Fanservice: Aren’t you tired of it?

Look, I’ll be honest with you. I’m sick and tired of all the fanservice in anime today. I think it’s really demeaning for girls to see that their animated counterparts are (almost) always the receiving end of “accidental” groping, panchira, compromising positions, master-servant relationships and more things that give anime a bad rap. A healthy dose of it is fine, I mean, what straight guy doesn’t want to see under a girl’s skirt at least once in his life? But sometimes, it just doesn’t seem right anymore. Some of the fanservice nowadays even attempt to mock the female population of the earth by making the characters of most fanservice anime look like utter prostitutes. Even if it is for the sake of marketability, I don’t find it funny anymore.

I don't know what to say about this.

Now you may ask why I’m being a feminist now. Well, I just thought of this when I was Google-ing for first impressions for Hanasaku Iroha. The way I saw it is that it looks to be like some kind of primetime soap opera here in the Philippines (which I don’t really like), but it has this certain charm that I saw in the characters that makes me want to watch it. I applauded it for not having excessive fanservice (if it even has any).

It received positive overall reviews. People, including myself, like the nice art style of PA Works, and the character designs are also heavenly. However, there are still some bad responses. Normally, I would just ignore these, or at least try to understand why they hate a particular aspect of the show, but some comments caught my attention. Most bad responses were not even related to the story or character designs at all. Most of them criticize the anime for lacking their precious fanservice. Negative comments coming from sick sites such as SanCom will make you lose hope in humanity.

This is maybe why anime was on a decline during the recent years. There was just too much fanservice, and some anime fans want more out of their anime than an animated version of a pervert’s delusions. We should be thankful for titles like Madoka, Nichijou, Ika Musume and the wide selection of ecchi-free anime this year who dare not to compromise quality for marketability.

I think this is a better way to do it.

Now, I leave you with a question. What do you think about fanservice in anime today?

Edit: Changed a mildly offensive and conflict generating word.

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73 Responses to Fanservice: Aren’t you tired of it?

  1. I don’t mind if there’s a tad bit of fanservice, but if it’s too much and the series just revolves around ecchi panty shots and the such, it’s gone too far for my tastes.

  2. kgods says:

    It’s never really bothered me, but I’m always informed of what I’m getting into ahead of time.

    • afkeroge says:

      Well, I guess that helps.

      However, it’s still quite annoying to know that some people will look for fanservice even in wholesome anime such as these.

  3. rborg42 says:

    Fanservice has gone a little overboard for sure, seems even if I’m watching one or two series in a season it’s always that Fanservice beach episode, or typical Fanservice happenings in an Anime that make you want to switch the channel.

    Too much MOE Fanservice is to blame for the increase in crazed otaku fanboyism…that’s Just my opinion there. I used to be one of em, but now these days eh Fanservice has gotten to be so overused I have to pry myself away from an Anime that has it in it cause it’ll try to hook me into watching it…only cure for staying free from a Fanservice Anime is to watch something with Plot and Action[Recent Cure for this was Mobile Suit Gundam+Zeta Gundam+0083+08th MS Team].

    But back to the whole original question is Yes, I am tired of Fanservice.

    The Regular Otaku in me is tired of it, however the Fanboy Otaku in me is screaming for more MOE and the like…boy is it hard to shut that fanboy otaku part of me up. LOL

    But Yes…Fanservice might be great, too much of it is DANGEROUS.

    • afkeroge says:

      Well, I don’t think moe is bad in itself. I enjoy anime like K-On! and Lucky Star too. Some anime can be argued as moe while still having a very nice, well-written story, Madoka being a prime example.

      What I meant by fanservice is the use of cheap excuses to be able to air unsavory sexual references. It just makes me sick nowadays.

