Sorry, Imma be away from my keyboard, playing eroge with my mind

It’s getting crowded in here, isn’t it?

As AOIA continues to blur the line between personal blog, team blog, anime blog, and pretty much any other type of blog you can name, in the attempt to break out of being underground to become mainstream, please welcome @fkeroge to the AOIA cast. And no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke : @fkeroge will be making a move from his old abode to AOIA. His old blog will be used for translation updates while most editorials will come here. I hope you’ll welcome him/her/it as warmly as you did with Anima.

You can find his/her/its about page here.

A few more steps to world domination! Let’s get cracking.

PS: New multi-layer menus, so you see the posts written by everyone else easily. Just go to their about page in the menu, and another menu should appear with a link to their respective pages. Except for mine, of course, I have much too many to try linking. Perhaps I’ll put some of my personal favourites up there instead.

EDIT: Multi-layer pages removed in favour of avatar images in sidebar. Same job, and automatic to boot.

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23 Responses to Sorry, Imma be away from my keyboard, playing eroge with my mind

  1. Anima says:

    Excellent! Welcome the team @afkeroge. I liked your previous blog a lot! I definitely look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. feal87 says:

    Ok, three…

    So now Anima will become a mahou shoujo while on the verge of dying and try to convince Valence and @AfkErogè to become like her while stopped by ???????? that tries to dissuade Valence. Anime dies devoured by a witch and In the end @Afkerogè become a mahou shoujo too and end up becoming a witch after being consumed by the hatred and end up involving !!!!!!!!! and die together.
    Now we have Valence (still no mahou shoujo) and ?????????? to face the walpurgis night…

    (Ok, we need two more writer Valence, get on it!)

    • Anima says:

      I’ll never sell my soul to you… Demon! T_T

    • afkeroge says:

      I already sold my soul to someone else, lol.

    • Valence says:

      Technically, in your little fantasy mahou shoujo gimmick Carillus will appear out of nowhere and sacrifice himself to kill @fkeroge’s witch form or something. So actually we just need one more to complete the Power Rangers mahou troupe.

      And also why am I the Madoka character in your little fantasy? All I have to do is to rehearse being afraid of pretty much everything and being the main character of Hidamari Sketch.

  3. TRazor says:

    I’ll welcome him/her/it when he/she/it posts.

    I guess I’ve become a regular at this site…Commenting for member introductions and such…Aw, hell, it’s free and fun.

  4. Jo says:

    Hey Yeah for more writers..!!


  5. Azure Hoshizora says:

    @valence China, T-minus how may days exactly?

    Welcome afkeroge; it took me a while to realize that the post title was a shout out to your screen name, lol

  6. Fabrice says:

    That picture looks so wrong lol.
    anyway welcome to the team! @fkeroge

  7. ~xxx says:

    Wow, another one in the mainstream…
    I always wonder how people make themselves welcome in the world of online trolling?

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