Reconstructing the Chaos of Gosick


I’ve been seriously wondering: Who is still watching this show? Everyone was pretty excited initially, we have a Shinku double and the novel’s fame was rather high. Gothic lolis make everything better. Then things got boring but at least Victorique was cute. And more recently, things got more serious, and sadder, then came today’s episode 23… My contain spoilers if you stopped watching the series half way or you have yet to watch episode 23.

“Allow me to share with you the truth which I’ve reconstructed using the pieces of chaos I’ve collected from the Fountain Of Wisdom.”

5 Episodes into the series, I was crying from the amateur mysteries even I could go “I can already see the ending.” at, and mind you, I suck at mysteries. 10 episodes in and the whole selling point of the series is Victorique being insufferably adorable. 15 episodes into the show we have all sorts of odder and weirder mysteries coming up, but things are still boring. Episodes 18 onwards? Just wow how did the weak mystery sub plots all link to such a huge conspiracy that might just turn into World War II?

The story was unbelievably slow paced, there was nothing to the mysteries at all yet I am thoroughly pleased with myself for sticking with this show till today. Initially it just seemed like Victorique and co. were encountering countless of infinite useless side arcs with bits and pieces of in-verse fairy tales forced into those mysteries, starting with the murder ship Queen Berry incident then the whole fake classmate ordeal that was mixed in with stories of Golden Fairies and Talking Grey Wolves.


Then, things got slightly better in the Village of the Grey wolves: We got a lot of insight on Victorique’s history (her mom’s too) and we are introduced to the enigmatic Brian Roscoe. Most importantly, there was Victorique and Kujo’s character development and the creepy prophecy about the “Coming Storm” which they can’t seem to fight. Maybe things were going to get interesting after all!

Or not. We were treated with another mystery about some giant blue diamond in some suspicious major Asian department store in a fictional country in Europe and Victorique caught a cold but still manages to solve the case. Then we have countless of flashbacks, Kujo’s past, Grevil’s past, which really were irrelevant and dry that I was dying, DYING of boredom.

Me too.

Until the whole Leviathan arc. Shit just got serious, the country’s history is revealed and was linked to the freaking WWI, the very first murder ship incident and Victorique monster dad. Things got more serious in the Beezlzebub’s Skull arc with the chase for the memento box and Victorique’s mom getting involved with the mysterious Brian Roscoe. The whole train incident and firing a gun with theory only was just unbelievable. They somehow madee it back to the academy for Christmas in one piece then comes the whole Monstre Charmant fairy tale along with creepy rabbit mobs and WWII. Why, WHY would Saubure actually ally themselves with Nazi Germany? And the epic sword fight between Cordelia and the Marquis? That was just unexpected and boy, was that fight well animated in the flames. The past 2 episodes were just so over packed with plot developments into the climax/

I am as confused as Kujo is whenever Victorique assembles the pieces of chaos. Why would Gosick spend the first 15 episodes exploring boring stuff that could have been squeezed into 10 episodes, then spend more time on the entire pre WWII climax instead of cramming it into the last 4 episodes? This could possibly be due to the original novels, maybe they didn’t want to ruin it and just adapted it at the same pace.

Thank god for the anime, there definitely aren't any moving fight scenes in the novel

Gosick just absolutely loves introducing a brand new fairytale as and when they like and abusing flashbacks, especially the one about the “COMING STORM”, ooh, scary. With each new fairytale Victorique is now: the golden-gray monstre chamant library wolf-fairy. Somehow the entire plot manages to link everything, EVERYTHING together, whether its the initial mysteries to fairy tales mentioned in passing, no matter how seemingly irrelevant or insignificant. The poor lady from the Queen Berry ship? She met Victorique’s mom in the Marquis’ asylum. The village of the gray wolves and their policy of isolationism? It came back to haunt poor Jupiter Roget in episode 23.

Perhaps the most brilliant of all would be the OP theme. Every single character of significance was already there since episode 1: we just didn’t know who they were. Brian Roscoe (his doves and mannequin appear too), the 2 Victorique-s (one is really Cordelia), the Marquis stealing Victorique from Kujo (even his 2 creepy hooded hags appear). Every single key arc of the series was shown: the grey wolves, leviathan, the black train, Beelzebub’s skull and the title even dissolved into blue petals, possibly referring to the blue rose. And all that done is pretty art noveau style even! You have got to give Bones credit for pulling that off.

