Reigniting the spark


Ladies and gentlemen, I have a confession to make.

I don’t like anime as much as I did a year ago.

Not that I hate it or anything, but I’m finding it increasingly hard to simply sit down and watch anime. My schedule’s being eaten up by school and other commitments. And the free time I get is now being challenged by the likes of other interests like VNs and TF2. I’m lagging behind on everything. The only show I watched last season, on schedule, was [C], and that was just to see how they could save that trainwreck.

Canne writes brilliantly on the subject.

You cannot openly discussion anime with everyone, any time or anywhere like talking about movies, music or weather. What’s more, unlike other media, being an anime fan requires certain level of sacrifice. You have to be active to obtain anime and if you stop being active, anime rarely runs into you. And lastly, anime may have less to offer for older people like, say, people in their forties or fifties. So I am in doubt. Can someone keep watching anime for the rest of his life like watching movies or reading novels? Does anime provide enough appeal to us as we go through each stage of our lives?

Now, as a proud ani-blogger and anime fan, I couldn’t just decide simply to stop watching. At least, not yet. (Not everyone can become grumpyjii. ) No, I needed to keep watching in order to substantiate the hundreds of dollars I spent on building a Rei shrine this hobby. I needed to reignite that spark.

This would turn out to be much more difficult than it seemed.

Lurking around the internets brought me back again to Yumeka’s blog. The thing that differentiates her blog from most of the aniblogosphere was how her posts weren’t based on rants and anime reviews, but rather on the anime fan’s passion. Things like scheduling anime, anime clothing, anime jokes, et cetera. So okay, now I can schedule time for watching anime. 1-2 hours before sleep, et cetera. That seems manageable.

Yet I still needed to make myself like anime again. So I attempted to watch good shows in school. Tatami Galaxy and Candy Boy – not-too-shabby, but I only managed to watch 1 episode of each, simply because it didn’t feel right. The people – you feel them staring, watching, and it simply feels so awkward. And this led to an epiphany: one of the reasons I lost interest was that I didn’t get any alone time. There were always people around, who could see my screen. I needed to watch when I was alone, which would have been late at night.

But what show to get me back into the mood?

Well, it’s no secret that I’m a sucker for the cute and adorable. So now I’ve drafted up a list, including the likes of Nichijou (people seem to love this ). Maybe I’ll actually get to watch this tonight, but then again , there is that horrid transformers movie I’m being dragged to watch . . .

How do you guys feel motivated to keep watching?


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56 Responses to Reigniting the spark

  1. Ming Xuan says:

    Same problem as you here. In fact, I can’t even motivate myself to play the visual novels…

  2. 2DT says:

    Perhaps you should start fresh, this season, and just get caught up in the temporality of the week-by-week broadcast? It’s hardly any of your time that way, either.

    You like cute, right? Try Usagi Drop. 🙂

    • Valence says:

      I’ve been meaning to watch that.

      Anyway, I should get back to the week-by-week schedule. But in Singapore, the 3rd term is often the busiest in terms of studies, so I would still have to work out a schedule.

  3. I dun have the problem with the passion but i’ve got the problem with the alone time thing XD especially cuz i dun want anyone to find out see.

    I’m doing the same as your plan. watching anime before bed isn’t a bad plan. And i have thought of an ingenious way to create alone time. Upload it to your portable player ;D. I’ve been putting anime in my IPhone to watch before bed.

    And Ikoku Meiro no Croisee is cute too :3

    • Valence says:

      I don’t mind them finding out. They know I’m a blogger. I have a Rei wall scroll in my room, and I have to share the damn room with 2 other people.

      Anyway, watching anime before bed is a good idea, but I prefer using my laptop =p

  4. jacqivarius says:

    I feel this way at times, there’s definitely a burnout factor. If this is a matter of passion, I don’t believe that watching another person’s recommendations or planning a schedule will help.

    You can always fall back on nostalgia, find an old favourite and rehash. I find that I will always have a sweet spot for One Piece or Aria or FMA. There’s no better time than summer to hole up inside your room and watch 500 episodes of One Piece. Sleep? I spit in the face of sleep.

  5. For me (and many others) anime has become such a significant factor of our lives that it’s almost mundane. You breathe, eat and live in it. Personally, I don’t think – and hopefully won’t ever – give up on anime, no matter how old or wrinkly I get. It’s an integral aspect of living, particularly for those who’ve grown up with it since childhood, and really, it’s almost like eating rice (…or brushing your teeth if you don’t eat rice very much). It’s a reoccurring routine. But like you and Canne both said, habits and hobbies do tend to get out of hand. Any sacrifices? Many. Like they say, time is money.

