All the minute disturbing details of Puella Magi Madoka Magica that no-one seemed to raise

As you all know, Episode 11 has been delayed due to the situation over to Japan. While we wish for Japan’s revival, I’d like to write about the small details in Puella Magi Madoka Magica that seem hardly mentioned.

Kaname Madoka:

  • Why is it that she is supposedly the strongest Mahou Shoujo out there? For what reason? Does anything show that she is stronger than the others? A personality trait, perhaps? If so, couldn’t – and shouldn’t – there be even stronger Mahou Shoujo out there?
  • She’s supposedly named after Artemis. Any significance?

Tomoe Mami:

  • Did Kyubey cause her accident in the car? Since he appears ever so conveniently.

Miki Sayaka:

  • Does anyone notice she’s gone at all? We’ve seen that she has a family, she has friends other than Madoka, and of course, we’ve seen her ties to Kamijou, yet we don’t really see anything , any response to her disappearance. Not even from Hitomi.
  • We never get to know what Hitomi tells Kamijou, and neither does Sayaka. She could have been telling him about Sayaka’s devotion, which makes her corruption even more tragic.
  • What happened to her body in the end? Supposing Kyoko took and store it. Doesn’t it decompose?

Sakura Kyoko:

  • Is she from this time? The show is set in 2011, with enough fancy gadgetry and technology we’d never see today. Yet her Japanese and back-story hints of something earlier than the 21st century. Especially the story of her family which seems to suggest a Victorian-era setting, or something like what we see in Spice & Wolf.
  • If keeping the Soul Gem pure stops the girl from dying, will keeping it pure long enough keep the person alive forever? Following the above theory about her timeline, could it not be possible for her to come from that era?
  • Since all her family members are dead, how can she find a place to stay? How does she have any money at all? And how did she get em’ apples?

Akemi Homura:

  • How many timelines has she gone through?
  • If she stole weapons in one timeline, does she have to steal them every timeline? I can imagine what that mob might do when they find their weapons missing. . . .
  • Why does Homura live alone? And in such a weird house?
  • Is she related to the Walpurgisnacht? Gears and whatnot being her trademark (time control)


  • We’ve seen how he’s some sort of alien from another world. If so, is there someone behind the scenes, pulling all the strings? Could he/she/it be planning an even greater plot – possibly unbeknownst to him? Given his shaky explanation for why they need Mahou Shoujos to become witches so as to fight the heat death of the universe and whatnot.
  • How many of him….are there?


  • How was the first witch formed? Assuming all mahou shoujo turn into witches, and their purpose is to slay witches, how did witches appear to begin with? Were they created by Kyubey’s race?
  • Are the girls’ downfalls a direct result of making their respective wishes? Seeing as how things might have been better had they not made their wishes at all.
  • Are the production crew members fucking with our heads, or are we doing the head-fucking for them?

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57 Responses to All the minute disturbing details of Puella Magi Madoka Magica that no-one seemed to raise

  1. Lenneth says:

    First…if some of those questions had answer…the show would not be interesting…second…who the hell really cares?

    • Valence says:

      I do, duh. I mean I know some questions don’t have any answers (duh.) but some are interesting to think about. The thought of Kyouko staring at a decomposing maggot-ridden corpse every fucking night as she went to sleep kind of interests me.

      • Netto says:

        You did notice that Kyouko kept the body warm using her Soul Gem… right?

        Well, that might be a poor explanation, but still one from the series!

        • Valence says:

          Of course, but nevertheless the thought of staring at a corpse while you sleep is creepy.

          Heck, keeping a corpse warm is creepy enough.

  2. Azure Hoshizora says:

    Magic is the answer to everything, magic defies logic itself; everything is possible with magic.
    I’ve been wondering about a few of them as well, especially the Kyouko, Sayaka and Homura ones.

    -The authorities may very well assume that Kyouko murdered Sayaka after finding her body in Kyouko’s “house”.
    -Or the timeline between episode 8-9 was probably only at the most 1 or 2 days so her school and friends (minus madoka) probably thinks she’s sick or something. She seems to live alone too.
    -Homura stores the weapons she stole in the shield so she should have the weapons she stolen with her even after she time travels.
    -It has been occuring to me that maybe Kyubey’s body is just an empty shell and he has a soul gem: so his body can be destroyed lots of times but he has lots of back up bodies, so long as his ‘soul gem’ is safe

    • Valence says:

      Oh well, Kyouko’s dead after all, so it’ll be a heck of a mystery to solve.

      She seems to live alone, but it seems likely that she has a family, but nevertheless no-one seems to care.

      Does removing something from the space-time continuum lead to any effects? Will that object cease to exist? What if I took something that was one of a kind? Hmm.

