Twitter-length Disappointment Review [TLDR]: Fractale

Fractale: If I can make a wish to the Noon Star, I would wish for this anime to have been done by another director. Many things unanswered. (139 characters)

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29 Responses to Twitter-length Disappointment Review [TLDR]: Fractale

  1. Tronulax says:

    Fractale would have been so much better if it had focused more on its setting and premise (the actual fractale system) rather than its characters.

    Yamamoto should have taken some ques from Mamoru Oshii. In fact, I think Oshii’s style would have been favorable in the long run as he emphasis atmosphere and visuals first and characterization last.

    • afkeroge says:

      The ending did not make sense. End of my 2 cents.

      Wait, that was too extreme. The ending did not answer all the questions. What it did was give us more.

  2. Azure Hoshizora says:

    RT @valence Madoka too, why couldn’t it have been done by a happier director?

  3. I liked the ending. How did it raise more questions? I felt like I got everything when all was said and done.

    • afkeroge says:

      I don’t know… I mean, I was just left out there in the last episode.

      1. What IS Fractale? The last episode didn’t make all things clear. And this is just the start of a series of more complicated questions that I don’t want to type anymore.
      2. Why did they need a little girl? Is she like Haruhi?
      3. The High Priestess’ personality was very… disturbing.
      4. They didn’t quite resolve Nessa’s disappearance dilemma.
      5. There were better ways to animate this. Yamakan should stop before he destroys noitaminA.

  4. MkMiku says:

    “Many things unanswered.” Well, you just saved me from watching 11 episodes.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Saves you the trouble of being left in the dark, getting annoyed, and wanting to make your face meet the wall in a violent fashion.

  5. abscissa says:

    I think from the very start it already answers what Fractale means. It’s the reduced-size copy of the whole, and it’s applied symbolically in this anime. Think about what happened to the people living in the fractale system, or Nessa as the doppel-copy of Phryne. As for the disappearance of Nesa, again symbolically, it means the end of fractale system because by definition fractal is a continuous function.

    However, I agree, there are so many hanging questions left.

    • @fkeroge says:

      I think a fractal, by definition, is a kind of shape which uses a repetition of a certain shape, like a triangle, and reducing its size and using these to expand the image creating a pattern. I get the symbolism that they want to show, but what I don’t get is how the system works.

      Also, Nessa’s problem became nonexistent in the latter part of the episode when supposedly, the Fractale system was already in its knees.

      • abscissa says:

        My understanding only depends upon the anime. I believe what they wanted to do is to create a god-like copy, however they can only produce a small version of it and that’s where Phryne’s existence enters to the situation. But if you’re asking for the root form of the system itself, I have no idea. I’m also left guessing. But, assuming that Phryne is indeed function of that system, probably her condition, also happened to the previous keys.

        Nessa’s Problem… are you talking about Nessa’s disappearance? I think that’s necessary even though the system is about to end because if she’s still around, the reboot is still possible, plus that’s the consequence of her helping Claine–she’s fighting against the system hence she’s damaging herself.

  6. ~xxx says:

    Fractale leaves me thinking a lot…
    But in a bad way.

  7. Bass says:

    Fractale ended up biting more than it can chew. The direction was all over the place cos they tried to steal bits and pieces from other series, without considering how it would fit in the main story.

    Such a disappointment.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Maybe it would have worked out if it was longer. But then again, I may drop it by episode 15 if this were to continue at this disappointing pace.

  8. CainHyde says:

    I personally think Fractale is not bad.
    Though agree that too much things left unexplained and the ending don’t give a really clear conclusion either.
    But at least I quite enjoyed watching it, unlike several other anime that I had avoided.

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