Fall 2011 Season Preview on Multiple Perspectives

Nope, I'm certainly not biased toward Persona 4 in this compilation of previews. It just so happened that I had a Persona 4 widescreen wallpaper ready. It's purely coincidence.

Prior to compiling this post, the regular bloggers of AOIA, that is, Valence, Azure and yours truly, @fkeroge, had some light conversation over at MSN. The original plan was to just copy/paste everything we talked about in the convo over here, but as we have expected, it didn’t really work out very well. So now, without further ado, I, your host for the AOIA season previews for Fall 2011, present you with the completely biased opinions of the AOIA blogging staff. Most of us, anyway.

Synonpses provided by me and most pictures are ripped off from Scamp’s own 2011 Fall Preview so I don’t have to Google them. The Cart Driver is a great site. Visit it if you haven’t yet.

Battle Spirits: Heroes

An anime advertisement of a trading card game that I have absolutely no interest in.

Battle Spirits Heroes is the fourth TV anime series created by studio Sunrise about something created by Studio Sunrise that I don’t actually give a flying fuck about. It’s a show made exclusively to promote the Battle Spirits card game, after all. However, if it gets as Lulzy as the Weiss Schwarz anime I might finally watch an episode of anime for once.

Chances of Valence poking this: -1%

Kids’ show. Moving on.

Chances of Azure watching this: -1000%


I’d rather play Magic: the Gathering; if it wasn’t for the fact that I lost my two decks: a red/white classic incineration deck and a blue/black “you won’t have cards in play” deck. Meh.

Chances of @fkeroge playing this card game: I don’t think I’ll be touching trading card games for a while.

Busou Shinki Moon Angel

An anime advertisement for a line of “cool females with mechanical body parts” figurines. Also, it seems to be a story of how this dude wants to be a Shinki Master, whatever that is.

Ah, Busou Shinki. The only reasons I am aware of this show are 1) persocom, and 2) because to all non-anime-watchers all figures from Japan are anime and any one will make a great gift. Not that I’m complaining, of course. I mean, the idea of giving Busou Shinki a back-story, despite being kind of a show similarly to BS: H in that it’s meant to simply promote the game, coupled with the generic IS-like background, still sounds moderately entertaining. I’ll give it a shot; each episode is only 3-5 minutes after all. Can’t be too bad.

Chances of Valence getting his own Shinki partner : 100% if he can afford another one.

I was quite a fan of the merchandise… All those pretty figures. Well, I was a fan of the designs anyway…But each episode being 3 to 5 minutes long is a huge turn off. Its like Nyanpire and I only lasted 1 episode.: “Cat was cute.” *promptly forgets whole show for rest of the season*

Chances of Azure watching this: 5%

I am quite new to figures, and to be honest, the Busou Shinki line of figures looks pretty awesome. An anime promoting it is not necessarily a bad thing, but I think I have to pass.

Chances of @fkeroge getting his own Busou Shinki figure: I’ve got my hands full with Madoka Magica figure reservations, so I guess this is a no-go for now.

Cross Fight B-Daman

An anime advertisement of a fancy game of marbles. Clearly not a Bomberman toy series ripoff.

As you can tell from my recent attempts to watch My Little Pony, I have mild difficulty in watching and enjoying shows made for little kids. Try repeating the above sentence with a straight face, or without feeling disgusted at yourself.

Chances of Valence watching this: If you watch it too, 100%

Kids’ show. Moving on.

Chances of Azure watching this: When the local kids’ channel buys this show, maybe.


I first saw Battle B-Daman in a local TV network. To be honest, it wasn’t all that bad. That is, if you are a 10-year old kid who thinks B-Daman marbles actually have amazing powers, and then persuades his parents to buy him a B-Daman toy, only to be disappointed that the marbles don’t make his opponent fall over. But hey, who am I to shatter the hopes and dreams of little kids all over the world?

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: This will be a total waste of my bandwidth.


An adaptation remake of a popular late-90’s manga about a bunch of kids and kids-at-heart who do dangerous stuff to make a living. Oh, did I forget the”looking for long lost father” premise? Classic shounen fare.