      Also, since Soul Gems only work within a limited range Kyubey would need many, many soul gems.

      • Azure Hoshizora says:

        Sayaka may very well have parents who went overseas to work or something: come to think of it, we’ve only ever seen Kyouko and Madoka’s families (and kyouko’s dead)

        I was thinking more along the lines of skipping from one flow of time to another, sort of like parallel dimensions; and the object/person remains constant, cuz there aren’t 2 Homuras in one timeline. But its called a reset so IDK… Or the objects could possibly become and irregularity like Homura…

        Lol, maybe Kyubey’s soul gem is universal or something. Or maybe Kyubey can only be truly killed when every single magical girl’s soul gem/witches’ seed is destroyed or something: since he seems to be recycling those ex soul gem grief seeds…

        • Valence says:

          Does Kyubey dissolve the seeds or something? How does all that energy flow into the universe to begin with? Since no energy can be created or destroyed thanks to conservation of energy, how is it possible to generate this energy from nothing? Even if it was converted from one form to another, how will it be transferred to helping stave off the heat death of the universe?

          • Azure Hoshizora says:

            Maybe the the universe is really located inside Kyubey’s stomach or something. *creepy thought*
            Wasn’t the energy generated from emotions? (though I still don’t quite get it)
            The universe itself possibly absorbs the massive energy given off each time some one contracts or evolves into a witch, probably…

            • Valence says:

              So we’re outside the universe yet inside the universe at the same time?

              A universe in a universe


              • Azure Hoshizora says:

                reminds me a little of Men in Black, how the universe was inside a lock in side another locker inside a marble and all, lol.

  3. doctordazza says:

    All just head-fucking.

  4. mrwan says:

    Kyoko put Sayaka in a cryogenic valve, and while finding a cure for her in a lab was electrocuted and fell into a pool of white stuff. Kyoko then started stealing diamonds.

  5. Myssa says:

    Some possible answers, cross-referenced from both manga (Madoka and Kazumi, respectively)

    – While the anime alludes that Kyoko’s been around since the late Meiji period (!!), the manga has it that she’s just been putzing around recently (both she and her sister are both wearing contemporary clothing). As for the hows of her current living, it’s assumed that she either steals what she needs, or uses her magic to get by.
    – We’ve only been SHOWN 5 timelines. Conceivably Homura’s been through more.
    – Kazumi magica alludes that there are multiple contracting entities running around. Given the nebulous nature of Kazumi Magica’s timeline though (many think that it’s AFTER the series, given the changes in the ways Witches are created) it might not count.

    • Valence says:

      Isn’t the manga based off the anime, being kind of canon instead? I don’t know really, they did do some changes to the story and characters in the manga, e.g. Sayaka’s sword changes etc.

      Also, why does she have those puppets anyway?

  6. afkeroge says:

    As for most of the questions you raised, I think the anime already answered them indirectly.

    -We still need more information about Madoka.
    -Kyuubee probably had nothing to do with that accident. He just appears where he needs to be-near despairing girls.
    -Sayaka was done in for good in episode 9. They may have assumed that she was playing hooky or just sick. Really, teachers won’t care about missing students unless it may affect the reputation of the school.
    -That question doesn’t need to be answered. Just leave Hitomi’s words to your imagination, like Sayaka.
    -Sayaka’s body is still in her room. Whether it rots in there or Kyouko disposed of it already, we still don’t know.
    -Kyouko just uses a relatively unrefined tone in her speech. I don’t think that will tell you anything about when or where she came from. Christian churches often look like old buildings, so yeah.
    -She may live on pickpocketing or part-time jobs. That much detail can be left to implication.
    -Homura… lives in an apartment room(?) so it’s quite understandable that she lives alone.
    -Kyuubee is… Kyuubee. We still don’t know the grand scale of this energy collecting quest, and I think that they will answer that very soon.
    -The first witch may have been another girl tricked into making a wish(but not yet to fight witches), and then constant corruption of her soul gem transformed her into a witch.

    I think we should leave further discussion for when the series ends. It will prove to be more fruitful.

    • Valence says:

      Homura’s house’s design leaves much to be wondered.

      I guess you’re right : this should be discussed after the series ends, but I hope the series can tie these loose ends up nicely, else it ends like Chaos;head.

  7. Hoshi Akari says:

    Ok, I tried to give my aswers to all the questions. Sorry for my poor english:

    Kaname Madoka

    -My guess is that the true power of a Mahou shoujo comes from her wish. Depending of the wish she can be stronger or weaker. In the diferent timelines Madoka sometimes have to push herself to her limits to defeat Walpurgisnacht and at other times she defeat it with a single blow. The situation between these timelines is diferent and so the wish.