  4. Pellagio says:

    At this point I’m pretty much numb to any kind of fanservice. I sat through Seikon no Qwaser for the seiyuu and the goofy hijinks midway through. The fact that the main dude latched onto a chicks tit and sucked out her “soma” not once aroused anything but indifference out of me. If I want to be aroused there is plenty of porn and doujins for me. I do applaud creative use of fanservice though. Hell, the one time I actually was stirred by the goings onscreen were during Occult Gakuin when the evil witch chick the protag some tongue while grindin up on him. Which wasn’t meant to be an overtly sexualized scene (as in the kind that sells DVDs with panchira) but got far more reaction than any “fanservice” show I’ve watched in some time.

    However, I would be careful when you use the term “genuine anime fan” since I get the sneaky suspicion that the clamoring for fanservice type are in the majority, if not in the western fandom certainly in the native Otaku audience. I don’t like to make broad statements about the “true nature” of anime since I don’t like to narrow the scope of the shows I watch. I like to enter a show with a clean slate and clean mind, regardless of how shitty the promo art looks. How many people thought Milky Holmes looked like generic moe crap (perhaps a narrow definition of something not considered true anime?) and ignored one of the most genuinely funny and clever shows that’s aired recently? In the end, my personable belief is no show is unwatchable. It’s just that the enjoyable threads that you can cling to in a show sometimes are few and far between. Some people hang on, some people let go. I, somewhat to my chagrin, choose to hang on.

    • afkeroge says:

      That may be true, but the most of the world will most certainly not get used to anime like Seikon no Quaser. And like I said in my earlier comments, fanservice done in good taste can also be quite pleasing, but most fanservice anime are just… I’ll hold back on harsh words.

      “However, I would be careful when you use the term “genuine anime fan” since I get the sneaky suspicion that the clamoring for fanservice type are in the majority, if not in the western fandom certainly in the native Otaku audience.”

      Great point you’re making there. I should be more careful about that. I don’t want this to become an argument on what a true anime fan is.

  5. glothelegend says:

    Fanservice has changed a lot over the years. back 5 or 6 years ago. You would maybe have a flash of the ass or some boob jiggle, but I feel like it’s gotten more and more revealing as time has progressed, until now, where we have entire shows blatantly displaying fanservice plots. I mean….Lotte’s Toy is about a girl who has to eat semen? Then there’s that other perverted show? I’m still going to watch them, because I think perverted humor is awesome, but the fanservice in shows is kind of dumb. Swimsuits are getting smaller, boobs are getting bigger, and fanservice is getting less and less imaginative. AT LEAST MAKE IT BELIEVABLE.

    • afkeroge says:

      Lotte no Omocha! actually has a very nice plot. Her need to consume white stuff has almost nothing to do with the story, or at least, as far as I’ve read in the manga. Besides, Astalotte hates males.

      But yeah, they should at least make stuff that follows body (and general) physics instead of disgusting deformations.

  6. Lettherebelight says:

    I have nothing against fan service, in some situations, I even enjoy it. What I don’t like is excessive blatant in your face fan service that takes too much away from the story (which in most animes with excessive fan service have no stories). Like you say what guy would turn down a panty shot/upskirt. I hate “the magical skirt” … lets follow the laws of physics people lol. But seriously I often don’t get tired of it cuz I know what im getting into before I watch, assuming i choose to watch after knowing it has excessive fan service. Another thing about fan service that pisses me off are women only portrayed as dumb bimbo’s in alot of these scenarios. For example, I love HOTD, im a fan of zombie apocalypse, survival and HOTD does it well. I also enjoy the fan service but even the fanservice in there can be excessive but It works for me and i know what Im getting into. What I can’t stand for example is the teacher that is litterally just a walking breast that is dumb and only there for perverse purposes (even tho she does crack me up sometimes). Thats my take so to some it up, “To much of a good thing can be bad” and that is very true when it comes to fan service IMO.

    • afkeroge says:

      “… “To much of a good thing can be bad” and that is very true when it comes to fan service IMO.”

      I think how it is shown is important too. It’s not necessarily the amount, but more of what’s being shown and in what context it is being put in.

      HOTD’s fanservice put me off, to be honest.

