Puer Entrepreneur Kinimaro Yoga

While Anima is still AWOL and the 300th Grand Milestone awards thingamajig is over, allow me to write about my latest fascination: [C].

I'm rather proud of this one

Let me assure you that on the surface, [C] is entertaining enough. The concept of fighting with assets and gambling with the future is fresh enough, yet the show seems to have much in common with one of the more successful shows this year, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

You mean GGsubs subbed them both? Or are they just popular?

No…that’s not the only similarity.

….Doki subs?

No. Let me explain:

1. Both shows revolve around giving someone power ..at a cost.

Much like Faust’s plight in the traditional German legend where dissatisfied with his life, he sells his soul to the devil , both [C] and PMMM have their protagonists sell their futures, unwittingly, to grant themselves power. In [C], Yoga (derp) is tricked , or even forced, into becoming an Entrepreneur, but he does a goddamn good job of doing it. Kyubey managed to persuade Sayaka into becoming a Puella Magi as well. Yoga gets lots of Midas Money. Sayaka gets her wish.

2. Both costs include despair and death.

We’ve seen what happens to people in the Financial District. “Nice-guy” Guild leader Mikuni straight out ruins a gambling addict in the first episode, and the addict commits suicide by leaping in front of a train. The entirety of Singapore disappears in the latest episode (which is hilarious because we’re the only SEA country to be affected by the SEA Financial District’s collapse). We’ve already seen Sayaka slipping into despair and eventually becoming a mermaid witch much like the one from Metalocalypse’s Mermaider video.

3. Both protagonists find out the costs…the hard way.

In both shows, someone they know gets fucked up the ass by the penalties imposed by the system. In [C] , Yoga bankrupts his teacher, causing his wife to become impotent and eventually divorce him, and his children to be erased from existence, leaving the teacher an empty shell. Sayaka and Madoka get to witness the spectacle of Mami’s head being bitten off.

4. Both involve the usage of feelings, to get people and cause them to despair.

This is highly speculative, but given how the collapse of financial districts causes people to become depressed and straight out disappear, the reason for the district’s existence might be so. In PMMM, Kyubey explains his botched solution for entropy : by harnessing the emotions and despair of pre-prepubescent and adolescent little girls in the most depressing way possible. (Puella Magi = girls eventually becoming witches . . . )

5. Both have similar antagonists.

Kyubey (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and Masakaki ([C]) respectively.

Both are unexplained beings with the ability to appear absolutely everywhere. Both have white skin and smile constantly. Both offer promises of power without mentioning the drawbacks. Both are highly persuasive. Both probably want you dead.


7. Both have a protagonist with unclear motives.

We have Mikuni, who eventually reveals himself to be the leader of a Guild meant to limit the damage caused by the Financial District deals. At first he just observes. Similarly Homura tries to kill Kyubey in Episode 1, and then keeps appearing to remind Madoka not to make a contract with the white devil before finally revealing herself to have known Madoka from alternate timelines.

8. Both have no choice when they need to fight.

Entrepreneurs need to make a deal every week. Puella Magi fight whenever they find a witch or her familiar.

9. Both like to use terms from other languages. A lot.

[C] is a big fan of English. Watching the characters awkwardly try to speak English is kind of hilarious. Every fight is also accompanied with this rapper-like voice that announces everything. “OPEN DEAL.” “MICRO”. “A-A-A-A-A-A-ANGEL!” Puella Magis were one giant foreshadowing all along. Walpurgisnacht is used to describe the giant witches, and everything the witches are named after can be related to other languages.

10. There are multiple clones of the antagonists.

Kyubey has many, many copies. Masakaki seems to have a clone with a different colour palette residing over the South East Asian financial district.

11. Both are very vague and unexplained.

I’ll probably get some comments over this.

As popular as PMMM was, you have to admit many things were never explained. Where did Kyubey come from? Why Earth? How are their emotions even converted to save the universe? How will the energy be released into the universe? Why can Kyubey give them magical powers? Why do witches form? Et cetera.

Similarly [C] takes a lot of liberties, including “Why the fuck does the financial district exist”, ‘What’s its purpose?” , “What are assets exactly?” among others.  Surely assets can’t be computer programs, seeing as how they have so much advanced programming and AI (it would seem) that Mashyu can actually feel emotion. And how in hell does that taxi enter the district anyway?

That’s all I’ll do for now. With [C] drawing to a close, one must wonder whether it can ever be half as successful as PMMM was.Nevertheless, I recommend you guys to watch [C] because it’s well, entertaining, and of course, I require your help in helping me prod Kluxorious into watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica so she can return to Earth from whichever planet she was dwelling on.

The opposite would be kissing Zedruu the Greathearted.

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19 Responses to Puer Entrepreneur Kinimaro Yoga

  1. @fkeroge says:


    You know, most reviews of [C] have been pretty negative. People are saying that it doesn’t make sense. In a way, yes, but a little research will shed a lot of light on issues presented in both [C] and Madoka.

    I have some nagging thoughts about a basic concept of [C]’s world though: the money flow. How do the assets of the Financial District increase or decrease? It’s still not very clear just what it is that moves the FD’s net worth (case in point: SEA’s FD collapse). Hopefully, we will get some answers before the series ends.

    One answer that I can think of is that a person’s, or a country’s future is probably seen as the money that is made with the said future was not taken away, and that the financial district profits by taking what money the person or country makes with said future. The collapse of the SEA financial district may have been brought by the real world’s SEA economy crashing (not necessarily Singapore), and not the other way around. Perhaps the reason why Singapore had to disappear is because it has the brightest future among SEA nations.