The characters were all very well portrayed though. Kujo is the good loyal but slightly dumb man, Victorique a seemingly stoic and emotionless genius, Avril the hyper active  normal person who infinitely gets on my nerves. Then there is Grevil, oh boy.  Appearing to be eccentric and weird then shows that he has his own serious side and finally turning out to be loyally following his monster father’s orders though I’m willing to bet that next episode with the death of his father, he will help Kujo and Victorique. Or he may die.

Kujo would probably look better, WAY BETTER even with Grevil's hairstyle

With only 1 more episode left, it is almost determined that Saubure will fall into un-reconstructable chaos thanks to allying with Nazi Germany for WWII and Kujo, now in the army with an idiot shaved head is unlikely to be able to return to Saubure even though they did appear to be together in the preview. With Victorique herself in quite a pinch, I’d say the finale will no doubt be a depressing one, at the best, bittersweet. How can you have a happy ending with a world war , a prophecy against it and that stupid hair?

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18 Responses to Reconstructing the Chaos of Gosick

  1. Linz says:

    While I wasn’t completely bored with the earlier episodes, I definitely agree that things have gotten more intense lately! The Leviathan arc really got me anticipating the next episodes; but even with that, it was hard to believe that they’d get to this point in such a short time.

    Also, after reading a first hand account from a Japanese soldier, I was horrified for Kujo when I realized he’d been sent to a place like that in the military. If he tries to escape, they’ll execute him, so I can’t see him leaving anytime soon. Even if this is an anime, it would be a far stretch if he got out. XD

    • Azure says:

      The earlier episodes did have its moments, Victorique and Kujou’s interactions in particular. Gosick has come a long long way…

      No, I couldn’t see him leaving either and I don’t think the Japanese troops would actually go invade as far into Europe as Saubure in the war either so I’m really looking forward to the next episode. I’m also rather curious how Kujo ended up in the military after he got back to Japan too. DId his family force him into it or did he join willingly… hmmm.

  2. Joojoobees says:

    They way they brought all of this together was pretty amazing. I tried thinking about arcs they could have dropped at one point, but realized that every arc had something of significance, at the least a character introduction, so some serious rewriting would have been necessary, and then what? They would have ended up with a 21 episode series? Even if they had managed to condense the early to id- arcs so that everything fit in about 13 episodes, they probably would have damaged the development of Kujo and Victorique’s relationship.

    Even if it didn’t turn out to be everything I had hoped from the outset, I am more than happy that I stuck with it. It turned out to have some great moments, and some interesting ideas, along with the eye candy.

    • Azure says:

      The main growth of Victorique and Kujo’s relationship was in the grey wolves arc and both Kujou and Victorique’s actions for one another, the previous arcs (especially the mysteries) were supplementary. I felt that the whole train, monstre charmant and the recent episodes were a little too rushed. How did kujou get sent back to Japan? Did he attempt to go back and find Victorique or was he forced by his family to enlist in the army? Also, I felt that more details could have been given about the whole escalation to war thing and the characters part in it.

      And cute Victorique. Just that.

      • Ian Sumallo says:

        During those times, when nations go into wars, people of the right age (probably around 16 years old or above) where drafted into the army. I believe it’s an obligation for all. They’re like a militia.

  3. ~xxx says:

    I actually Going to finish this one half contented…
    by the way, The show was completely outward until that grey wolf village story and the train action.
    The bad part of it, It was kinda weak on it’s beginning and kinda okay in the next half.

    • Azure says:

      Yea, I’d have to agree. You could just read the plot descriptions of the the first half and start watching the show properly from the second half, though I suppose you’d miss out on laughing Victorique and rolling Victorique if you do that,

  4. Anonomyous says:

    Yeah they really did a omnislash in the last part. Frankly since Saubure’s population is so incredibly stupid and easily manipulated (wtf, a story and they are all brainless rabbits), even if they get blown to atomic ash, i don’t feel much for them. In a sense its “you asked for it, don’t cry when you get it”.

