Summer 2011 Preview!

Posting this at 4 in the morning is not particularly good for my health.

It has been a long time since I posted anything here. This was supposed to be a collaborative post, but Valence seems to be having some issues with the outermost electron configuration of palladium, and Anima seems to have embarked on a life-changing journey to find the ultimate piecake. So, this time, I’ll be your host for this event: The AOIA Anime Previews!

Since I suck at doing introductions and being sarcastic/satirical in my English writing, I’ll just get this started.

See  the synopses here because I’m too lazy to type them.

Appleseed XIII

I heard that this piece of work isn’t going to air on TV. Well, that’s a shame… I was planning on watching this CGI fest. The manga is quite famous and it does look interesting. If there are going to be 720p vids out for this, I’ll watch it.

Chances of @fkeroge finishing this: 80% if 720p vids are going to be
out, otherwise, meh.

The IdolM@ster

The IdolM@ster, that pretty little franchise from the ones who can’t even be bothered to release the better Tales games in English, is now going to be animated! It is very (in)famous for its very scary fanbase, who start flaming the company because it introduced other men in the latest game in the franchise, and of course, the girls.
The thing about this sort of game being animated is that it will generate another useless protagonist that will somehow attract all these girls because he’s such a big loser, like about a thousand other anime out there. But hey, Japan seems to be happy with this kind of stuff, so I’ll just let them be. Besides, this can be like some unique song and dance show, and I may enjoy it.

Chances of @fkeroge finishing this: 73.89453% (random number FTW!)

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!

Baka Test is one of the funnier anime out there. But I’m having some doubts about this new season. The first season relied heavily on its set of jokes about how stupid Akihisa is, how flat Minami is, how bad a cook Mizuki is, how perverted Voyeur is and how trappy Hideyoshi is. Hopefully, they’ll dish out some more original jokes this season, or I’ll be rolling my eyes on this one.

Chances of @fkeroge finishing this: 70%

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee

This is one of the series that I’m looking forward to this season. I’ve read the few translated chapters of the manga last year and I have to say that Yune is really sweet and adorable. The story is also quite light, which is a breath of fresh air after heavy stuff like [C] and Madoka. And of course, anime not being set in Japan is always refreshing to see.

Chances of @fkeroge finishing this: 100%


Another series in the Blood franchise! Only this time, CLAMP will be the ones writing! This means that the storyline will be more or less engaging and fun to watch, with some great character designs. I cannot say anything about this as I have not seen any anime of the
franchise or that live action movie.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 80%

Natsume Yuujinchou 3

Honestly, this is the first time that I’ve heard of this anime, and it’s already on it’s third season. Am I missing something here? I heard that it’s supposed to be quite famous and all that, but I don’t really care. Pass.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 0. Remember that.

Mayo Chiki

This is an anime about *blahblahblah* involving another trap that cannot pass of as a male. I am worried about the mental state of the entire cast of the show. Are they all retarded or something as to not notice how impossibly effeminate that butler is? Then again, given how anime tends to blur the line between the sexes, I guess I can’t blame them. I may give this a few episodes to impress me, which probably won’t happen.

Chances of @fkeroge looking at this: 20%

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi

There are times that I overestimate the abilities of the Japanese people when it comes to telling stories. I think this will be one of those times. I’ll take the bait and see if this can at least pique my interest. Chances are I’ll drop it before it even reaches episode 5.

Chances of @fkeroge finishing this: 40%


Tip to living a fulfilling high school life in an elitist school: write erotic novels and use your “ero skills” from experience to help your class win competitions. Trust me, I know how it works… Actually, I haven’t the foggiest idea how it works. Sorry.
Anyway, I won’t shoot this title down just yet. I’ll give it a few episodes.

Chances of @fkeroge starting this: 80%

Nurarihyon no Mago 2

I refuse to find a picture for this garbage.

You know, I never find stuff like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and other painfully generic shounen series to be even worth checking out, and their unbelievable lengths makes me wonder how they can keep thinking of stuff to show the audience and keep them religiously
interested. Nura… nura… nura… bleagh is no different, save for the length. If you want more of this generic stuff, knock yourself out. Interest = 0.
Oh, and I forgot to say that DEEN will be animating this. You know, the same doods responsible for Quality Crisis! and Kore wa Disaster desu ka?. Interest = -10.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: -10% (I will unwatch it even if I haven’t even watched it yet.)

I will stop now. Sorry for insulting the holiness of the Shounen Trinity and the greatness that is Studio DEEN.