      • Lettherebelight says:

        Yea, hotD is the only one with that level of fan service that ive put up with (and air gear). But i hear ya, not just too much, but when, how, how in your face it is, context, random scenes that don’t really contribute much to the story. Anime is like any other show from movies to tv… some just have more adult situations. While most TV shows don’t have nudity, I enjoy a TV show like Spartacus (its on starz and I live in america) cuz its just so raw (violence and adult situations) and depicts things realistically.

        ps: FTR, I am not much for watching an anime that is built like a soap/drama (I like some action/competition) but I liked Hanasaku Iroha (1st ep). Itazura na kiss is also a fave of mine (watch it if youve never seen it)….

  7. feal87 says:

    Except for really fanservice heavy series (Seikon no Qwaser, Queen’s Blade, etc…) I don’t really mind it…:E

  8. ojisan says:

    Perhaps we could sharpen it to “cheap, calculated, demeaning fanservice sucks”. Which is to say, about 80% of it –

  9. kluxorious says:

    urgh… there’s a thin line between fanservice and ecchi nowadays. I usually just forsake anime that have either both of these elements. Like you said, it’s downgrading and it was made to the point of being obnoxious. Seriously, jiggling matrix breasts? come-thefuck-on!

    • afkeroge says:

      I agree with you completely, man. It doesn’t treat people with respect, and I really dislike fanservice now because of that.

  10. Amerowolf says:

    I’ve yet to have my anime watching experience disturbed by fanservice. I find it entertaining. I grew up on harem animes and ecchi because I found their sexual comedy to be a more entertaining than straight up gag/skit comedy shows, so perhaps that’s why it doesn’t effect me so much. I think the only show I’ve watched in recent memory that came close to disturbing me with it’s titties in my face was High School of the Dead because it went above and beyond the manga (which was pretty full of fanservice) and took away from anyone doing anything remotely cool.

    • afkeroge says:

      Fanservice makes it hard to introduce anime to the common people. I mean, sexualized entertainment is frowned upon by most cultures and governments, and you don’t have to get me started on religion.

      Also, fanservice can make an anime with a nice story into a big pile of garbage. Just imagine Madoka with all those sexual innuendos and horrible dirty jokes. It would ruin the experience.

      • Amerowolf says:

        A good point, you brought up a memory from my childhood where I tried to get my friend into anime but picked Bastard!! to show her and it got to the scene where he makes a girl orgasm with his shoulder spike and…it was very awkward.

        I don’t watch Madoka so I can’t appreciate your reference to it’s fullest but I get where you are coming from.

  11. ~xxx says:

    Fan-services are also like double edge blade…
    they hurt back if the show is definitely pointless to begin with.

    • afkeroge says:

      I guess if the show is pointless, fanservice can provide a bit of purpose to it. It would appeal to certain people, and it will totally drive people like me away from it.

      For me, it’s kind of hard to watch an anime with a very good storytelling value plastered with pantsu shots and other cheap tricks.

      • ~xxx says:

        Agreed, because sometimes they simply patch things up like some old rags in a new curtain.

        But sometimes, a fan-service can sometimes lighten up the mood of the show.

        But overall, I still avoid fan-services if it is not necessary needed.

        • afkeroge says:

          An anime can be good with or without fanservice. The opposite is also true, and recently, I think that the scales are tipping to the bad side.

  12. TRazor says:

    First, hello to the new author 🙂 !

    Second, what’s up with AOIA recently? I know it’s a case of different authors, but there seems to be editorials on the most broad-based topics. First, the anime popularity ones and now the fan-service ones? What’s next, an article on the Harem trends? This is totally mainstream stuff. I’m not trying to pick a fight or be aimlessly aggresive, but just wondering why such an overly discussed topic was brought to the fray. Meh, screw it, I’m just pissed Arsenal didn’t win.