HiatusxHiatus has released another anime. As a remake of a previous series, I have fears that it’ll end up like that Enma series or whatever it was called: modified to suit the modern audience. That sounds like a dumbfounded fear, true, but if they add the same amounts of hentai-like sequences in an ill-fated attempt to appeal to the watchers again I’m going to drop it like Ryusuke Taguchi.

Chances of Valence being able to do a drop kick on it: Not going to bother, probably too unatheletic, fat, ugly and nerdy or something like that.

I’m pretty surprised: I always thought HUNTERXHUNTER already had an anime. Why does it need a remake? Is it really that big of a Shounen icon? Meh, I’m uninterested.

Chances of Azure watching this: When Hell freezes over.

Hunter x Hunter, or as local casual anime watchers would dub “Hunter Eks Hunter,” is a shounen manga series-turned-anime that I don’t care about. Why are they even remaking this anyway?

Chances of @fkeroge watching a Shounen Jump anime adaptation: 10%


An adaptation of an award-winning women’s manga about a girl who is suddenly dragged into the wonderful world of Disney Karuta, a traditional Japanese game where you associate cards with Japanese proverbs.

>It’s a show about Karuta.

Chances of Valence watching this: 80%

It’s odd. I’m a girl and Shoujo genre bores me. I have no idea what this show is supposed to be about: transfer student? Sister in the fashion industry? Karuta? I’m confused.

Chances of Azure watching this: 30%

Back in my Japan Video Topics watching days in a local TV channel, I have seen a ‘modern’ take of the game of Karuta. The game is pretty interesting. A card containing a Japanese proverb, called a yomifuda, has a unique associated card, called torifuda, and the goal of the game is to get the associated card before anybody else does, only this time, the yomifuda are giant panels on the floor that light up, with a prerecorded voice reciting the proverb. Or at least, that’s how I remember it to be. While Chihayafuru will most certainly employ the traditional game of Karuta, it still looks pretty interesting.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 50%

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

Another Gundam show, except this time, the characters actually look their age, much to the disappointment of die-hard fans.


*cricket sounds*


I watch every single gundam series with anticipation and I always end up disappointed. SEED had lots of bitchy Kira. SEED Destiny was okay but there was too much Bitching from Shin. 00 was just the epitome of hamminess. We all know Setsuna is a Gundam. Am I going to even watch this? No.

Chances of Azure watching this: 40%

When I hear the word Gundam, my anti-mecha immune response starts up; I am just that against watching anime about giant robots firing rainbow-colored beams at each other in outer space.

I have watched some other mecha anime, though. I thought TTGL and Code Geass were pretty awesome, and I have played through Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Assault for the PlayStation back when we still had one. But Gundam anime, not so much. I’m not touching anything related to the accursed Gundam name, not after seeing an episode of SEED, or was that 00?

Chances of @fkeroge watching any more things labeled “Mobile Suit Gundam”: Toonami, why don’t you just die already?

Guilty Crown

An anime about this dude who has this strange power to extract weapons from his friends (seriously, this power sounds stupid). After a supposedly cataclysmic outbreak of a deadly virus known as Lost Christmas (HAHAHAHAHAHA!), Japan has come under the control of an organization known as GHQ. The guy, along with a rebel group, fights this organization. One of the two offerings of noitaminA for the Fall Season.

Lost Christmas is a stupid name for a world-ending virus, sure. But reading the synopsis makes me confused. A virus? Suddenly, Japan comes under control of the GHQ? GHQ? “Psychic power in his right hand”? “Ability of King”? “Resistance Group?” “Undertaker”? “Mecha weapons to fight the government?” I’m so confused, so very, very lost.

The more I should watch it.

Chances of Valence (attempting to) watch it: 100%

The show that I’m very hyped up about, Guilty Crown. For one there’s Redjuice being in charge of the character designs. I nearly died when I heard the news, being a huge fan of Redjuice. In fact, Redjuice could just be my current favourite anime style artist, but I digress. It doesn’t help when you have fellow Supercell member, Ryo in charge of music. Better yet, its by Production I.G. Its noitaminA.  And the director? He directed the Death Note anime (though sadly to say, I thought the anime was terrible).

The plot itself sounds like some pretty epic Sci Fi story, granted all sci fi sounds epic to me; even Microwave time machines. The main character is apparently Lelouch Lamperouge; He has the power called “Ability of Kings” and intends to fight the government with mechas. Now where have we seen a plot like that before?