    Albert de Blois needs to die slower and see the end result of his ridiculous idea. Seriously, does he think germany will “spare” this country because its their “ally”? Saubure’s so small that getting rushed by hitler’s iron boot would only be an afterthought after they have outlived their usefulness in forcing a second front, a delaying tactic or as a buffer against more dangerous countries.

    • Azure says:

      Saubure could be alternate stupid-er England, not just with appeasement but allying themselves with Germany. And the people seriously believe that a fairytale will help them through a world war.

      I thought that his death as too quick but that’s just because I wanted him to die a slow and humiliating death for being such a complete monster. It does make you wonder why Victorique even suggested that idea to Albert in the first place… Maybe it was to cause Albert’s (and the whole country’s for that matter) downfall or something.

  5. Overlord-G says:

    Episode 23: Victorique moments:
    -Nun playing chess.
    -Sadists fapping over the dripping ear.
    -The mourning garment.
    -Yoda vs Palpatine, anime style.

    Every single time Albert’s voice actor says Hairo Okami, I get a smile on my face. The way he says it almost sounds cheesy and over the top and I like cheesy and over the top.

    For those who don’t get it (1 or 2 people), the very moment the viewer learned that V’s been sealed inside the tower for a long time, it was evident that this show would have a dark climax, which the final batch of episodes showed as the mysteries involving leviathan and Hairo Okamis clearly showed. The easy mode mysteries that turned professional critics and old geezers at the age of 25 away, Avril’s pointlessness in the entire series other than being the “aww” girl otakus like so much, Grevil’s Final Fantasy hairstyle, Cecile’s cuteness (in my eyes), were all fillers intended to drive old school anime fans insane, but for those who paid attention for the important cases and managed to hold on this long got a major payoff.

    • Azure says:

      Yoda has never been this loli.
      Albert always sounded lecherous to me for some odd reason.

      I reckon Grevil’s hair is able to pierce through final fantasy. The way you put it made the whole of Gosick (minus the more plot related cases in the later part of the series and key characters) is really just one big distraction and filler, which I’d actually agree to, though in my case, I was paying more attention to adorable Victorique, but hey, it payed off: Gosick did get better!

      • Overlord-G says:

        The way I put it refers to how the general old school public saw the show. I didn’t. I enjoyed the show from beginning to upcoming end. I loved the fillers, Grevil, Avril being useless, Cecile being silly and adorable, Victorique moments, etc. Just push my username and you’ll understand.

        Albert is a perverted old bastard but I only cared about how he said Hairo Okami. That’s what made me laugh.

        Watch Yoda vs Palpatine and compare it to this fight, I challenge you to tell me the difference between Yoda and Cordelia’s fighting styles, excluding Yoda’s mastery of The Force.

        • Azure says:

          I must be general public; though I did enjoy all the moments Grevil gets and how Avril and Victorique are fighting for Kujou’s affection too.

          ALbert is a mentally unstable psychotic perverted monster. The way he says gray wolf with all the odd emphasis on the word is just funny-ish.

          I can’t say anything about fighting styles except maybe yoda uses one sword whereas Cordelia uses 2 short ones. Yoda sort of nearly lost but Cordelia won only to get stabbed by evil grannies.

  6. Nopy says:

    At least Victorique is still cute…

    That’s really the only reason I’m still watching Gosick. I was really happy to see a mystery anime at first, but then I realized that you couldn’t solve the mysteries in the anime based on what they showed you, which was disappointing. Episode 23 was a big “wtf” for me, those grannies were like ninjas and they’re like 80-ish?

    • Azure says:

      Well they DO work for the ministry of Occult, Ninja Zombie grannies!

      • Overlord-G says:

        Nopy falls under the third category of my 3 reasons why some would like or dislike this show, that being “The Victorique Show”.

        Dood, I’ve seen so many different anime, fighting games, cartoons and comedies over the years featuring geezers with moves that can put karate masters to shame, that seeing these granny ninjas was not surprising and like Azure said, they’re members of a cult.

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