    -Probably beacause of the bow, don’t see any other relevance other than that.

    Tomoe Mami

    -Who knows? This is one question that is better let unanswered.

    Miki Sayaka

    -All these questions are cleary aswered at the episode 10. She was missing for just one day at the moment. Episode 11 is just flashback so doesn’t count.

    -I guess the content of what Hitomi intended to say to Kamijou is pretty much clear, the scene on episode 08 or 09 is very clear about that. But how knows? Maybe Hitomi was just faking to make Sayaka act. One of these answers that we will never know and irrelevant now that Sayaka is dead.

    -Again episode 10. Kyoko took it and tried to keep the heat with her own soul gem (don’t ask me how). But now that both are death the body will decompose.

    Sakura Kyoko

    -It seens that these “fancy gadgetry and technology” are just the typical assignutre of the SHAFT production. Look at the background long enough and you will start asking “How is that background even possible? How can the Madoka’s house bathroom be so large?” This is like one of the very first scenes on Bakemonogatari where Senjougahara is falling from a ridiculous height that is ridiculous for a school to have. The Kyoko background maybe just hinted something so old with the same purpose, but I think she is just as old as the other girls.

    -If you are a mahou shoujo you have to keep your soul gem clean, there is no such shortcut because if the girls don’t have to clean her sould gems anymore than there is no point on hunting witches anymore and the whole point of the anime falls apart. This just sound like an excuse to preserve your teory about Kyouko don’t getting older.

    -She steall all the food and use her powers to her own convinience. The conversation point where Sayaka rejects the apple leaves this clear. This one of the meanings of using her power only for her own benefict like she always said.

    -There is no need to add more timelines than the already showed on the episode 11, but you can interpret that other way with the conversation between Madoka and Houmura on episode 5 where Madoka ask if Houmura saw too many mahou shoujos dying and she aswers: “Too many to count”.

    -Well, I guess she can take the weapons she stolle on each timeline with her.

    -This is a good question. Sayaka I can understand, but a sick girl living by herself? How coldheart the japanese parents can be on animes? Or maybe she just run away from home on the latest timelines.

    -No clue about what to answer for this one but I guess this is just coincidence.


    -I don’t see any need for another reason. You want a reason bigger than saving the universe? His explanation is pretty solid to me. The transformation mahou shoujo to witch releases a enormous amount of energy and that is what he seek for. Making mahou shoujo fighting witches is just an excuse to justify the need of mahou shoujos, an excuse that Kyubey don’t need to use anymore with Madoka and Houmura.

    -I guess Kyubey is just a mind controling these fluffy things, they are just spare parts, so my answer is “How many do you need?”


    -A mahou shoujo that didn’t have witchs to slay and get Grief seeds can become a witch in a matter of days or weeks. The contract is pretty much a free wish with no downsides. I guess this is more convinient. The mahou shoujos must been cleaning the mess that Kyubey did for creating mahou shoujos and witches nonstop without anyone to deal with the witches.

    -This seens to be the core question of the anime. Nothing is immune to entropy, not even the wishes of the girls. But I suppose that in Sayaka words there is no real gain here. All returns to zero. I guess the hole point is that if a wish is not achieved by our own hands, than there is no meaning. Cliche, I know.

    -Keikakudori! – Urobuchi Gen reading forums about Madoka. I guess these type of discussions is what makes the anime look much more complex that really is and that is a good thing. An anime that has no discussions like these is just ordinary.

    • Valence says:

      What I meant was what would happen should Kyoko be able to keep her Soul Gem clean on a regular basis. I.E. stop it from being corrupted. Will that extend her life?

      Releasing the energy , capturing the energy and transporting the energy are 3 different matters. I don’t know anymore~

  8. baka~ says:

    Is she related to the Walpurgisnacht? Gears and whatnot being her trademark (time control)

    this had me thinking… she could even BE the Walpurgis…

    Are the production crew members fucking with our heads, or are we doing the head-fucking for them?

    I believe they are

    • Valence says:

      How she be the walpurgisnacht..yet fight it at the same time?

      • baka~ says:

        Time paradox? I suddenly remembered that western series Heroes where one character, Hiro Nakamura, capable to travelling back in time, used to adore a folk legend. He was able to travel back time on the era where that legend took place.


        he went back in time and became the legendary hero that his childhood worshipped

        • Valence says:

          Time Paradoxes sound interesting and all, but for Homura to fight her own witch form will be a time paradox that’ll blow me away!

    • afkeroge says:

      Madoka is not airing this week, too? Now that just sucks. Oh, well, if they can improve the quality, then I’m all for it.

