Say hello to Anima!

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In the light of seeking continual progress and pushing the boundaries of aniblogging, we’ve added yet another blogger to the crew. Say hello to Anima/Piecake, the only American and the oldest blogger to join Ambivalence , or is it Ambiguity. Welcome abroad. Hope you aren’t as inactive as Carillus was. (Can’t be helped, he’s in the army.)

The interesting thing is that I don’t know this guy at all. Seriously, he’s literally a random stranger I met over the internet.  No joke. I don’t know him at all. He seriously just filed me an application and I accepted it. See how easy it is to get authorship around these bits? Seriously, I’ll probably accept any application, huh.

Check his page out here.

Looking forward to working together, and once again, welcome abroad, Anima.

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16 Responses to Say hello to Anima!

  1. Anima says:

    Howdy everyone!

    I’d just like to say thanks to Valence for allowing me to hop on board, and that I look forward to writing here. I stumbled upon the blog recently and got hooked! I really did just pounce at Valence with an application out of the blue. 😛

    You can check out my page for some more of the personal details, but I hope to get myself across better through my writing. Thanks again!

  2. feal87 says:

    Mhn…maybe I should apply for authorship so I can get some more mahou shoujo that don’t appear on my website…:Q___


  3. Azure Hoshizora says:

    So carillus’ in NS, no wonder he never ever posts…

    I suppose Anima’s application came at quite a good time; you’re (Valence) going to china in a few weeks time right?

    • Valence says:

      10 days. Ah, spoiler alert.

      No worries, I’ll prepare some posts before I leave, and I’ll use a VPN or hotspot shield to post once per week.

      I might pull someone else on board too, so just sayin’ for now.

  4. -waves a greeting- Welcome!

  5. shumbapumba says:

    Welcome! I look forward to checking out your contributions to the addictive world of aniblogging. (I only started blogging late last year so you’re one of the first people I’ve been able to say ‘welcome’ to haha stoked ^^).

    • Anima says:

      Oh my goodness. I’m going to have to sit down with a nice cold drink and read through some of your posts tomorrow. Huge! But hey, anime and raving. Sounds swell. 😉

      Thanks for the welcome!

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