That said; even if the story sucks, I’ll force myself to seat through the whole series. I’m just THAT enthusiastic about this show.

Chances of Azure watching this: It’s over 9000%!

To be honest, I’m not really too excited about this. Sure, I like Redjuice’s character designs, and Supercell is my favorite Japanese band, but something here worries me. The writers come from their awesome work on Code Geass, which can only be a good thing. The director supposedly did that anime full of screaming and pretentious mind games, Death Note, which I only found to be decent at best. Well, Guilty Crown doesn’t seem to be an anime that would dedicate itself to screaming and pretentious mind games, so I guess it would be pretty interesting, save for the very bad naming sense. Seriously, “Lost Christmas?” “Undertaker?” “GHQ?” “Ability of Kings?” Ugh.

Chances of @fkeroge enjoying this: 70%


Another show about a random guy and loli detective team solving cases and stuff. The other title that noitaminA is offering this season. Supposedly a classic novel-turned-anime. Well, at least it’s not a light novel adaptation.

Every show under the little-girl-older-male-detective dynamic (yeah, check it. It’s a trope now.) has the little girl being a mini, insufferable yet moe loli Einstein with the male being the foolhardy brawn. In this one it appears that the Male lead might have the brains for once. Or I could be wrong, I mean, it is Japan…..

Chances of Valence watching it: I deduce the possibility to be 80%.

noitaminA again! BONES again! A Mystery story: random guy and loli go about solving mysteries. Honestly, this sounds like some cooler spin off of GOSICK all over again, minus the NEETs.

Chances of Azure watching this: 75%

So as Valence said, this is another one of those anime falling under the little-girl-older-male-detective dynamic trope. I honestly have no idea what to expect from this, so I guess I’ll give it a shot.

Chances of @fkeroge not dropping it: 50%.

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon)

A story about a modern-day feudal Japan on the brink of war with foreign occupants. Residents of Musashi City, one of the unconquered territories of Japan supposedly hold the key to a successful revolution.

Another show under the highschoolers-from-japan-save-the-world trope (yes, that’s now a cliché too). However, I like the idea of Japan being divided into feudal territories in a modern age. History’s feudal lords were epic enough, could this be any better? We seem to have an all-star cast of seiyuu too, so it looks rather promising. Chihara Minori can’t possibily be wrong.

Chances of Valence enjoying it: 50%.

The moment I see the word “feudal” or anything similar, I start losing interest. And it’s Sunrise again.

Chances of Azure watching this: 20%.


Now that I’ve read my own version of the synopsis, I now think that this may actually be a worthwhile show. Sure, the premise is something that we’ve seen many times before, but hey, I like this kind of stuff because being an overzealous Filipino, I enjoy seeing natives crush foreign oppressive occupations. It’s kind of a hidden desire to get back at Spain, America and Japan for disturbing an otherwise peaceful archipelago.

Chances of @fkeroge deriving sadistic pleasure from watching this: 80%.

Persona 4: The Animation

The FIRST anime project for the ‘Shin Megami Tensei: Persona’ series of video games from Atlus. An unsuspecting guy finds himself involved in a bizarre series of murders in the rural town of Inaba. The guy soon discovers his power to use Personas: facets of personality given form, and uses them to fight monsters called shadows while he and his friends seek answers to the mysteries revolving around these murders.

>Persona 4: The Fangasm.

You know, when we were writing this post, @fkeroge kept denying the existence of the previous Persona show.I don’t know whether this show will exist in his delusional mind or not, but we can only find out in due course. In the meantime, being a newcomer to the Persona franchise, I can only say that it sounds rather interesting as well. In fact, I might actually start watching anime for this one.

@fkeroge will tell you that this is the very first Persona anime out there.

Persona seems pretty epic, though I’ve never played the game myself. But it’d probably have lots of people who played the original series watching and lots of attention. I hate attention.

And apparently, Trinity Soul does not exist.

Chances of Watching: I’ll flip a coin and decide when it airs. 50%

Finally, the very famous Persona franchise will have an anime under its umbrella! This is one of the games that I willingly spent about 90 hours of my life playing, and immersing myself into each subplot. If I were to rank all the non-visual novel video games I played, Persona 4 will probably be in my Top 5. The characters are stylish and believable, the Personas all look totally awesome and best of all, I dig the catchy yellow theme and the uplifting battle music.