    As for motivation, I guess it comes just naturally with time. Once in a while, the boredom does takes over but in the end, we all can’t help but to crawl back to the glorious creations of anime. Perhaps its that knowing excitement or empathy we feel whenever we watch an episode or two? However anime manages to capture one’s eyes is a mystery.

    • Valence says:

      You see, quite frankly you are, I suppose, a young aniblogger . I felt the same in my foray into aniblogging – that it was mundane, so to speak. But as time passes reality hits me again. Things can’t last forever.

      • There’s not much that we can do about time or permanence. I’m just going with the flow for now. I’m fine with how things currently stand though I’m a bit scared of what the future might behold. But I won’t dwell much on these kind of matters; I’m not desperate for any major changes in my life. Perhaps you should make a difference to yours if you find yours currently dissatisfying? I truthfully have no idea.

  6. Cyurio says:

    I’ve got pretty much the same problem. Ever since Kara no Shoujo came out, I haven’t had any time do do anything but read. Not to mention that even before that, so much homework started piling up that I barely had 30 minutes of free time every day. It should be starting to calm down soon, as I’m this close to getting the true end of KnS… I think. Oh well. I haven’t even started downloading the first episodes of the anime I’m planning to watch this season.

    I’m not normally conscious of the people around me when I watch anime, so that isn’t as much of a problem for me. As for motivation, I don’t really know. Sometimes I come across an anime that just gets me hooked, and nothing can keep me from watching it to the end. However, those are few and far between. Maybe you just have to find the right series to reignite that spark.

    And I’ve also started playing TF2! I’ve only got a free steam account, so I can’t add friends, but account name is Clemezen. Let’s play a a game sometime, haha.

  7. kluxorious says:

    I see where your problem lies. You think highly of other people’s opinion. I rarely have alone time too. 3 jobs so you do the math. I watch anime at my work place. I don’t give a damn about what my colleagues say about me, if they dare say anything that is. I even watched occasional yaoi if I’m in the mood.

    I didn’t watch any anime for the past 4 days because I was extremely busy with works. Today I managed to catch up with at least one of summer new anime. That’s enough to re-ignite the spark as you put it.

    It shouldn’t be forced because if it is, you will not have fun. Anime is all about having fun. NEVER GIVE UP ON ANIME.

    I’m 30. I can’t see myself quitting anytime soon regardless how old I get. Gintoki won’t allow it

  8. ~xxx says:

    simple…, make a priority list.
    have the priorities settled and the least finished lets say a week after.

    Then you would be finding yourself killing other’s time.

    My problem nowadays is the time stuff because I download anime now at home and I cant’ watch it immediately, so my challenge for now is how to make more time.

  9. feal87 says:

    Take some away time, if you like it you’ll be back. Happened to me for 3-4 months years ago, then I got back. 😛

  10. tsurugiarashix says:

    I experienced this once or twice and know I will again once this summer ends. Not sure what to suggest, but just do things at your own pace is the most important thing. Just give it time and I am sure you will bounce back. Although, I will agree that alone time is key most of the time.

    I will be back here writing again soon. I blanked out on ideas, but doing other things outside the web (and writing about Summer season now) has given me some fresh ideas.

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  12. Overlord-G says:

    Quite simple really, by getting with the times and just watch when I feel like watching. My passion for anime has yet to die out so I have no problems continuing my favorite pastime. Besides, there aren’t that many shows right now that have made me blow my lid…except the Zombie Show.
    So really it all comes down to comfort and feeling no issues at all with being an animeniac. I like anime, so what if others find it weird? Actually all my neighbors know I’m an animeniac. Heck, my parents still don’t get why I’m an animeniac but they don’t mind as long as I focus on my daily life as well.

    Candy Boy is awesome but I wouldn’t watch it in public unless they’re okay with yuri. As for Tatami Galaxy…I have to check that out myself since it feels similar to Kuchuu Buranko (Trapeze) in a way.

    • Valence says:

      I recommend The Tatami Galaxy. It’s good shit.

      • Overlord-G says:

        To my put my argument in short, you were merely on an anime hiatus. Heck, say if you were to replace the word anime with pro wrestling…you would get the same results.

        • Valence says:

          Still on hiatus for both, but one being 2 weeks long and the other being since the beginning of time.