    Anyway, to the content of the post, pretty solid stuff. As for my personal take, well, I hate fan service. No, really, instead of just showing plotless anime with random and covered boobs, why not just throw away the plot and make a decent hentai? People who watch anime series watch it for story, quality characters and the intrigue factor mainly. Most fanservice anime lack all three of those. Which inadvertently puts it on the same plane as hentai – no story, character memorability or freshness, just a lot of boob and panty shots.

    • afkeroge says:

      Thank you! ^^

      I actually just thought about this and typed it in in less than thirty minutes. I just wanted to see if there are others like me who are fed up with cheap fanservice.

      As I am from a different country from Valence, Anima and Carillus, and also relatively new to the internet, I guess I haven’t looked into fanservice that much.

      I heard that it’s hard to even find “decent” hentai. I don’t really watch those. the only ero-anime I’ve seen was the Anata to Koibito Tsunagi OVA so I can’t really say anything about the others. Well, all eroge that I play focus more on the story, rather than the erotic content, though I would like it if they made more wholesome visual novels like Clannad.

      • TRazor says:

        I have no experience with eroges or visual novels, but Clannad and After Story definitely improved my respect for them.

        And by “decent” hentai, if you mean quality, then yes, there are very few. But then again, I’m not turned on by anime girls. In fact, I find it odd that people are stimulated by animated characters with eyes half the size of their heads. Kinda weird, IMHO.

        Thankfully, the internet has other option >.^

        My fetishes aside, this was a good read. Despite the topic being rather overdiscussed these days, yours was crisp and to the point. Good job, and looking forward to your new posts 🙂

        • afkeroge says:

          I put my investment on emotions and relationships, that’s why I don’t like the usual ero-anime out there. With story or character-oriented eroge, you have at least some connections with the character before seeing an H-scene. And to be honest, even though I have already played about thirty visual novels, I think I have only seen the H-scenes for ten of them at most. I usually skip them because like fanservice, they do become repetitive and annoying sometimes.

          Thanks for the compliment! ^^ I’ll work harder for my next post.

  13. hiroy_raind says:

    “Aren’t you tired of it?”
    Why, yes. It’s one of the biggest reason why I dropped some anime.

    Fanservice is like a living genre of it owns lately. Some shows focused way too much on it, the only thing people would remember of the anime is the fanservice (e.g. “Do you know Highschool of the Dead?” “Oh, that boob-matrix show?”).

    To me, the best phrase to go with fanservice is “beauty in subtlety”.
    I find it the best when fanservice is saved for a very rare moment and in a small dose. That by itself would already made that scene a very special scene within the show.

    And to be honest, I think people have forgotten that fanservice doesn’t need to be in a perverted nature (I even thought I sounded for a while). I thought the scene from the first Kara no Kyoukai movie where Shiki were lying in bed as a fanservice.

    On an unrelated news, somebody managed to calculate the speed of the supersonic, faster-than-a-bullet, boob matrix.

    And my question remains the same, “Wouldn’t her boobs rip off her body?” =/

    • afkeroge says:

      Exactly. Fanservice overpowers what is really good in most anime that have excessive amounts of them. Highschool of the Dead wasted a good portion of its airtime showing of unrealistic body physics and meaningless groping (Saeko on episode… I can’t remember).

      True, there are many kinds of fanservice. An over-decorated mecha in a Gundam Series can be considered fanservice. It’s basically delivering your viewers kick and rare opportunities for unusual material. The “fanservice” that I’m talking about is the ones that are found in Onii-chan no Koto or Kanokon. While I did like Kanokon to a certain degree, that was most probably because I am a fan of Mamiko Noto. >_<

  14. Azure Hoshizora says:

    As a fan of Negima (cough Akamatsu cough) I can’t really say it irks me or anything. I mean people have things they like. I used to feel annoyed a little but having watched and read stuff like Kampfer, even Qwaser and Aki Sora, fan service doesn’t really bother me after all.
    Its just an additional element to attracting viewers and for popularity (albeit some are just really unnecessary and redundant) and a little incentive for guys to enjoy a show even more, coughcough. I DO find it a little sexist though, but it can’t be helped, since sparkling gay bishounens would probably just end up pissing me off. Yea, I’m just weird like that.