That said, I’m pretty interested, and a bit worried, at how they will be able to animate this. The battle system of Persona is turn based, and more often than not, requires knowledge about the enemies you are facing, and can only be done by facing said enemies multiple times in random battles. Also, the Protagonist’s personality is defined by the player, so I wonder how they’ll go about these issues. All that said, I’m really looking forward to the first time that Persona will get an anime!

Chances of @fkeroge making a fangasm over this: 100%

Invasion!? Squid Girl (Shinryaku!? Ika Musume)

A sequel to the original Invasion! Squid Girl of Fall 2010. Short sketches about the misadventures of a humanoid loli squid and her quest to subdue mankind for polluting the oceans of the world.

Ika Musume can’t possibly go wrong. I bet it has her thinking about whether she still wants to subjugate humankind, and her suddenly forgiving the human race for fucking up the rest of the ocean dweller’s lives.

Chances of Valence watching this: Are you squidding me? Isn’t it obvious?

I never really did watch the final episode of Ika Musume’s first season, I sort of died at the second last episode. Why does everyone like this show so much? Is a gijinka squid girl failing in world domination really that interesting?

Chances of watching: If I won’t watch P4, I’ll flip another coin to decide whether or not to finish season 1 and watch this.


I will be watching this. Nothing more needs to be said.


An anime adaptation of a well-known light novel series set in the same world as Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night and Kara no Kyoukai written by Gen Urobuchi, famous for his recent work in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It is a non-canon prequel to the events of the original Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel. Type Moon is at it again, milking the Fate[slash]*insert random words here* franchise.

Hello, Typemoonfags. Look at your F/SN anime, now back to mine, now back to yours, now back to mine. Sadly, yours isn’t mine. But if you stopped using Okada Mari and switched to Urobuchi Gen, it could be. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re watching a show with a level of quality your show could have a level like. Look at your show, look up! Your Caster now has fox ears. Anything’s possible when you employ new staff. I’m on a mana-recharging dragon.

Chances of Valence watching it: 200%

I’d like to call it ‘After Madoka/The second coming of Gen Urobuchi this year’. I actually liked the Fate franchise a lot, having read a few chapters of Fate/Zero, watched the F/SN anime and played the game, even reading the stupid spin off Kaleid Liner. Incidentally Yuki Kajiura seems to be involved again so hooray, more epic creepy tunes.

Chances of Azure watching this: 88%

Where is Madoka Season 2?

Again, I am not too excited by this. The only redeeming factors of Fate/Zero are:

1.) It’s not animated by effing Studio DEEN. Instead, it will be animated by ufotable, the studio behind Kara no Kyoukai, which I didn’t really enjoy (gave up at the first movie), but still a lot better than DEEN could ever hope to be.

2.) Gen Urobuchi is responsible for the source material and Yuki Kajiura will be composing the music. Both are part of the Magica Quartet. That is the team who are responsible for  Madoka Magica. Kajiura’s music sure looks to work well with Urobuchi’s dark writing style, looking at how Madoka Magica did wonders with its great atmosphere.

3.) The director is Ei Aoki; someone that I have never heard of before, which can be either be good or bad, depending on your personal taste in anime direction.

Chances of @fkeroge living to see Mahoutsukai no Yoru: 40%

Last Exile: Fam of the Silver Wing (Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam)

Another series from the Last Exile franchise about the adventures of a boy who pilots a Vespa. Well, a vanship that’s called Vespa.

Last Exile can’t go wrong, huh. I wonder why they call their vanship Vespa though.

Chances of Valence watching it: 50%

I’ll flip a coin again. Or not.  I’m losing interest already. Why does each coming season seem more terrible than the rest?

Chances of Azure watching this:  When anime stops going downhill.

I have never seen any of the Last Exile anime. Some consider it a great anime, and others consider it boring. This is enough assurance that Last Exile should be checked out. I may watch it if I have more time.