Dantalian no Shoka

Why are more of these anime with these kinds of premises showing up? We have some special girl with some very annoying protagonist who is devoid of any noteworthy traits, except maybe giving out annoying idealistic speeches, and they somehow interact with each other and eventually the girl will fall for the said guy because of his generic anime protagonist kindness.
Ranting aside, the premise sounds interesting enough for me to try at least a few episodes of it, who knows, it may turn out to be a very good anime for all we know. Bonus points for being a Gainax anime.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 80%

Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel

Recently, there has been this influx of pachinko based anime. And Kaitou Tenshi is another one of those. I’m rather disappointed that some of my favorite seiyuus are gonna be here. Japan doesn’t know how to treat her seiyuus right, doesn’t she?

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 20%


When I was a kid, I hated two kinds of cartoons. One was anime (which I love now, except for certain occasions), and the other one was cartoons based on American comics (maybe I just hated America when I was a kid). I still haven’t gone over my hate for the latter. Get this as far away from me as possible.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: *cricket sounds*

Kamisama Dolls

It’s good to see that anime is beginning to accept people who have graduated from frigging high school as protagonists for a change. Also, the manga seems quite good, with the dark themes and all that jazz.
I was happy that it finally gets an anime… until I was informed that the people animating this are the same guys who did Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka. WHAT THE F-!?!?!?
Dammit! What the hell, people!? Finally there’s a decent manga worth animating and you give it the rubbish treatment? The anime industry sure is harsh towards good content nowadays. Anyway, this is a sure watch for me, regardless of how awful or good the staff is.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 100%

Nekogami Yaoyorozu

Along with terrible anime are those anime with names that are terribly hard to pronounce. Nekogami Yayablahzu is a good example. From the looks of the trailer, it doesn’t seem half bad coming from AIC plus, who has done half-good stuff like Strike Witches 2 and other not-so-good anime that I don’t know the names of.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 50%

Sacred Seven

Sunrise is doing yet another series with so much machinery in it, you will wonder why the earth’s metal resources are still not depleted. Apparently, the tagline is “People’s memories change the world.”
To be honest, I’m not buying it. But hey, I’m starting toappreciate anime with impossibly high amounts of metal, so maybe this can be one that will change my opinion on this kind of anime for the better.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 30%

Manyuu Hikenchou

I thought Bill 156 was supposed to be implemented on July… What’s this doing here?


Chances of @fkeroge watching this: No. NONONONONONONONONONO!!!! HELL

Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 1000%

A season of anime wouldn’t be complete without one to appeal to the ladies. Well, as this is an adaptation of some otome game, I’m guessing that the girls will be all over this anime. Not really my cup of tea, but if it turns out to be better than most of the things we have here, why not give it a shot? It’s not like it’s BL, right?

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 30% if there are actually no other anime that can impress me this season. Otherwise, no.

Kamisama no Memochou

Turn Victorica into a Japanese, put her in pajamas and voila! You get Kamisama no Memochou. Hopefully, there are more substantial mysteries to be solved here and not just some boring stuff that abuses the fact that the girl is smart, cute and has some sort of cliched tragic past, like most anime heroines do.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 80%

Usagi Drop (noitaminA)

Now here’s some really good stuff. I’m really looking forward to this. Usagi Drop will air in the noitaminA timeslot, which will 90% ensure that the anime will not suck. I can’t really say anything more about this except that I’m hoping that they’ll do a great adaptation.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 100% (How can any sane person not watch this?)

No. 6 (noitaminA)

Another social science fiction story for the noitaminA timeslot, much like that failure, Fractale. However, this one promises to deliver a better experience with the great setting and the supposedly good “character development”. Basically, it’s about a boy who finds
another boy and they get very nice to each other. BL ensues *shudder*. But hey, as long as this one won’t suck like Fractale (or won’t have excessively heavy BL undertones), I’m all game for it.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 100% – 20% (for potential BL atrocities) = 80%

Ro Kyu Bu

From the looks of the trailer, and the other blog posts that I’ve read about this, Ro Kyu Bu seems ro look like some show aimed at lolicons or something. However, Ro Kyu Bu was popular among basketball fans in Japan, and it looks to have some good drama potential. I’m definitely checking this out.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 100%


Like, finally! The first (and hopefully not last) anime adaptation of a Yuri Hime serialization. I don’t feel the need to explain or defend this title as it’s basically another one of the K-On! variety anime (with more yuri) that I somehow enjoy watching. So, yeah, I’m sold. Don’t like my biased opinion? Sue me.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 80% + 10000000000% 20%
(YURI! YURI! YURI!) = 100%

Morita-san wa Mukuchi

Japan sure does like this kind of anime, doesn’t she? I wasn’t really impressed by the art style that they use here, but hey, like I said earlier, I enjoy this kind of stuff. May give it a shot.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 50%


Now this one I really want to check out for lulz. This is the comeback anime of the formerly bankrupt studio, Gonzo, and this is not really what I have in mind as a revival anime, but what the heck? It looks fun enough to be worth checking out.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 70%

Mawaru Penguin Drum

As featured in a magazine.

