?) kill people on the train called “The Flying Pussyfoot” (WTF!?)  apparently because of some curse or some other thingamajig. Coincidentally, most, if not all, of our important characters were there. Some young guy with a scar (?) on his face (forgot his name already) starts freaking out like a little girl after hearing the story about said creature (again, I am not sure if I’m getting the facts right here since I tried to erase this show from my mind). And oh, he starts to freak out even more when he sees people die and stuff. His reactions to deaths outrank Madoka’s, and that’s saying something. I thought it was VERY annoying that a character, and a male one at that, is able to be such a pathetic little piece of horse dung. Okay, I have to hand it to him for getting things done when it counts, and not to mention having a personal mini-army (FTW), but it wasn’t enough to keep me from wanting to punch his lights out.

What about the other characters? I mostly did not give a damn about all the other characters except for:

What? I have bad MS paint skills!

and maybe that other couple from the past story about the supposed “elixir of life” thing. Or maybe that’s because they were the only characters I remember… I don’t know. Hmmm… let me refresh my memory.

Nope, nothing’s coming.

And that, my friends, is what’s left of my vague memory of this show. In my final attempts to find enjoyment in Baccano!, I was starting to ask myself, “Why did I start watching this again?” and I was finding trouble keeping my eyes open throughout an episode.

“But @fkeroge, you don’t have any right to bash the show if you haven’t finished it yet!” is something one may say to me, and I won’t argue with that. I’m clearly not using reason to properly give the show an objective review, and I do think that my own reasons for not liking the show are a little, no, very shallow and petty, but I believe that, a show meant to entertain should be, well… entertaining. Baccano!, in my book, clearly fails to accomplish this.

On a positive note, hate is not the opposite of love. It’s indifference. The fact that I still have an opinion on the anime means that I actually cared about it, even if only a little. It’s just not my type of anime, I guess. For those who were offended by this post, I apologize and feel free to point out my mistakes. Who knows, I may see this show in a different light if you can convince me to pick it up again! I haven’t deleted it from my hard drive yet. Just… don’t make me watch Evangelion ever again.

Next time, I will bring you more classics and “classics.” Next in line (hopefully) are Chobits, Code Geass, FMA, Aria (3 seasons of it), Haruhi, CLANNAD ~After Story~, Legend of the Galactic Heroes (if I get into the mood to search for 110 episodes of this), some Ghibli movies and a lot more of iconic anime. Rest assured that I enjoyed most of those that I watched from these. Hope to see you again soon!

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18 Responses to @fkeroge’s Super Subjective Reviews! – No. 2: Baccano!

  1. Interesting…seems like an epic rant to me XD.

  2. Kuuki says:

    The thing with Baccano! (which I loved) is that it just doesn’t make sense until you watch it through the end and can be only truly enjoyed the second time.
    That’s how it worked for me.

    Because the first time everything seemed like a big mess, too many characters, too many changes in the timeline (I’m very bad with dates), just too much informations that didn’t seem like they had anything to do together. That is. Until the very end of the show.
    Oh and Jacuzzi, the guy with the scar, is really irritating, I wanted to punch him too.

    • @fkeroge says:

      I don’t have the energy and the patience to watch a show that doesn’t make any sense until episode X. Geez, I liked the first season of K-On! better than this.

  3. Jacksonite says:

    Lol nice rant, erm, I mean review! For some strange reason, it makes me want to watch it now lol.

    • @fkeroge says:

      I think that the people who enjoyed this have far more credibility than me when it comes to Baccano!. Go check some of the reviews from other bloggers out.

  4. Marow says:

    I am actually going to start watching it soon, so it will be interesting to see what I think. Everyone seem to love it though.

    • @fkeroge says:

      “Everyone seem to love it though.”

      Yeah, some consider Baccano to be a masterpiece, so I guess that’s saying that it really is a good anime. I still can’t get into it, though.

  5. Overlord-G says:

    I am so loving these angry @fkeroge reviews. We need more of these. Keep ’em comin’ dood.
    You’ve inspired me to finish Baccano and bash it to the ground as well…that is to say if I’ll be as angry as you after watching it.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Did I give that very angry image? I was going rather easy on Baccano! since I did like a few parts of it.

      • Overlord-G says:

        Minor praise is irrelevant. I liked Yuu and the male protagonist and the Zombie Show’s 1st half but I still greatly disliked that show. The key word in this review is “dropped”. Anyway I look forward to seeing whether there will be other mainstream classics you’ll bash.

        • @fkeroge says:

          Well, the only anime that I never intend to pick up ever again so far is Evangelion – god, that anime is horrible! I may pick Baccano! up again when I get bored or something.

          I think I’ll be reviewing Aria next, since I’m almost done with the first season. And this time, it will be a different kind of @fkeroge’s Super Subjective Review.

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