Chances of @fkeroge having more time: 30%

Pure White Symphony (Mashiro-Iro Symphony)

Another eroge adaptation about an all-girls school getting turned to coed. The girls don’t seem to like the new system, and they avoid male students. That is, until they meet this guy…

Another guy-from-boy-school-entering-previous-exclusively-female-school-and-finding-romance show. (Check it, it’s a cliché too.) I don’t really see why I should watch this, since it’s so cliché, but I probably will. I’m a pervert.

Chances of Valence watching it: 30%

Sorry. I don’t like the art, and the plot sounds boring.

Chances of Azure watching this: I’m hungry.


The first anime that I have seen from Manglobe is The World God Only Knows, and well, it was a decent watch. Then they animated that steaming pile of poo called Deadman Wonderland. Maybe I should watch Samurai Champloo for once instead of these uninspired pieces of crap they call anime. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be judging an anime that hasn’t even started airing yet. I guess I’ll have to check the source material.

*checks the source material*

Chances of @fkeroge watching the first episode: 100%. Chances of @fkeroge finishing this: 1%

Fujilog 2nd Season

An anime about NEET life. Go Japan!


Slice-of-life to the Highest Degree. No comment.



What is this I don’t even.

Chances of Azure watching this: when I actually care.

Fujilog is a slice of life show about the hi-jinks of a 33-year old NEET who is currently not in education, employment or training (ba-dum tssh!). Another proof of how anime knows no bounds.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 0%

You and I (Kimi to Boku)

An anime adaptation of a ‘comedy’ manga about four boys who got along well since they were young. Add half-Japanese transfer student here and you now have a sausage fest.

At first it really looked like yaoi, but it turned out to be slice-of-life. It tells gthe tale of teens who have known each other since early childhood who hang out, a tale of everyday adolescence. Meh.

Chances of me watching this: 2.0%

I love JC Staff, but this just looks plain boring… Where is my Railgun III?

Chances of Azure watching this: 3%, for JC staff.


K-On! minus music, tea and cake; male version. There you go, female bishie fans, an anime made just for you!

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 0%

The World’s First Love (Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi)           

A sequel to a BL anime. Seme and Uke are as clear as day in this show, or so I’ve heard.

At first this looked really like slice-of-life, but it turned out to be yaoi. It tells the tale of co-workers who have known each other since their early working days who make out, a tale of males in other males. Meh.

Chances of me watching this: 0%

NO. Just, no.

Chances of Azure watching this:  No forever.


One main difference between yaoi and yuri, in my opinion, is that yuri tends to be sweeter and less forceful than yaoi, of course, that only goes for pure yuri stories like Sono Hanabira (perhaps I’m being overly biased here) and Candy Boy. As far as I know about Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, it seems that here, rape is love. Oh, brother…

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: Not a chance.

Mystical Blade Princess! (Maken-Ki!)

Adaptation of a fanservice-laden manga about some dude who knows some pretty girls who can dish out serious sh*t with powers known as Maken. As for the guy himself, I don’t know.


This makes me depressed.


Sounds like your typical harem anime. There’s so much of it out there I’m driven to boredom by it, especially after IS.

Chances of Azure watching this: 0%


@Valence: Me is depressed as well. Just look at that trailer…

Wagnaria’!! (WORKING’!!)

A sequel to the adaptation of a 4-panel manga about a dude surrounded by eccentric folks working in a family restaurant.

Who doesn’t like working? Working!!, I mean. But what else could possibly happen this season? I know I shouldn’t ask for too much, but still. What? A new love interest? Who knows? Who cares?

Chances of valence watching this: 100%’!!

Never watched the first season. Pass.

Chances of Azure watching this: 0%


A friend gave me a copy of Working!!  a while back and well, I still haven’t watched the fourth episode a few months after watching the third. Well, I guess that’s that.

Chances of @fkeroge watching the fourth episode of season 1: 10%

Tamayura ~hitotose~

A story about a girl who moves to Hiroshima for her first year in High School. She enjoys film photography and loves to use her now deceased father’s old Rollei 35S camera to take pictures of the fantastic Hiroshima scenery. She meets a few other girls and quickly makes friends with them.

Tamayura sounds kind of like a hipster. Really, a Rollei 35S film camera? The last time I used a film camera, it was for the sake of hipster photos. Nevertheless, this sounds like a parallel universe to K-On. You know, a show with plot with similar feel. I look forward to it.

