Genkaku Picasso is still hipster?

I think the reason no-one reads this 3 volume compilation of awesome is because Hikari “Picasso” Haruma looks too damn weird, but I digress.

Now, the chances of me liking (and writing about) a manga series is about as high a chance as Anima ever not being AWOL or as high as the chance of another TLDR or Anime Rewrite Project post coming out, so pardon me if I sound contrived. This just ain’t my thing.


Genkaku Picasso is the story of Hikari “Picasso” Haruma, who miraculously survives a freak helicopter accident ( I kid you not ) but his only friend, Chiaki, perishing. However, Chiaki came back to Picasso as an angel, claiming that she prayed to the gods to save his incredible talent, surviving on the condition that he save other people. Whenever he sees someone in trouble, he can draw out a picture symbolizing that person’s thoughts and enter that person’s feelings.

Sounds boring to some, but as the manga progresses, the more it looks set to become excellent. The entire manga, as the author FURUYA Usamaru puts it, was based off his own coming-of-age experiences. Each chapter, the problems the characters face is close to home. In the first chapter, he saves his classmate from almost murdering someone at the train station, and as the stories move on, the deeper the problem gets, until it finally ends with Picasso himself.

That said, what was refreshing about this manga was the fact that FURUYA Usamaru usually puts out commercial bombs, yet this manga defied expectations. As the protagonist puts it himself, he couldn’t possibly leap into pictures eternally until he died. (If he did not help others, his arm would begin to rot.) So the story summarizes everything in a brisk 3 volumes. Now you should not have an excuse not to read it.

The scenes where he and Chiaki enter people’s feelings are the most graphic scenes of the entire manga. We have PMMM-esque scenes of heavy symbolism and surrealism, scenes which looked like what Picasso could have been drawing. The first scene itself read like a piece of literature. Birds as symbolism, all of this looked like it could come from an epic fantasy.

What I liked the most in the manga was the relationship between Hikari and Chiaki. Chiaki, while she was still alive, was pretty much portrayed to be Hikari’s only friend, with the rest of the classmates constantly mocking her for this fact, and mocking Hikari because…well…he’s who he is. Then, we see how no-one can supposedly see Chiaki, the angel who lives in his breast pocket, but instead see him talking to himself. In each scene, the two are at the centre of the plot, which is what made the final volume the perfect end for this manga.

That said, Genkaku Picasso just got released by randomscans and released for torrent on BakaBT. I suggest you read this manga, as it’s short yet brilliant, and currently it’s kind of underground in the aniblogosphere, so now you too can be a hipster. And if you haven’t heard of randomscans or BakaBT, please send me a photo of Pluto.


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6 Responses to Genkaku Picasso is still hipster?

  1. Cyurio says:

    What a coincidence, I just stumbled upon this one yesterday when browsing around BakaBT. I thought about downloading it, but I might end up finishing it in one sitting, and I’ve got exams to study for. With this post, though, I’m definitely going to download this after these exams are over.

  2. i’m so hipster i’m not gonna read it now since you blogged about it.

    nah, jk. seems like an interesting read. I’ll try it on your recommendation ;D

  3. Justin says:


    “I think the reason no-one reads this 3 volume compilation of awesome is because Hikari “Picasso” Haruma looks too damn weird, but I digress.”

    Well too bad–I have read it! It’s a fairly strange but good series.

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