          • Overlord-G says:

            True there. Finding a wrestling fan outside of Youtube is like finding a needle in a wasteland, it’s nigh impossible. 2 weeks? I thought it was longer than that.

            • Valence says:

              To be honest I did watch wrestling at some point but after The Rock starred in the Tooth Fairy I gave it all up.

              • Overlord-G says:

                I recommend checking out the more recent CM Punk Promos. Why? For their epicness. Trust me, this isn’t to get you back to watching but the energy behind these promos is simply amazing. The fact that they’re works don’t matter, it’s how realistic they sound.

                Don’t worry, this is the last time I’ll bring wrestling up in an anime exclusive blog. I was merely making a point earlier and used wrestling as an example.

                I wish you the very best of luck in your slow return to the world of animeniacs.or mangaholics, whichever you prefer.

  13. Justin says:

    I don’t know. I went through the whole school year not watching anime besides the stuff shown in my school’s anime club. Yet in the summer, I am. Truth be told, I’ve been reading lots of manga…

  14. Persocom says:

    I feel motivated to keep watching by digging through a giant backlog of old series that I never watched that were apparently the cream of the crop during their airing times. Nothing better to cure the soul than watching a classic you never saw before. That’s just how I do it though. Otherwise I watch normal movies until they drive me insane and then go back to my anime watching.

  15. Shance says:

    Shut up and be a (m)fan, Valence. It’s the only way to go. Deal with it. No excuses.

    Or be a Reimufag. Because there’s never enough Reimu.

  16. Yi says:

    It happens… We all change, for better or for worse. Our tastes change too. I don’t expect anything, or any passion to last forever, or even a long time. But yea, if one day, I totally lose that love for anime, so be it.

    Anyway, that you do want to reignite the spark perhaps means you never lost it in the first place. Hope you find the drive again, and have fun! ^ ^

    Also, try Ikoku Meiro no Croisee. It’s very cute.

  17. Azure says:

    “My schedule’s being eaten up by school and other commitments.”
    I hear you, and your cry as to losing interest.

    I don’t know, this seems like a natural process if you watch anime too long. For me, everything just starts looking the same now. I don’t even look forward to new seasons anymore. Then I go back to re watch stuff I loved and remind myself why I even watch anime. But recently even that doesn’t help at all neither do the pathetic conversations about anime some of my classmates hold with me (damn, I’m starting to feel guilty for glaring and ignoring them). I’m watching almost everything out of obligation and random impulse now for the heck of it.
    How about you enlighten me Valence? And is that Transformers movie any good at all?

    • Valence says:

      I think that if I didn’t become an aniblogger a year ago I would have quit this hobby last year. You need something to motivate you to watch, since it’s so much work and time consumed. And then all these time could have been used for everything in the damn world, so you really need to work these things out. You need commitment.

      Also, Transformers movie = crap

      • Azure says:

        That sounds like I’m getting married…

        Guess I should just go watch Harry Potter finale and decide which is worse.

  18. chikorita157 says:

    Besides the time I give up on watching the Pokemon Anime, I never really lost interest with Anime despite being a long time Anime Fan. I only had one small hiatus during the last year of High School, since I didn’t really watch anything outside of Pokemon and I was completely unaware of the anime that were airing or popular at the time. It wasn’t until I started interacting with people and blogging about Anime is when my tastes started to change as I catch up and watch new Anime. I don’t really let people control my tastes, but I take suggestions to improve my enjoyment…

    So yeah, don’t give up! Anime is meant to be an enjoyable medium of entertainment.

  19. misaki says:

    To keep your interest in anime and aniblogging high, it’s imperative that you:

    – change your blog name
    – change your internet handle
    – stop watching anime for months

    That’s what I did, and look where I ended u-

    oh wait

    • Valence says:

      well I’m too lazy to change the lame blog name, ran out of internet handles and have stopped watching for ages. It didn’t work.

      Le sigh.

  20. Nopy says:

    What a coincidence, I have a half-written post about the draw that anime has on people. It should be up on the weekend. I’m also on episode 6 of Canday Boy and I’m loving it.

    For me, the problem isn’t what keeps me motivated to watch anime, it’s how do I find more time to watch anime. It’s like once you finish school, everyone starts nagging you to spend more time with them and there’s less “me” time.

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  22. blacksun88 says:

    every one have different opinion or mindset at different point of your lifetime, there is no need to force yourself to do something. just do whatever your like, and who know, you may get unexpected outcome

  23. Will says:

    Alternate. One day I watch some live action, and the other week I watch some anime.

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