Trailer 2 and Trailer 3

*Watches the trailers* *Amazed* *Sold* Now, this is what I call potential. With trailers as ominous as that, I expect this to be one of the best of the season. This anime also heralds the much-awaited return of Kunihiko Ikuhara, who hasn’t directed a series since Revolutionary Girl Utena. However, there seems to be very little reaction to this. Am I missing something again?

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 100%


I will surely watch Baka Test 2, Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, Kamisama Dolls, Usagi Drop, No. 6, Ro Kyu Bu, Yuruyuri and Mawaru Penguin Drum.

I may take a look at all the others except Nura- Nura- ARGH, Blade and Natsume Yuujinchou 3.

So folks, that concludes AOIA’s anime preview post. It’s a shame that both Valence and Anima can’t make it to the party, but I’m hoping that you at least enjoyed my very biased post.

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28 Responses to Summer 2011 Preview!

  1. Sebz says:

    (first time I heard of it, too, took me two weeks to watch the past seasons)

  2. Zoberraz says:

    I didn’t think much of Natsume Yuujinchou until I tried it out of boredom, so I can sort of relate with your opinion.

    My take on it? Yes, you’re missing something. You can choose to keep not caring and ignorance will be bliss, or you can tastetest it for the first 3 episodes or so (an hour of your life) and decide if you’ve found something worth following or not.

    Me, I believe in making educated decision, rather than figuratively wearing eyeblinders.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Hmmm… I tried Madoka out of boredom, too.

      If it was the first season, I would gladly watch it. But the thing about it getting very long does not appeal to me, hence, I avoid anime with more than 2 seasons.

      I don’t really care if Natsume is the greatest anime out there. I won’t watch it unless someone can provide me with a good enough reason to.

  3. moichispa says:

    mm Yeah Ikoku will be good after madoka and C. Tthat penguin thing might be interesting, I may check it. Noitamina looks good this season, and don’t worry about BL I don’t think they would include too much of it. and

    • @fkeroge says:

      I’m so looking forward to Mawaru Penguin Drum and Ikoku Meiro no Croisee. In fact, they are the only ones that I look forward to this season. About BL… I really can’t stomach any BL that goes above my standard of what is tolerable, and I hope BL won’t force me to stop watching a potentially great anime.

  4. misaki says:

    things I am looking forward to: nothing

    I’m really going to hate next season. Maybe the Nichijou OVA will cheer me up.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Cheer up, at least now, you can catch up to your backlog. ^^

      • hikikomori1969 says:

        That’s the same with me. The only anime I really have to watch this season is usagi drop. I might end read the manga instead. So I’ll have a lot of time to catch up on anime I missed.

    • Valence says:

      this. Maybe Usagi Drop might be good though…you might want to look out for that.

  5. Overlord-G says:

    Let’s see, Yuruyuri and Morita-san wa Mukuchi are on the top of my list, the latter’s because of the PV episode I found that shows yuri subtext, it’s subtext but I’ll take it.

    I have no idea what to expect from the other shows on the lineup so I’ll take them as they come.

    Blade is another show I have to put on something big I have planned for the G-Views this coming Summer.

    Oh Victorique, all you need to be badass is to be voiced by Aoi Yuki. Seriously, Aoi yuki plays a HUGE part in making Victorique awesome in my eyes…more on that later.

    A Basketball anime eh? As long as it has girls as the center of attention, I’m in! Perhaps this one will be much better than Softenni.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Morita-san wa Mukuchi’s art is kind of jarring to be honest. I don’t know if I’ll be watching it. I’ll check out the OVA that came out earlier to decide whether it’s yuri enough for my taste.

      I’m also planning on checking out at least one episode of everything except the ones I have no plans of watching.

      Blade… doesn’t really interest me. The movies were enough.

      Believe it or not, I dropped Gosick at episode 13. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

      Ro Kyu Bu shows some potential, both as a good anime, and bad lolicon fodder.

      • Overlord-G says:

        You have evolved into a professional critic. “Sobs”, I’m so proud of you @fkeroge. Now you just need to sign a record deal with Baka-Raptor and you’re all set. I’m too nice to be a critic so I sadly don’t have what it takes to become one. You’re young, bold and filled with so much rage and anger in your heart that it should be easier for you to take this job than it is for me.

        Now make us proud by being as angry as you can be my friend.

        Taking into mind your evolution, I’m not the least bit surprised you dropped GOSICK.

        You don’t like American media that much, fair enough. There’s no need to go any further with this. Then again, anime adaptations of famous American comics worry me. Like I said, it’s part of my next reviewing segment coming up.