    Also, I think what Mikuni did for Japan is somewhat similar to what Ferdinand Marcos did for the Philippines back in his regime. The country borrowed an insanely large amount of money from the World Bank, which eventually did us very little good. Our country was one of the fastest developing country in Asia, next only to Japan in the 1970’s, with very big development projects here and there. Now I see how that borrowed money had put the country in slump today: the former president, like what Mikuni did for Japan, sold away the country’s future.

    I think [C] will make it to one of my all-time favorites if they manage to patch up the shaky parts of the whole system, (which it probably will, given the track record of the series’ director).

    • Valence says:

      But the entire place went bankrupt. Which ends the future according to Masakaki, as with what happened to the Carribbean. (?) They said it disappeared. I’m assuming something along the lines of no future=no point in existing thing again.

      I like the parallel between Mikuni and Marcos though. Nice observation.

    • Sebz says:

      Marcos FTW in this regard.

      • Valence says:

        One question though: if the bankruptcy means no future, does the entirety of South East Asia disappear?

        And why are they getting bankrupt anyway?

        • Gan Jun Hong says:

          This is my idea on what’s going on.

          When the financial district crashes, it would take away all that is related to it, and since, I believe, Singapore is the center of economic trade in SEA, it becomes the foundation of the Financial District, and is in turn taken away when the Financial District is bankrupt. Sort of like a country represents its people’s future, and thus it is converted into a collateral and ‘eaten up’ by the district.

          The assets of that district also disappears, which would lead to the individuals who owns those assets, to suffer the same fate as bankruptcy from a duel, as this is a sort of forced and uncontrollable bankruptcy, so they would also die, lose something precious, their future and choice etc. However, their country would be avoided as a whole as not everyone is an entre and their country is not a base of economy in that area.

          • Valence says:

            I like your idea, but you see, the way I see it, the whole idea of a ‘financial district’ of South East Asia implies that multiple countries are involved, with Midas Money flowing in and out of SEA and being in circulation. If the Midas Money of SEA all goes down the drain, doesn’t the future of multiple countries go kaput? My opinion is that if the district disappears, so should the majority of SEA, seeing as how many futures from SEA are bound into the financial district.

            Oh well, episode 10 time.

  2. baka~ says:

    lol! how come you pasted many images on madoka magica in (6) yet only a single snapshot in C?

    but on the topic of vague and unexplained, perhaps its the creator’s way of earning more moolah; milking their series. the way they left the world unexplained gives off the feeling that it may be vast and there may even be other tales to tell… or so I assume… orz

    • Valence says:

      Madoka Magica snapshot from 4chan or something, for I forgot to record all the Meduka Meguca faces. [C] ones were easy to spot.

  3. I was also thinking the same thing about how PMMM and [C] were so similar as well!

    And, yeah, you’ll get another comment from me about how it’s vague and unexplained:
    There is a much bigger scenario that involves them all, and we are only seeing the same picture as the Entrepreneurs. We don’t know how things will turn out and we are in the same seat as them viewing the same situation as it’s seen by them. This will better help us relate to the Entrepreneurs, and keeps us on the edge of our toes and wanting to learn and know more about the surreal, mysterious Financial District. This also parallels with the real life financial markets in our world; they are unpredictable and risky, and we have no idea how it’ll all ultimately turn out in the end. This is just my opinion and I don’t have comprehensive knowledge into the workings of finance, so yeah.

    • Valence says:

      I think they have another common point: both are original anime. With not much time or background information they become too vague in the end.

  4. moichispa says:

    I think i have already tough about some certain similarities between Madoka and C However I didn’t found all these Great post. However lack of bullet animation in Masakaki looked worse.

    • Valence says:

      lack of bullet animation? He looks kind of like a character from an MMORPG, the way he seems 3D or CGI animated at times.

  5. abscissa says:

    I’m really enjoying this series, I like the plot and the business jargons. It somehow reminds of Madoka, but that’s just because of Masakaki and Kyubey similarities. Personally, I don’t find it as mysterious and dark as Madoka, but it’s still mind-boggling in its own right.

    I think what mainly disappoints the viewers is the art. Unlike Madoka, C’s art doesn’t have that wow factor. Madoka also managed to deceive it’s viewers due to its light coloured palettes and benefitted from being labelled as another clichéd Mahou Shoujo series. As for C, right from the get-go it gave viewers something to expect. That’s why when it failed to deliver believable business themes and concepts to some viewers, the negativity spread easily and convincingly. My knowledge about business and econ is limited that’s why I’m just watching it as it is.

    But regardless…Personally, I would recommend C to anyone because I like it.

    • Valence says:

      [C] is made by a smaller studio, so kudos for that. The fight scenes have budget cut tactics, like the old man’s fight (looping old frames, et cetera.) SHAFT has that fantastic , otherworldly feel you don’t really see anywhere else.

      [C] feels dark to me because unlike PMMM we have no idea what is the purpose for the Financial District, although we know that it is dark and mysterious, unlike Kyubey who simply reveals his motives halfway through the show.

  6. Azure says:

    And both Masakaki and Kyubey just makes you want to punch them in the face; well for me anyway.
    With regards to point number 7, I still can’t quite see Mikuni as a protagonist and looking at the way things turned out in episode 10, Yoga might actually end up going against Mikuni which makes Mikuni an unintentional and ‘un evil’ antagonist.
    As for quality, they lack quality in characters probably because the budget went to the background and effects of the financial district? And [C] may be a fan of Engrish but it doesn’t seem to be a fan of Singapore and the merlion.
    Well whatever. Give me more Mashu and I’m sold.

    • Valence says:

      Oh dear, Mikuni will be like Kyubey in that they aim to save the others but in the end seem like antagonists. Holy fuck.

      And also, Japan doesn’t like us too much. I wonder why. Hmm.

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