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On 2D Love

What is love? It is a subject of countless debates and studies among many fields of knowledge. Is it a philosophical concept, a scientific phenomenon, a divine virtue, or is simply something that cannot be understood?

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Rin, Usagi Drop , that FACE and the innocence of childhood

While I was tempted to come up with something unoriginal like Misaki’s idea of getting ideas for posts from other people,  my lack of Formspring responses my craving for original content told me otherwise. Curse this exam week for making me abstain … Continue reading

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Many know that I don’t like Shounen Jump. No, I really don’t like Shounen Jump. Next to the big 3, the few series which got anime adaptations over the past year, Bakuman and Enigma, I honestly have no idea what … Continue reading

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Kamisama no Memochou and a depressing outlook on youth

Well, Mathew challenged me to write a post on all the references KamiMemo made simply because I’m supposedly a hardcore litfag. Sorry to say this, but nope.avi. Instead, I watched the show and observed something else: its portrayal of youth.

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Manyuu Hikenchou makes me regain faith in life

God must have been really kind to give me another show this season to review which exists solely for the purpose of animating 2D knockers. Hurrah! But what most people see is the jiggly nonsense the show tries to put … Continue reading

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Genkaku Picasso is still hipster?

I think the reason no-one reads this 3 volume compilation of awesome is because Hikari “Picasso” Haruma looks too damn weird, but I digress.

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@fkeroge’s Top Anime Songs

As much as I want to give an excuse for my 3-week hiatus, it would only make things more complicated than it already is. So here’s something of a filler post about anime songs that I hope you people would … Continue reading


Reigniting the spark

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a confession to make.

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