        Morita-san’s yuri subtext level is kinda. Take it for what you will but as I mentioned earlier about your evolution…I doubt you’ll like it.

        Good luck @fkeroge and try to go easy on some of them and save your anger for the ones that deserve it.

        • @fkeroge says:

          English is not my primary language, so I may look more angry or more happy than I really am when it comes to my writing. I sometimes wish that more people could speak and read Tagalog, then I could always go all-out.

          I think it’s because American superhero cartoons tend to be just mindless action without a really compelling message, just the usual, “You have power. Fight for Great Justice,” which really annoys the hell out of my cynical self.

          I guess I’ll be taking Morita-san wa Mukuchi with a grain of salt. It looks like it could be fun, but I’ll hold my judgement for now.

          I am still going quite easy on most of them here. You DO NOT want to hear my rants about the Big Three, that’s why I never talk about them.

          • Overlord-G says:

            That’s cool. I see a bright future for you as a nega-reviewer @fkeroge. Keep it up dood.

            I won’t debate you on why some American shows are good so we’ll leave it as it is. You don’t like them, end of story.

            Hehe, I still think that you won’t like it but we’ll find out after the 1st episode.

            I could care less about the Otaku Triforce of Doom so I’ll save you the trouble of raging over them.

            • @fkeroge says:

              I don’t want to be too negative when reviewing stuff… I might end up as a hater, and I don’t want that. I think I may just avoid talking about stuff that I don’t like. Yeah, that should do it.

              Many American shows ARE good, but I just didn’t like most of them when I was a kid. But now, they’re taking a more non-linear approach to storytelling, and that’s already a great improvement in and of itself. And for the record, Inception is my favorite live-action movie of all time.

              I’ll watch the OVA tonight, and then I’ll see if I’ll continue to the TV series. My roommate at the dormitory is hyping it up, and he has quite a good taste in anime, so there’s a good chance that I will overlook the art and watch it anyway.

              The Otaku Triforce of Doom… I like that name! I’m going to be stealing it! ^^

  6. Azure says:

    Will watch: baka test 2, all noirtaminA shows, sacred 7, Yuruyuri, Kamisama no Memochou and the show with a lot of cute looking cats. Oh and the one with penguins. Penguins and cats are undeniably 2 of the top 10 most adorable animals in the world.
    There’s also the hayate movie which we sadly can’t watch…

    • @fkeroge says:

      A wise choice of shows. Penguins are always cool when they appear on TV shows. Just look at Madagascar.

      I still have to finish the first season of Hayate. Thanks for the reminder. ^^

  7. My list to watch in order of highest to lowest priority:

    Yuru Yuri – More yuri. Therefore, I’m in.
    Blood-C – CLAMP? Hell, yes!
    Usagi Drop (noitaminA) – Read the manga and enjoyed it immensely.
    No. 6 (noitaminA) – noitaminA is all the more reason that I need to watch it.
    Kami-sama Dolls – Read the manga, and it looks interesting.
    The IdolM@ster – I’m not one of those people in the scary fanbase, but it looks like it’ll be entertaining.
    Kamisama no Memochou – A cute hikkomori detective got my eye…
    Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! – Watched the 1st season, therefore have an obligation to watch it plus it’s funny.
    Dantalian no Shoka – Will watch since it involves books and mysteries, which I like.

    At this rate, my backlog will increase exponentially… But, I shall preserve and keep my track record of having never dropped any anime series thus far. 😀

    • @fkeroge says:

      More yuri is always better. No explanations needed.

      Backlogs are there for seasons that don’t have many anime that interests you. All of us should make good use of it. 🙂

  8. glothelegend says:

    Anyone who DOESN’T watch the Katteni Kaizou OVA is an idiot because that shit is awesome as fuck.

    That being said. Hikikimori girl is awesome.

    • @fkeroge says:

      I forgot to preview the OVAs… but I think I’ll check out every OVA this season.

      Hikikomori girls are cool, but can Kamisama no Memochou pull it off? I sure do hope so.

  9. Valence says:

    Hardy har har….how many times have I been related to Valence electrons even though my name isn’t even Valence . . . . .

    Anyway, what Glothelegend said.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Sorry, I just had to make a chemistry joke, since I’m taking up a chemistry degree, and it just so happens that your handle name is Valence. Lucky me! ^^

  10. Blacksun88 says:

    …. for an ero anime, Manyuu Hikenchou certainly has a group of impressive cast

  11. ~xxx says:

    I only have one show in my mind…
    Bunny Drop.

    I’ll think about the others.
    for safety, I’ll guess I’ll try a trial watch.

  12. Skarlath says:

    A little late for the posting, but I have to say, Morita-san also has a high chance of having yuri in it, so as fellow yuri advocates, that seems worth checking out. 😀 Also hope to see you in Yushy forum soon!

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