Teacher’s Day Nominations 2011

This was just something that I did last year on my old blog/I was stuck in a writer’s block so I thought why not do this again.

teachers day happens to fall on the first Friday of every September here in Singapore and students often go all out in getting presents and stuff (like my classmate who’s baking cookies…). It is nice to show appreciation for such people once in a while. Teachers are wonderful people who dedicate their life to a stable job (here in SG anyway) in the civil service, educating the young (IMO, a lost cause). I mean would you dedicate spend your life trying to make obnoxious youngsters learn? Well, maybe pedophiles would but anyway…

I have MOUNTAINS of homework that I’m not touching.

So, getting started:

Despair Teacher Award: Award pioneered by non other than Mr Despair himself whom is probably too busy despairing to receive it so instead lets give it to this guy instead:

"In so much despair that I will jump off the roof."

Mr Ebara Daisuke, quite a poor (poor in many ways, for one he’s bankrupted by his own student) guy really: His student beat the shit out of him, made him bankrupt. His kids were taken as a collateral, completely wiped from existence. Oh the sheer depressing horror. It gets better: his wife leaves him, he’s chronically depressed, attempts to jump of the roof but the very same annoying student stopped him anyway.

And then he gets hit by a car and dies. Some time later, his trouble student, young Yoga Kimimaro actually changed the world and everything was made better. The bad news? We still don’t know if he ever did.

Actually, he was quite a nice guy too, despite losing his kids and all, Mr Ebara Daisuke still offered advice to his number one problem student and they were helpful ones too. Pity he just had to make a deal with Yoga and lose… Depressing much?

I’m sure it is against some law to have such a hot and awesome teacher award: I mean seriously, a teacher with a body like that, even if the whole class is full of girls with the sole exception of her younger brother, its still pretty distracting.

Just how badass is she? She’s badass enough to interrupt a fight between 2 frigging mechas wielding some big frigging sword meant for mechas in her usual formal wear and skirt Thats just how badass she is.

How hot is she? Just go watch the episode where the whole class goes to the beach. Even the female students want her. It is most definitely against some law to wear something this amazing on a school trip. That black bikini. Just that. That is just how hot she is.

In fact, her sole existence probably made the whole IS series better! (well for me anyway)

I’m so moe I can fit inside a trunk teacher award: Yes, teachers can fit into trunks. Moe ones that is. Self explanatory.

Kujo: Meet My teacher Cecile Lafitte. She *sparkles*.

It is admittedly pretty amazing how Cecile Lafitte manages to fit inside a trunk (geddit? never mind…) she must be a contortionist or something next to being moe.

She trips, she falls and makes the most animated reactions to everything. If a mystery happens the standard procedure would be for her to scream and faint. Awwww. Cecile is a pretty dedicated teacher too, teaching a class with only ONE student (actually I had a teacher who did that) thanks to the outbreak of World War II and promising to reopen the school and get everyone of her students to return to her class. Awwww. When she’s stuck in a trunk, the trunk hops and wriggles in the most adorable manner ever. Awwwww.

How is she not moe? How can she fit in a trunk? Why do i like the Trunk better than her? you tell me.

Bamboo Shoots teacher Award / Eeeeeh?!! Award /”After all I’m a teacher” award / “Sensei, thats the wrong direction!” award

I’ve always wondered, why does he always wear sandals?

Fabulously stalkable to the max teacher Award: Because its DESTINYYY~ FABULOUS MAX~


It was apparently his destiny to be fabulously stalked to the max by some perverted deluded apple girl all for the sake of fulfilling some fabulous and ominous to the max project whose name is simply some random alphabet that robably isn’t that significant. It was also destiny for his 2 students to fabulously stalk his stalker to the max.

Tabuki thinks birds are fabulous max. We’ve never seen him do anything mildly teacher related either than making a call to destiny, checking up on his 2 absent student brothers.

His students stalk his stalker who stalks him and judging by the last episode, his stalker is about to rape him. Stalkable much?

That Christmas Cake Teacher of the Year Award: Without fail every year, there would be this one female teacher with love problems, over 25, still sadly single… A Christmas Cake. Just randomly pick any slice of life series and chances of you hitting one with a teacher like this is pretty high.

This year’s example is a tad bit depressing though. Her own relationship problems aside, her students are constantly harassed by a certain innocent looking creature to become magical girls and one actually dies. Depressing, no?

And honestly the school she teaches in has the weirdest architecture & design and gives ridiculously high level questions for a middle school if you ask me.

Being a teacher is suffering.

That said, this is the end of my teachers day dedication post. Post was really written on the eve of my school teachers day celebration and I only just finished wrapping presents writing cards, the stuff. Feel free to nominate anyone else because I only used characters from series I watched.

That said remember to show your appreciation to your teachers during your teachers day regardless of how much homework they give you~

Nichijou 15 – Eeeeeh? 2 – YouTube

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16 Responses to Teacher’s Day Nominations 2011

  1. Valence says:

    >despair teacher award
    >not rewarded to Zetsubou-sensei himself

    I am disappointed, Azure. . . . . but still it’s surprising that even the Chinese newspapers ran something like this, so what the heck.

    • Azure says:

      Don’t be, he forever owns that award but he’s in too much deapair to care.

      Honestly, I have not read the chinese papers yet. My class’ papers magically disappeared. Yea….

  2. Agreed with all, but also disappointed that despair teacher award not awarded to Zetsubou-sensei. Sad face.

    Also, I want Chifuyu to be my sensei… :3

    • Azure says:

      I would, but I only took the shows aired from last year’s september till now. The award is his forever of course.

  3. Nopy says:

    What about taboo teacher x student award?

    I’d go with the teacher in Onegai Teacher for that, and the teacher in Kodomo no Jikan for second place.

  4. moichispa says:

    After time I realized that the teacher of C was a character more interesting than Kimimaro. that’s bad thing right?

  5. ~xxx says:

    Wasn’t there the baddest driver- teacher awards also?
    And the best PE teacher award?

    • Azure says:

      Haven’t watched enough anime this year to nominate anyone. And I figured there should also be the Best loli Teacher award.
      You tell me.

  6. blacksun88 says:

    where is kimura sensei from azumanga daioh? most creepy sensei award. no objection right

    • Azure says:

      I’ve only been using shows that aired between last september till now so he isn’t really in the range.
      he scares me though.

  7. Yi says:

    The teacher from Gosick… I like the trunk more than her too. Haha.

  8. Ristlin says:

    Wheres the loli teacher award for Komoe Tsukuyomi ~?

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