Anime Rewrite!

Spurred by a fellow comrade’s new project,  I too, have been inspired to initiate one of my own. Have you ever watched an anime and felt bummed out by how boring it was? Sick and tired of watching K-On girls eat cake? Wish it could be different? It is very likely that at some point in time, some of these thoughts would have flowed through your minds. Several shows really didn’t live up to our expectations, and sometimes we would have liked things to go a different way. Which is why I propose this: the Anime Rewrite Project.

Title is self-explanatory. The gist of it is that we take one show that just wasn’t awesome enough, for example slice-of-life shows like K-On!!, and we rewrite it so that we change the plot and premise.

For instance, read Requiem 5 a dream ( NSFW ) , where the band eventually splits up and is thrown into drama and a world where what is right and what is wrong starts to blur, where the band eventually finds that they can no longer be with one another. It’s a drama-filled doujin, definitely. With tales of sex, corruption and death, K-On!! has really taken on a life of its own in this doujin. So I thought: could we do that to the other shows?

Instructions are simple. A la Nopy’s project, simply email me your links if you choose to participate. How to rewrite? Completely up to you : you have your say, since it’s YOUR rewrite! It could be in any form, too, so feel free to go wild. For instance, you could simply describe what things would be changed, like a rant, or write from the perspective of a character in your new world. What series? Any series will do, as long as it’s anime. I’ll set up a page once I receive some links, so it’ll be up soon. All I require in return is a link back here in return, to spread the word. And is this considered fanfiction? Not exactly…

I can’t wait to see your responses.

Imagine,a page filled with all those shows and what could have been.  It’ll be interesting, to say the least…

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33 Responses to Anime Rewrite!

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  2. Arashix says:

    Sounds interesting. I know few series I would like to change for sure. I might have time to enter this…(depending on my now chaotic schedule).

    • Valence says:

      You know, this post was 2 months old, but I had no plans to rewrite anything (busy schedule). Now, is yet another busy time for me. . . . time to keep some promises.

  3. TRazor says:

    How’s Beijing?

    Let’s hope you can reply…

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  5. Nopy says:

    Oh man, there’s almost an endless list of anime I’d like to rewrite, guess I’ll try sticking to one though. Expect one from me in 1-2 weeks.

  6. Kode-Dekka says:

    I already entered, but once I’m done exams, I’ll probably whip up some oneshot fanfic to explain better how I would rewrite things.

  7. Reiseng says:

    My, my, I only left you alone for a few months, and in that time you ended up becoming quite the hotshot.

    Very well, Master Valence, I to shall write a rewrite. Whether said rewrite shall be worth anything, well, that is a totally different question.

  8. ~xxx says:

    When you have nothing to write…
    Certain Organisms starts to crawl inside you…

    Well, a rewrite sounds good for as long as it can change the first view of the show…

  9. Sounds like fun! I’ll hop onto the ride as well! Though I’ll be rather slow, with a busy schedule and whatnot, I’ll try my best nevertheless ;3 That and because I want to steal your cookies.

  10. plasma991 says:

    First anime that comes to mind that deserves a rewrite: Fractale. It had such ambition and potential, but it fell cause of lack of direction.

    Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know where to begin with rewriting Fractale. Maybe if I give it some thought, an idea will come to mind. But I wouldn’t bank on it. :p

  11. Will says:

    I’d love to see Clannad with mechas and explosions flying up in the air.

    • Valence says:

      It’s coming to me now : Nagisa can ride a mecha which looks like a giant anpan and fires multicoloured dango-shaped bullets. Maybe it can be like a mothership or something. Holy crud. That’s awesome.

  12. Yi says:

    K-On!! wasn’t awesome enough? ^ ^

    This seems like a good idea. I can’t wait to see the kind of crazy stuff people come up with.

  13. MkMiku says:

    Interesting idea. I’ve always wondered what K-ON! would be like if it were a tragedy or ecchi harem.

  14. @fkeroge says:

    Wait for me, Valence. I’ll whip up one in two weeks.

  15. Anima says:

    Challenge ACCEPTED.

    Oh boy, I’m having fun just thinking about which show I dislike most.

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