Even more posts I’d rather not visit ever again

Valence is back up in this bitch, knocking up the S&M level in AOIA by a notch. 

As a blogger, I was caught between almost falling out of blogging completely and living on as a seasoned blogger who would spend his days giving out ‘tips’ for shits and giggles. Although I tried to come up with posts to make up for my ever decreasing rate of blog entries, some of these ideas…just weren’t that bright. A lot of them were written solely for the purpose of putting across a simple message that most readers didn’t need. Others were just awkward and problem causing, not to mention embarrassing and flawed. So without ado, let me begin hurting myself for your entertainment, uncaring internet audience!

Yet more prime examples

China: A review. Yes, you probably remember this. The weird post where I tried to defend China. It was written in response to SankakuComplex’s and its readership’s continued bashing of the Chinese peoples. But no-one seemed to realize the flaw: I was in fact, not trying to defend the whole of China, but rather, defend its people. Sankaku Complex’s ‘news pieces’, if you could call it that, targeted mostly corrupt companies , government officials and minor events. For instance, the bastards who use rubbish in their construction (supposedly) and a whole lot of other doubtful material. But whenever they did so, they referred to the offending party as ‘the Chinese’. I, too, am not behind China’s government’s acts against free speech and their overt censorship. I just think that the internet could, and should, let up on the Chinese race and stop demonizing them. It’s not fair ; it’s like labelling the Japanese with WWII-related crimes they carried out. Give us a break, man. It’s not fair to demonize an entire country and its people for the acts of a few. This could be rewritten one day.

PROJECT PONY: If by project you mean ill-advised column, then yes.

Back when I came back from my short hiatus, I wrote about ‘reigniting the spark’ for anime, and as if to troll the internet, I suddenly decided to force-feed myself with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – and force-feed posts about it down the already-dying readership’s throats. PP (hehe) just wasn’t a good way to gain back any readers, and neither was it a good way to get myself to watch anime. At all. It was ill-advised and made with bad reasoning, not to mention awkward to read in itself.

Project Pony : Day 1 | Day 2 |  Killing (it) in the name (of blogging)

Manyuu Hikenchou is the most politically charged show in decades:

No doubt, spurred by an awakening of my political awareness as well as a growing doubt for our country’s government, I decided to post this hunk-a-garbage up as satire, only to find out that people took me seriously, or that no-one bothered to finish it. Surprisingly, upon second reading the post actually does sound a bit serious. Bad idea overall. It was of course, inspired by the previous satire of Manyuu Hikenchou I wrote, but nevertheless, F-.

Puer Entrepreneur Kinimaro Yoga 

I can’t deny it: I like writing list posts like these. Especially these kinds,which highlight a kind of comparison and similarity that people hardly wrote about. But this post wasn’t my thoughts: it was forced out solely due to the rising popularity then of the two shows. If people liked [C] and PMMM so much, what could be better than to merge the two? Writing this post made me seem like a overbearing fanboy of the series, only to have his heart crushed at the end.

Anime Rewrite Project: Forget this and move on. Taking a nod from Nopy’s highly successful ‘History with Anime’ project, I attempted to release one of a similar nature as well. It was of course, intended to be a way for fans to post about what wasn’t good in their favourite shows and thus suggest alternatives, thus, rewriting it. But one measly response from Nopy alone made me realize that no-one really gave much of a fuck. Me included.

AWP | AWP: Onii-chan no Koto nanka zenzen suki janain dakara ne!!

TLDR: This was even worse. It wasn’t even a column or anything. It was indeed Twitter-Length, as its title promised, but it served as the ultimate form of lazy reviews. A few minutes made one post and 3 days off from blogging anything. Another intention of the TL;DR project was to receive feedback, responses or retweets on twitter. None came. It was meant to also be a way for someone to get a summary of a series really quickly. Didn’t work there, either.

What makes ANIME popular?  Frankly I just wanted views.  where art thou, Anima? At least respond to my emails )=

So once again, there you have it. I’m kind of an emo, but I guess you get the point. Now excuse me as I feign slashing my wrists while listening to Slipknot.






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12 Responses to Even more posts I’d rather not visit ever again

  1. Azure says:

    I’ll actually admit that i find your self depreciation posts entertaining.
    Though I’m wondering if this post would become one of those in your “Even EVEN more posts I’d rather not visit ever again” post that might happen some time in the emo and gloomy future.

  2. Seinime says:

    “Though I’m wondering if this post would become one of those in your “Even EVEN more posts I’d rather not visit ever again” post that might happen some time in the emo and gloomy future.”
    I’m sure this will happen one day.

    The anime rewrite project seems more appropriate in Formspring as an interesting question. Blogs have very shallow levels of discussion most of the time, unfortunately…

  3. It’s like inception…a post about posts….

    but they were entertaining to read btw XD. but the My Little Pony one just made u seem like u were high on smth 😛

  4. MkMiku says:

    Some of these I found quite entertaining like Project Pony and TLDR, but I guess it depends on what your readers appreciate most. While it’s good to write about a variety of topics, I’ve learned that you don’t always want to deviate too far from the beaten path.

    “Though I’m wondering if this post would become one of those in your ‘Even EVEN more posts I’d rather not visit ever again’” XD

  5. Nopy says:

    I think I’ve said this before, but I find sticking with regular posts of the same type will keep the number of visitors at a good level. Experimenting with other things is good once in a while, but too much will turn some people away.

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