Dazzling! The stage! Star Driver and what lies beneath


Anime of dazzling fantastic fantabulousness sparkles and elegant beauty Star Driver ended recently, and I had to admit, I was practically trembling throughout the whole episode from the epic scenes and battles. However, now that it’s finished, I start to think : was Star Driver really that great, or were we too blinded by its dazzle to see what lied beneath?

(Spoilers within)

For an original anime, it’s expected, but Star Driver does have a large amount of plot holes and problems no-one seems to bring up. For one, you cannot deny that it was only until the last few episodes did Bones decide to put in some work in their episodes rather than have Takuto pull out yet another move he’s never used before against the enemy. We’ve had that crap for 5 or more episodes. Nice to watch and all, but it lacks substance. It lacks style, something Star Driver relies heavily upon.

Plot holes and problems I have with the show are aplenty. It’s revealed that Head’s plan from the start was to use Samekh to travel back in time, even if the whole world must lose their libido. So what will he do back in time? And if he travelled back in time, theoretically , shouldn’t the Earth be reverted too? Or is it just him and the Cybody? Wouldn’t there be some kind of paradox? And what’s the point of going back? To listen to Sam the Squid Hunter? Or to find the random, unnamed woman this man who cannot age found and had a child with?

I also couldn’t believe how mediocre, if not oblivious the characters were. Whenever they met members of the Glittering Crux (who all have funny, distinctive hairstyles and voices, I might add), I always thought they pretended not to notice, but in the last few episodes it is revealed that they have no idea at all. Holy shit. And the last few episodes were reminiscent to that of Angel Beats! – they flipped all the characters upside down. Suddenly, the Glittering Crux abandons all of their past ambitions to help Tauburn. That’s understandable, to an extent. What goes beyond comprehension is the decision to turn studious, hard-working class president and part-time worker Keito into a possessive bitch who desperately craves the love of someone she didn’t give a damn about for 20 episodes. And her purpose in unsealing Samekh? God knows.

And then there’s the whole “hey-I-just-blew-up-your-and-my-cybody-so-let’s-float-endlessly-throughout-space” scenario.” How are they going to go back ? Better yet, how are they going to explain anything? I’d like a follow-up, frankly. Or at least a poor cover-up.

Also, the fifth seal is broken, am I right? So now technically, if they still wanted to, the Glittering Crux could send out another cybody, right? Hmm. There is a lot of ambiguity surrounding the concept of cybodies in this show. For one, where do they come from? What are they for? Why do they all appear on this one island? How do phases work? Why do the pilots have marks? How did they get them? Seeing as how all except one driver came from the island, why is Takuto so special? Not only was his the most advanced cybody, Tauburn could also break into Zero Time as he wished. And what about that costume change? The change in hair colour? How did that have any correlation with the cybody whatsoever? And why in fuck does he shout out that he’s a bishie every time he fights? What, did his grandpa teach him to do that or something? Speaking of whom, Reiji/ Tokio mentions frequently that Takuto was trained for this job. How? Meaning his grandpa probably knew. How? Why?

In the end, the dazzling Star Driver turned out to be your usual ‘let’s save the world’ gimmick plots. This is what many people have complained about, but that’s simply how it’s been from the start. Takuto explicitly makes it clear on several occasions that he wants to destroy all the cybodies. The department names in Glittering Crux even give away their respective leader’s abilities. Guess what Head does. He probably doesn’t even age. Compare his age from the flashback to now.No change at all.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love this show. The only issue I have with this show is that it really leaves much unresolved. For now, we can only watch Tauburn dazzling the stage for the last time.


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39 Responses to Dazzling! The stage! Star Driver and what lies beneath

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  2. afkeroge says:

    I haven’t watched this one so I don’t have much to say about it. My roommate does seem to like it a lot, though, and I think I see why…

  3. Anima says:

    A few friends of mine insist that I watch it, but somehow I just can’t bring myself to do it. Maybe I’m not fabulous enough. ^^

  4. Jo says:

    I really enjoyed the show. A bit of high school life, growing up, falling in love alongside silly villains, crazy zero-time battles and even crazier costumes lol …it’s a lot better than many other series based on high school students..

    the hair thing…I think was just to make the characters more distinctive for us viewers, and in the Star Driver world, they are just normal looking/sounding students who could be anyone… Its like Clark Kent and Superman, glasses/no glasses..

    the only thing I hated about the show was the Keito thing..they completely destroyed her character..it was like WTF?!


    • Valence says:

      Her last minute character change was detrimental to the overall quality of the show as the last few episodes were the most crucial, yet they change one of the characters for no good reason simply for the sole purpose of finding an excuse to start that mediocre ending they wanted to be grand. If not for Samekh, I don’t see a reason for the change in character at all.

      What i meant by the hair thing was how he gets a costume and a change in hair colour while in Tauburn. I still have no idea why.

      • Jo says:

        Its because Tauburn is FABULOUS~!! *insert bright colors, sparkly stars and what not* lol…

        but then again..the grandfather had that hair-color thing going on as well…maybe it just comes with the mark..


        • Valence says:

          Tauburn kind of reminds me of a street festival dancer rather than anything else. . . .

          Why did he get the mark? I don’t really understand.

          • Jo says:

            Aren’t the marks always just within the family? unless they decide to give it to someone else?
            Grandpa gave the mark to Takuto..rather than Head.


            • Valence says:

              Either way, one of them must have gotten the mark from someone outside the family at some point. . . I’m inclined to think that one of their ancestors had sex with the aliens to give birth to their mark-bearing family line.

  5. Nopy says:

    I can’t answer all of your questions, but I’d like to point you towards Sakana’s story and the school play. Those two explained a lot of things like the origins of the cybodies, why Takuto’s cybody is better, why Samekh was sealed, etc.

    I actually found a lot of subtle hints during the series that helped explain what was going on, so I didn’t think it was that bad. Admittedly though, the ending was kinda cheesy.

  6. Azure Hoshizora says:

    Maybe its not a show about mechas trying to breakout because of a man’s ambitions but rather, a story about how a boy fabulously sings out his youth.
    Or at least thats what I’ve been trying to tell myself.

    Most certainly, we probably all expected ridiculous plot holes and high levels of intense faaabulousness, but star driver is undoubtedly charming in its own fabulous way. I personally feel that the Kiraboshi girls: Benio, Kanako and especially Keito (seeing how messed up the past 2 episodes made her) deserves more love.

    I actually want a sequel (for some reason…): where am I going to get my weekly does of Fabulous now?

    • Valence says:

      I’ll miss their fabulous asspulls every week. . . . .

      And they really would have done better had they have had more episodes.

      • Azure Hoshizora says:

        and left out the bits about those screw nipples… It was kind of redundant, they really should have focused more on the plot…

        • Valence says:

          Screw Nipples was one of the most confusing characters, ever. She’s lesbian, butch-type, looks male, speaks like a male, and even calls herself a ginga bishonen too. Oh, and of course, her nipples turn into screws when she gets into a cybody. Of course.

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  8. trewdys says:

    “Also, the fifth seal is broken, am I right?”
    No you’re not. There’s no Centre Maiden.

    • Valence says:

      Lololol, I know that. But they did break out of Zero Time, after all, and presumably tons of people must have lost their libido, resulting in less sex for everyone or something that no-one cares about. Meh.

  9. ~xxx says:

    I haven’t continued watching this show because it’s starting to burn my eyes when I am studying for my final last october.

    I wish I could have just watched it.

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