Project Pony: Nipping the problem in the bud

It’s been almost 3 weeks since Day 3, but because I’m a hipster I can now operate by Valve Time. And since the other active members of AOIA are too busy being Asians, I suppose I should take advantage of this opportunity to end this travesty once and for all.

I’ve shown an remarkable tendency to veer towards sadomasochistic self-hurting esteem-lowering posts when I have absolutely nothing better to blog about. Cases in point? Plenty.  In order to make up for the team’s lack of posts, I took it upon myself to come up with something that would at least, last a couple thousand views before the stream runs out. And what better meme-based fad than writing about My Little Pony?

To be honest, while I do indeed like moeblobs despite their crippling lack of any actual personality or any other way to differentiate them from one another, I found it rather hard to get myself into watching My Little Pony, mainly due to the fact that its target audience consisted of mainly little girls and young adult females. I’m not overcompensating for anything. Yep.

But anyway, I felt it rather hard to get myself into the mood for some young colts frolicking in the field for 20 minutes a pop. Yet I felt compelled to one day , finish the series thanks to its gigantic meme empire and its fanbase’s ability to love and tolerate the shit out of everyone. Whatever the point may be, I eventually decided that the time to finish it – just wasn’t right now.

Any takeaways? Despite my unwritten policy to finish absolutely everything I pick up, I find that forcing things down my throat doesn’t end well. Kind of like studying for examinations, only more interesting and with more ponies involved. Or something. Or perhaps it serves as a wake-up call for me to find some time to watch anime, or at least get the other members of AOIA to post something more often.In this aspect I suppose blogging becomes kind of a commitment, something you just can’t escape by utilizing equestrian tomfoolery and random YouTube videos.

So I apologize here, to all the readers who I forced through (and lost thanks to) this horrible, horrible column, and I promise that this is the end of me blogging My Little Pony just for shits and giggles. Unless, of course, I eventually like the series, but it seems highly unlikely. Anyway, I’ll try and finally watch some anime and post a post about it. I doubt I can write as much editorials as before, so please put up with me as I change for the better.

Take it away, YouTube.

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18 Responses to Project Pony: Nipping the problem in the bud

  1. Azure says:

    I miss the day where we all had so much to blog about and so much time on our hands. I was under the impression that Project pony was over…

    O levels in 40 days plus. Be right back when my study break for O levels start and I get sick of mugging.

    • Valence says:

      Now it is over. Isn’t that nice?

      Our EOYS are essentially the same as O-Levels, but more difficult. Not much to be proud of there, aside from instant entrance into HCJC.. . .

  2. aww, I was rather enjoying your pain…

    I mean….its good to see…that you moved on…yup.

  3. @fkeroge says:

    I would post more… if my schedule isn’t already strangling me with reports, research papers and finals coming up. But that also means that mid-year break is almost here for us Filipino college students. So I guess with good anime coming up this fall, we’ll have a lot more to talk about.

  4. Seinime says:

    I never got the My Little Pony thing. Looks more trolling than serious to me. Or maybe I haven’t watched it yet and am just being a hypocrite.

    I found that spending the time to make a schedule helps in posting and life in general. Of course, everyone has different schedules so I understand if its different for you.

    “so please put up with me as I change for the better.”
    I hope you can come out a better man.

  5. MkMiku says:

    Lol! I’ve seen that Night of Pony video everywhere. I think Ponies made a good break from anime, which can become cumbersome after months and months of blogging. It was something fresh and new, and honestly the first American cartoon I’ve been addicted to in probably a decade. Anyway, I’ve started marathoning anime again to hold me over until Season 2, which starts…tomorrow.

  6. Nopy says:

    I loved that first video XD

    It sounds like you’re trying to get back to your roots, I wish you the best of luck and remember that blogging isn’t always about writing controversial articles.

  7. chikorita157 says:

    I never really understood the My Little Pony thing as it’s a type of show I will never watch. But besides from that, it’s a very bad idea to force yourself to watch shows that you don’t like, it adds to the blogging fatigue and of course takes a toll on morale. This is probably a reason why I am selective in picking shows to watch, to avoid this feeling and fatigue.

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  11. utilsabound says:

    Not colts, fillies! I actually love the show 100% non-ironically.

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