    The other fan service’ would actually be more likeable though, appealing to what fans like and want, literally doing a service for the fans. I think thats how fan service really should be.

    • afkeroge says:

      You’re a fan of Negima? YAHOO!!! Me too! It was the first ever series that I finished and one of the few manga that I still read. It was my first introduction to yuri too, though I didn’t notice it too much back then. 😉 And even though I don’t really like some of the pantsu shots/situations there, I don’t think that the fanservice ruined the series.

      And like you, I also dislike BL with a passion. It just doesn’t click with me, and it’s also because I’m a guy.

      They have really gone over the hedge with fanservice nowadays. Before, they’re quite rare and is appreciated even by people like me. Now, it just annoys me.

      • Azure Hoshizora says:

        Ken akamatsu actually does it with taste and style. I don’t think he really wanted negima to be all that fanservicy though, since he was intending for Negima to be more shounen…

        Maybe they’re overdoing it because the producers and directors have their own needs, lol

        Actually it does annoy me, especially when my younger brother walks past me when some girl’s skirt flies up… OTL

  15. Ming Xuan says:

    To me, it doesn’t bother me unless it becomes the focus of that show. If so, I eventually get bored and then drop it.

  16. Valence says:

    I never get bored of fanservice. Why? Frankly put, it’s funny. True, I know it’s sexist and portrays women in a negative light, and I’m not particularly chauvinistic either, but fanservice is simply a set-up for jokes to be made. If fanservice becomes the main attraction though, the show simply fails.

    • afkeroge says:

      Appropriately placed fanservice is cool and funny, but most of the time they just put it all over the damn show. It’s depressing.

  17. shumbapumba says:

    I touched on fan service briefly in this post of mine: I think it holds an important role in anime in terms of identity for the genre, but needs to be balanced. There is a fine line between acceptable gratuity and simply too much, of course this perception will differ from person to person.

  18. baka~ says:

    I think reading this article prepared me for my another trip to hell once Seikon no Qwaser s2 comes out. I am an avid fan of the manga series so imagine my hopes shattered once I found out and endured the travesty of the anime adaptation. But yes to address the question, fanservice IS a welcome appeal and is even a privilege granted by anime to fans but too much of it may disgust the viewers especially those who watch anime for its plot. Let’s not go any farther and use Highschool of the Dead as an example. HotD caters the fanservice for zombie otaku, gun lovers, and outrageously big boobs. I honestly enjoy reading the manga because of the elements presented above but recalling the boob physics in the anime doing some crazy bullet-time, I facepalmed. HotD manga may have been a work of fiction but it somewhat presents a realistic situation where it presents answers to the question: “what would humanity do in the event of a zombie apocalypse”? and there’s nothing realistic with how boobs are able to dodge bullets!! it was amusing to watch I admit but being a follower of the manga who read it and enjoyed it because of its fictitious scenario, that unnecessary amount of fanservice killed it.

    • afkeroge says:

      I watched High School of the Dead with my roommates in the University dormitory, and with that infamous bullet-time nonsense, we all did the tactical facepalm together. As I’ve said in one of my previous comments, fanservice tend to overpower the original intent of the show, and that’s just annoying and depressing.

    • Lettherebelight says:

      Its funny u say that cuz I just watched an episode of eikon no Qwaser and I couldnt do it. It was too much, border line hentai in my opinion. couldnt watch ikitousen either but interestingly enough I could watch HOTD and airgear. I hear however that HOTD manga style had less fan service and it was more than enough so I dunno why they increased it. I remember the boob scene in question as well and i thought that was stupid. Im hoping the second season (if there is one) will have less cuz as simple as the concept is, I actually enjoy it.

