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  1. @fkeroge says:

    I was banging my head on my desk for the duration of the final episode. I hate myself for ever hyping this up for the past 10 episodes. orz

  2. Anonomyous says:

    Well the alternative ending was “Its all a dream”. The writers decided to flip a coin to choose deus ex or dream. It could have been a great plot to show what the problems are with nation level economics and its micro components but it went astray and as you said, became a trainwreck when they realised they did not have sufficient time to do what they wanted.

    On a side note, a crashing currency kicks off hyper inflation and using another country’s currency is both putting yourself at the mercy of that country (aka “can’t afford imports? Not my problem, starve for all i care”) and solves nothing. Indeed the current euro crisis directly looks at the problem of nations uing a currency when they are so much weaker than the oter countries that use the same currency.

    But they probably didn’t want to demoralise the japanese population (who has aging population problems, a disaffected youth, a stagnant economy based on government spending and a national debt/population ratio higher than any other developed country) and went for a delusional sunshine and rainbows ending that sidestepped the problems

    • Valence says:

      ‘Delusional sunshine and rainbows ending that sidestepped the problems’

      I like that term.

      The thing about [C] is that no matter how much it tries to be filled with economics, it’s all wrong. Most obvious example being the whole yen-to-dollar gimmick that somehow fixes everything. (Hint: it doesn’t.)

      What if [C] was, like some bloggers suggest , a criticism of things like deficit spending?

  3. Azure says:


    that aside, [C] being a trainwreck might be an understatement. Its like a freight train running off course getting crushed by some falling airplane in the middle of an economic depression. My sole consolation was that Msyu was happy, Jennifer is alive and the dramatic fight scenes. I did say that I’d be happy if there was enough Msyu and Jennifer and there was.
    For the usage of the yen one, I suppose you could argue by saying that Mikuni has more money so he’s affected greater than Yoga. Yoga was also affected too, well mildly. I’m also pretty curious just what exactly happened to Mikuni and Q in the end. Msyu too I guess.
    We still don’t know whether singapore will ever return too.

    And most importantly, what the hell was that horribly narmy BGM?

    • Valence says:

      Fight scenes are awesome though. I can’t take that distinction away from [C].

      Either way, [C] left a lot of questions unsolved, so I guess we may never find out whether we Singaporeans still exist ;A;

      • Azure says:

        I got dizzy watching the part where Mikuni and Yoga were DIRECT-ing at each other up the horizontal pillar thing; Flations are awesome.

        Poor us. And we still didn’t get to know just what the [C] Phenomenon really is too. Or at least I still don’t get what it is.

      • Mira says:

        I don’t think Singapore exists in the world of [C] anymore, Kimimaro only returned the futures that were taken from reversing the Rotary Press. Everything that happened in the SEA FD is irreversible because there isn’t an FD anymore. D:

  4. ~xxx says:

    it’s a so-so…
    I managed to survived and waiting for the last three.

    Hopefully, I would be half positive about the show.

  5. I was also disappointed…. but I don’t think it was bad enough to be a trainwreck though

    “All the dead people revive, including Jennifer.”
    = I don’t think she died.

    • Valence says:

      Didn’t she get cleaved in half?

      • Cyurio says:

        Yeah, but so did that other Entre that Mikuni fought. Apparently, despite physically going to the Financial District, dying there doesn’t mean actual death, just bankruptcy. Which is why I found it strange that her bankruptcy was treated like a death scene.

        • Mira says:

          Which is why I found it strange that her bankruptcy was treated like a death scene.
          ^ Because not having a future is kind of like dying? I think that’s what the show is trying to say anyway.

        • Valence says:

          I see. My assumption is that since she’s bankrupt, she’d disappear much like the other folks who started to vanish.

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  7. baka~ says:

    Oh right, he and Mashyu both have plot armor+7. Pity the fool who didn’t upgrade his plot armor.

    While Madoka used the existing system of granting wishes to recreate the entire Mahou Shoujo, I was wondering how C would provide a fresh alternative to this similar plot device. After all, both exists on a system governed by some higher figure/organization and the interesting part is how one man, Kimimaro, would provide a solid resolution of overturning the entire thing.

    So he was given the “Darkness” card for no reason, Takako is actually Q, Msyu may actually be Kimimaro’s daughter that triggered the incest flag (or she could be Hanabi who had a different seiyuu), the future is saved just by reversing the rotation of the rotary press and Masakaki obviously told a fat lie… Is this anime still considered to be the “best” that this season had to offer?

    • Valence says:

      I hope not. Everything is just cast aside. Nothing is even resolved. Not even an attempt.

      They attempted to resolve the Financial District, but their attempt only leads to more problems.

  8. thaivu22 says:

    The only real solution to the financial district is to accept the fight but do nothing but having a cup of tea with your opponent for 666 seconds which results in a draw and no gain/no loss/no damage which is still impossible due to human’s nature that is to go forward with enrichment and power. LOL

  9. Good write up, you hit all the major problems. I think I’ve expressed my utter distate for this show enough already. XD

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