Chances of Valence watching it: 100-35 %

See above thoughts. Honestly I don’t think I’ll be able to take up more than 5 shows with exams coming…

Chances of Azure watching this:  Maybe when O level is over, I’ll watch everything I passed on.

Tamayura looks like my relaxing anime of the season. I can’t help but get the feeling that I would enjoy this very much. I was also into film photography once in my life, and I am interested in learning more about it even though I don’t do artistic photography anymore. And besides, the sights of Hiroshima are so damn good, at least, that’s how it looks like in the trailer. Artistic photos of mundane events and places are one of the things I admire most in photography.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 100%

Lupin III (4th untitled TV Series)

And yet another installment of Lupin III. You already know what this is, right?


Another Lupin III TV project. What could go wrong, really?



Chances of Azure watching this: -10%


I think Lupin III was a good show, but I don’t think I’ll be able to watch this new series. It is pretty good, mind you, so if you’re into this kind of show, you can give it a go.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 60%

Phi Brain: The Puzzle of the Gods (Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle)

An anime about this uber smart guy who loves puzzles. Together with his obviously female childhood friend, they venture into the underground ruins near the school to try and solve the ‘unsolvable puzzle.’

This show seems interesting enough. A puzzle-themed show always reminds me of Professor Layton and TV dramas like Tantei Gallieo. It seems interesting enough, definitely. I predict a tinge of the supernatural and unexplained phenomenon. The seiyuus seem like a good choice too, and the studio, even better.

Chances of valence watching this: Solve the puzzle yourself.

This actually looks interesting despite it being a Sunrise production… But it airs on NHK Education. But it sounds interesting.

Chances of Azure watching this: 60%


I like puzzles, and I like shows about puzzles even more. However, some things over here look a bit too idealized. Apparently, there’s this smart, spiky-haired dude who is one of the smartest blokes around. “Spiky hair” being in the same sentence as “smartest” is kind of a stretch, is it not? But then again, it is anime. Anything can happen in anime.

Chances of @fkeroge trying to solve the puzzles before the protagonist does: 100%

Bakuman 2

A sequel to the adaptation of a manga about the processes of creating and publishing manga, with the added content of love stories and stuff like that.

More like Borefest 2, am I right, homies? No response? Fuck you guys.


Chances of Valence watching this: 0%

Wait, Bakuman season 1 ended? Who cares. The anime is terrible, I’m sticking to the manga.

Chances of Azure watching this: If Mashiro Dies.

Someone please kill Mashiro off.

What I liked about Bakuman is how they show how manga production is a complex and more often than not, very difficult and tedious process. Bakuman lost me when they started to overdo the overly cheesy “romance” between the characters. Sorry, but I’ll have to pass.

Chances of @fkeroge killing Mashiro: 80%

I Don’t Have Many Friends (Boku wa Tomadachi ga Sukunai)

Based on another light novel, I Don’t Have Many Friends centers around a half-European guy who has trouble making friends because of his intimidating appearance. He is suddenly dragged into a club meant for people in a similar situation.

Have I seen this setting before?




Harem or something again? I’m a huge fan of Tom H@ck though. And the seiyuu… Just not this show. Will probably listen to the music but I won’t touch it.

Chances of Azure watching this:  1%

In preparation to write this season preview, I have taken the liberty to check out the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai manga. I was expecting a tale of true friendships and the issues revolving around people who have trouble making friends in real life, but I couldn’t get any more wrong. This is another one op those, to quote Scamp, “light novel adaptations about the perverted hijinks of teenagers.” Not that this is a big turn-off in my book; I mean, I find the jokes in the manga to be pretty funny, but then again, as far as the manga goes, that’s its only thing worth mentioning about it so far. Watch it at your own risk.

Chances of @fkeroge laughing at eroge references in this show: 55%


>>Survival competition for half-priced bento boxes.



Huzzah, parody! (I hope.) With Katou Emiri! Whywubwoo.jpg.

Chances of Valence watching it: 20% higher than 50%.


Chances of Azure watching this: 0%


Here’s some trivia: most ready-made bentou sold in stores on Japanese subway lines cost about 700 yen, or about $6. They’re pretty expensive if you ask me.

Back to the show. The premise sounds stupid enough for me to go and watch it. I’ll probably drop it soon, though.