      • afkeroge says:

        Maybe it’s because HOTD and Air Gear have less explicit stuff going on. I think Ikkitousen’s clothes ripping scenes are stupid, and SnQ (anime) is just sick.

      • hiroy_raind says:

        It’s kinda ironic because the creator of HotD manga is also an H mangaka (under the alias Inazuma). For unknown reason the director of the anime went and cranked up the fanservice, and like what many people here agreed, it ruined the original flavor of HotD.

        I also thought some manga just cannot be adapted into anime. I’ve read Seikon no Qwaser, Koe de Oshigoto, and Nana to Kaoru, and doesn’t really mind them. But when those got adapted into anime, they’re just… uncomfortable, and even perhaps disgusting.

  19. Derp says:

    Seikon no Qwaser was intelligent. To put it in the level of Eiken would be to completely give away any plot or significance it had besides the breasts.

    • afkeroge says:

      I don’t think permanently lactating girls are nice, though…

      I heard that they even have lactating lolis there. I’m sorry, but I’d rather stay away from it.

  20. Anima says:

    I’m okay with fanservice, but there are plenty of places where it doesn’t belong. Titles like Madoka come to mind… Most of the shows that go overboard aren’t too serious in the first place (Kampfer), or it’s aimed toward the demographic audience.

    • afkeroge says:

      I remember the time that they tried to air Tenjou Tenge here on local TV. It got cancelled after 3 episodes due to massive complaints. That’s right, 3 episodes. And I heard that Tenjou Tenge was quite good. It just goes to show that fanservice isn’t widely accepted, especially in a conservative country like mine. So yeah, it does ruin the potential of the show to be internationally known.

      And of course, I don’t ever want to see fanservice in Madoka. It’s a very good anime that doesn’t need fanservice to become popular. K-On! and Nichijou are two other good examples. They don’t take themselves seriously, but they don’t resort to fanservice.

  21. MkMiku says:

    I don’t know if you’ll believe me when I say I don’t watch ecchi anime for the fan service. Like I tell my friend, comedy is my favorite genre, it just so happens that most comedy anime are ecchi — but he doesn’t believe me. Yes, fan service was cool, when I was younger, but now I don’t really care. Although, I don’t mind if an anime has fan service — as long if it doesn’t hinder the story.

    • afkeroge says:

      I believe you. Comedy is nice and fun, and fanservice IS a type of comedy. I also used to find fanservice funny, bu I got tired of it after about half a year of watching anime. Maybe it all boils down to taste, huh?

  22. Will says:

    It’s a fact : Fan Service doesn’t make it better.

  23. Nopy says:

    In all my years of anime watching, I can honestly say that I don’t see any more or less fanservice today than 15 years ago. When I started watching anime, people said the anime industry was too sexist and in decline, 5 years later it was still sexist and in decline, 10 years later it was sexist and in decline, now it’s…. I think you get my point.

    As for whether or not I’m tired of fanservice, I’d say no. There are so many titles each season that if you want fanservice, you can get fanservice, and if you want a clean anime, there are plenty of those too. There’s no point torturing yourself by watching something you don’t like just because other people are watching it.

    • afkeroge says:

      My problem with it is not on what is clean and what is a dirty anime. Some good anime have fanservice. some bad anime have none of it.

      However, like I said in my previous comments, some shows miss the point and instead rely on fanservice instead of focusing on what’s really important and what made anime so popular among its fans in the first place: innovation and uniqueness, and some anime became hard to watch because of fanservice. If you take a look at Encarta’s definition of anime, you’ll see that the definition clearly doesn’t get to what anime truly is. It just says that anime is a form of animation originating from Japan mostly having sexual and violent content. Oxford’s go like this: “Japanese film and television animation, typically having a science-fiction theme and sometimes including violent or explicitly sexual material.” Now how’s that for a world view?

      Now that I reread this, it sort of feels somewhat offensive. I have no such intents. Sorry if I have offended you. Peace.