Chances of @fkeroge buying a subway bentou: If it’s half-priced, 60%

C3 -CubexCursedxCurious-

Yet ANOTHER light novel adaptation about this high school kid who received a ridiculously heavy black cube from his father. One night, said kid discovers a “fully naked female thief of rice crackers.” Many more adventures await this (un)fortunate bloke.

Yet again Japan loves to display its knack for nonsensical titles that involve the letter C with broken titles. This almost sounds like that manga I read where an otaku receives a mummy from his relative in Egypt and proceed to have hot , steamy sex with said mummy. Except this one is probably PG. Then again, there is a ‘fully naked female thief of rice crackers”, so expect ecchi clichés.

Chances of Valence watching it: 43%

What the hell is up with all the show titles and the alphabet C?

Chances of Azure watching this: 20%

ChocolatexCookiexCake *drool*

As much as I want to rant about the nonsensical name of the series, I find it rather cool. So instead, I’ll just complain how this title looks to be another one of those Shana clones. Not that I mind, though. It can be good… or not. Most probably not.

The studio animating this will be Silver Link of the Baka to Test fame, but that’s about it. I don’t know how this would be any different from Shakugan no Shana. More quirky animation, I guess.

Chances of @fkeroge having a magical loli suddenly appear in his house: 0%.

Shakugan no Shana III

No, I cannot.

The continuation and supposedly conclusion to one of the first light novel anime adaptations. Shakugan no Shana tells the story of a useless guy who somehow has something special in him that warrants the attention of all the bad guys. He is saved by a mysterious (well, not anymore) girl who has “fiery crimson hair and red-hot eyes.” And they soon go about their not-so-ordinary lives, with the classic tendencies of your Kugimiya-voiced loli tsundere.

About fucking time. All shows revolving around flat-chested-kugyu-voiced-magic-tsunderes come to an end. Shana III, and soon , Zero no Tsukaima IV. Shana probably becomes whatever that pussy’s name was’s boyfriend. Believe it. More asspulls expected.

Chances of Valence watching this: Same amount as shanachan26.

FINALLY. How long has it been since the Shana OVAs which were so terribly boring? I don’t even know what I think about the series anymore. I mean its J.C Staff and I found the art to be really great but honestly I used to like Shana a lot. Now I don’t really like any of the characters anymore (maybe Margery Daw) and the first 2 season only appealed to me back when I first watched it (I think I was like, 12?)…

But the novel seems to be going towards a rather epic direction (or so the bits of disorganized spoilers I pick up tell me, or maybe that’s just me hoping) so maybe I’ll just watch it out of obligation, for the pretty art & animation and hope Mami Kawada and Kotoko do the OP and ED again.

There is never enough Rie Kugimiya.

Chances of Azure watching this: 75%


So JC Staff finally gave in and listened to the clamors of the public to BRING BACK SHANA! Well, I guess the fans will be satisfied. I, for one, am already having second thoughts about continuing to watch this. Shakugan no Shana II quickly became bland and well, I never even bothered to watch the OVAs. Well, I guess that’s that.

Chances of @fkeroge looking at the Shakugan no Shana poster in his room: 100%. It’s one of the first things I see when I come in.

Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)

The anime adaptation of a mang- OMFG YANDERE YANDERE YANDERE!!! It’s about a dude who obtains a a cellphone diary that can record near-future events from the Lord of Time and Space, his supposedly imaginary friend, Deus ex Machina. He then meets this OMGWTFBBQ YANDERE YANDERE YANDERE girl who apparently has one of said diaries too.

The previous, short OVA gave us a quick primer on the original series and didn’t really disappoint. Hopefully, when asread releases its full TV series, it’ll have better quality than the OVA as well.The seiyuus aren’t too famous, or spectacular (Honda Manami, Togoshi Misuzu, etc.) but they work fine for the characters. A great show with a great plot if asread doesn’t fuck the original up.

I actually went to read the manga after much persuasion from a schoolmate. Honestly, I don’ think much about the series. The art seems to be stuck in the 90s (and I hate 90s manga style), the plot just keeps killing off people (regardless of how bitchy or awesome they are) and every single character is plain bat shit insane.

The series itself is insane, I bet the author is too.