  24. EmperorG says:

    Here’s my take on the fanservice thing:
    Fav shows in recent years containing a lot of fanservice:
    Ikkitousen (Seasons 1 and 2. 3 and 4 aren’t as good), Koihime Musou, Queen’s Blade, Strike Witches.

    See the connection? Aside from Ikkitousen, the other shows have two things in common that keep me coming back for more:
    1: Good character interaction (Leading to romance)
    2: 99% of the cast is female. You know what that means…
    The plot isn’t usually the important thing, it’s the character development.

    Fanservice shows I can’t stand:
    -Seikon no Qwaser. Yes I’ve heard it has some religious stuff and teaches you about chemistry in its own way but the concept didn’t appeal to me. Sure the queen and her slave are always entertaining but they’re not enough to keep me watching.
    -MM!: Utter hatred.
    -Kore wa Zombie Desuka? More cons than pros in the 2nd half of the series.
    -Mayoi Neko Overrun: Waste of time.
    -Kampfer: Only two characters worth giving a damn about.
    A majority of male lead harem shows. Sure there are some good ones in between but they aren’t easy to find.

    What’s my point? The less men that are on the show, the better.

    What’s this I hear? Haters complaining that Hanasaku Iroha doesn’t have any fanservice? “Ultimate facepalm” My head hurts. this is even worse than their whining about the premiere episodes of GOSICK, Yumekui Merry and Fractale.

    As for moe, you know how I feel about this one. “Girls Club” anime are one of my favorite Slice of Life subgenres. I have yet to find a “Girls Club” anime that sucks.

    So yeah, your argument here is a wise one. My respond is that I’m picky when it comes to my dosage of fanservice type anime.

    In short:
    Queen’s Blade: Thumbs up.
    Seikon no Quaser: Thumbs down.

    • afkeroge says:

      First of all, welcome to AOIA!

      The point I was trying to make in this post is that most fanservice are not done in good taste. Character interaction enforced with fanservice is one thing, and fanservice leading to cheap character developments is another.

      As for the show you mentioned, I think I get where you’re coming from.

  25. Blacksun88 says:

    excessive fanservice ruined a potential good anime. end of story

  26. CainHyde says:

    “Fanservice: Aren’t you tired of it?”
    Sometimes, depends on my mood.

    But pointless and explicit fanservice usually tends to not sitting well with me.

  27. Lettherebelight says:

    speaking of Hanasaku Iroha, how about the lil bit of fanservice in episode 3. Curious how u felt about that. It was nothing crazy, very subtle and kinda flowed with the show but still more fanservice than I woulda expected from what seemed to be aiming to be a “wholesome” anime.

    • @fkeroge says:

      I don’t have anything against fanservice per se, I just got tired of the kind that puts girls in an unfavorable situations and unbelievable feats. For the third episode of Hanasaku Iroha, while I was indeed surprised by the sudden inclusion of fanservice, I was not really bothered by it. It’s a rare and somewhat tamer kind of fanservice that really is “fanservice in its essence,” a special event that is not abused.

  28. Jiggaapril says:

    Well I am all for huge amounts of fan service if the story is very good.The reason why men who create anime where women are bimbos because in a way we love bimbos, but most of us dont want them as wives.It a fantasy men have , of women being stupid boobs.Just like women have fantasies about love and a man to be everything she wants.

  29. Chely says:

    Man, I am sick of that too! D; I’m really getting annoyed of the empty headed, big breasted, short skirt girls that look all “innocent” xDDD They all look the same now D8

    Sometimes, it can be funny I guess, but now it’s just expected in anime shows and really annoying too. D:<

  30. YumPo says:

    Me too. I’m tired of it. I usually try to find anime/manga that has a balance cast because the usual tendency of a 99% or 100% female cast is that the girls there are usually there just for fanservice, moe, ecchi and stuff. Though I know there are some animes that are good that has 100% or 99% female cast, it just doesn’t seem to appeal to my taste.

    But anyway……YAY PINOY!!!!<——–over nationalistic babaeng pinoy.

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