Chances of Azure watching this:  If some one can prove to me that even 1 character in this series is sane.


*Ahem* Back to business. Mirai Nikki has a decent story, and sadly, that’s all I can praise it for, yandere heroine notwithstanding. I read the manga a while back and I can’t say that I was blown out of my mind. It was good, yes, but it ended up like what most anime do with manga adaptations, which is rush everything so that the creator could get a move on with their life. But other than that, Mirai Nikki is one of the titles that have the upper hand this season.

Chances of @fkeroge having to deal with a real-life yandere: 40%.

Love Me Seriously!! (Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!!)

Generic eroge adaptation about girls (and guys) with swords. The main dude’s life changes when he meets the girls. Typical.

>adult dating simulation game

>all girls

Yuri show of the season, ladies and gentlemen. Oh wait, there are males too. Fuck. I have the weirdest feeling that a love triangle will be involved. It will happen; believe it. Anyhoo, Lerche isn’t a famous studio, so I look forward to this show, as I want to see what they can do. I will be watching, and hopefully, blogging this.

What the… another VN adaptation?

Chances of Azure watching this: 5%


Nope, I am not touching this with a ten-foot pole.



So I guess that concludes our grand Fall Season preview post. so, readers, what would you be watching this season?

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18 Responses to Fall 2011 Season Preview on Multiple Perspectives

  1. dana says:

    Um,..the word is the “Loli” in Un-Go” is really a boy. Not that that means anything to me. I like the backgrounds and stylish character designs, add that it is based on work by a reputable author and my interest is peaked.

    • Valence says:

      That doesn’t make it any less interesting. In fact, if it doesn’t escalate to standards held by shows like Black Butler, I dare say that it’s a refreshing take on the whole loli-youth detective dynamic. Some change is nice. The last time we’ve seen young male detectives was from the Kindaichi case files, and from then on we’ve never really seen much else.

      More and more teams are made this way so as to appeal to a more casual, or even male audience. If the word that’s going around is true, this could make for quite an interesting show.

  2. Lectin Gaezat says:

    Fate/Zero and Persona 4 is probably going to be on my must see list. It’s going to drag me out of my hiatus from anime.

    And you’re right. I think Yaoi is screwed. ._. I think it’s about time I ranted about them. Even literary genre stuff falls into the same stereotypes.

    • Valence says:

      >yaoi is screwed

      Pun intended? (please say yes.)

      Ironically, I’m still on an involuntary hiatus from anime. No motivation, just want to play (online games).

  3. Neko_fishie says:

    Guilty Crown
    Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon
    Invasion!? Squid Girl (Shinryaku!? Ika Musume)
    Shakugan no Shana III
    Since i watch pretty much about everything. mehs. this will do. even by my standards, the rest seem bullshit to me.

  4. Nopy says:

    Anime I will probably be watching:
    Fate/Zero (since I want to know what happened in the previous Holy Grail war)
    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (sexy girls and a probably funny plot = win)
    C3 (I love blue/silver haired girls)
    Shana 3 (might as well finish it)

    Anime I might watch:
    Guilty Crown (sounds interesting)
    Last Exile: Fam of the Silver Wing (if the music is as good as the first series)
    Mashiro-Iro Symphony (cute girls)

    Until I actually start watching some of these, female character designs are really the only thing I have to judge.

  5. I’m gonna do my usual method of approaching new anime seasons.
    Watch the ones I really want to (Fate/Zero and Persona 4)
    Then pick up the rest if I feel like it or people keep recommending (or bugging) me to watch them (Tamayura ~hitotose~, Last Exile: Fam of the Silver Wing and Guilty Crown probably :P)

  6. Yi says:

    Definitely 100% watching Tamayura. For everything else, maybe 0%-50% with sequels of shows I’ve seen leaning closer to 50%.

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  8. I am interested in UN-GO and maybe some more, but not as much since it’s the only NEw story of the ones I am interested in that will come out this Fall…

    Btw, I also have previews of the season in my blog http://shinigamilist.com (hope you don’t mind sharing 🙂 )

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  10. Justin says:

    Guilty Crown, Chihayafuru, Kyoukai, Last Exile, and Persona 4 I’m looking forward to. I’m hoping that these actually turn out to be decent!

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