  9. Lanis01 says:

    About QB, it seems to me like the anime paints him as a classic devil. He promises the girls one wish for anything they want, and in exchange they serve him and his purposes forever, down to owning their souls. He never lies to the girls, but he never tells the whole truth (the whole reason he never mentioned moving their souls is because they never asked and because he felt it was better for them). His appearance is completely deceptive; he couldn’t look more innocent. In the manga this is even more apparent because he actually makes facial expressions.

    With all this in mind, QB is a classic devil, the kind we haven’t seen in anime in a long time. He’s the worst kind of evil in that he’s never malevolent, never fiendish, never stereotypically bad, he’s just heartless. Having no heart in a sense means having no passion. He’s practically robotic in his duties. He’s almost like Shockwave from Transformers – purely cold-logic approach to his goals. I think we can totally believe QB when he explains why there needs to be magical girls and witches; he has no reason to lie because he’s still getting what he wants in the end.

    • Valence says:

      Anime paints him as classic devil? While I agree with the ‘devil’ part, I would like to differ when it comes to ‘classic’. The classic devil seems intent on seeing the soul being damned, but as much as Kyuubee is portrayed as the ultimate antagonist, remember that he’s nothing more of a worker from another civilization trying to stop the heat death of the universe (apparently) . As much as he seems evil, he believes that his intentions are pure – to save the universe- much unlike our classical depictions of devils.

  10. Heironym says:

    Let me just throw my input out there:
    Kaname Madoka:

    There is some speculation that her power growth is some sort of power buildup over the timelines (personally I believe this) but others insist it is the nature of her wish changing, or her having more despair each timeline (this last one doesn’t make sense to me, since she probably had very little despair in timeline 4)

    Tomoe Mami:

    Not enough information

    Miki Sayaka:

    Probably it’s just been too short a time period. Everyone seems to shrug off her missing from school for the first day, and it’s probably been only one more day since that. The teacher probably thinks of it as ordinary issues, but Kamijou doesn’t seem to care, and neither does Hitomi (even though she of all people should sense something wrong). Or maybe they do care but we’re just not shown what they’re doing.

    I’ve heard vague rumblings that the Madoka manga makes explicit that Hitomi is confessing to Kamijou. I haven’t yet got around to reading it myself but even if it does, remember that the manga was based off of anime storyboards. The anime is superior canon, and it’s possible the artist made an assumption off the storyboard where the anime was keeping it ambiguous.

    Kyoko was keeping her body from decomposing and now…well maybe ep11 will address it.

    Sakura Kyoko:

    As mentioned above, the manga explicitly shows Kyoko in modern times. More importantly, the scene in the anime where she is about to contract (The only one that isn’t done with puppets) shows her wearing a modern hoodie. Her accent is probably just delinquent.

    My guess is that keeping your soul gem pure will indeed keep you alive forever, just very few manage it. On the other hand, Mami in the car crash looks younger than the later Mami, so maybe not.

    Personally I assume Kyoko just stole everything.

    Akemi Homura:

    I’d guess that those 5 timelines show all the timelines, or at least a good sampling of them.

    It makes a lot of sense to assume that her shield empties each time there’s a reset, and she has to resteal because a)if not, that opens the door for too many hacking solutions like bringing pictures/artifacts/grief seeds back with her and b) when she first tries to kill kyubey, she uses magic projectiles instead of guns, probably because she hasn’t had time to steal any. (I think they *all* have magic projectiles…)

    No idea why Homura lives alone. Anime trope, but she probably doesn’t have any parents at all (alone in hospital, etc.). There’s no real explanation for why she had a normal apartment in previous timelines and this crazy-funked out timespace now. Maybe the timespace is inside her shield…

    Lot’s of people speculate that she is walpurgisnacht because of the gears, and it could be the case. It definitely makes more sense than the Sayaka=Walpurgisnacht theory…


    Not enough information to really say. I’ve heard it said that Kyubey regenerates his body using the energy of whatever soulgems are in the vicinity based on some interview, but I’ve seen no source for this.


    Not enough information, except that the head-fucking is both intentional and done in the knowledge that, after a certain point, we’ll start doing it to ourselves and they won’t even have to do anything.

    • Valence says:

      I still don’t know whether the manga is official or canon. After all it did make some changes and resolve a lot of the ambiguity. But if it’s official, that makes things much more clearer.

      I think we like fucking ourselves in the heads. Makes the show much more exciting to watch.

  11. Fabrice says:

    Im sure there are like a million of kyubeys! so fun haha
    never ending repeat of him eating himself and then playing around orz
    man you sure been paying a lot of attention the details XD
    i already forgot some tiny bits of the series

  12. Jermal says:

    Homura’s shield reminds me of those gadgets used in all those steampunk sci-fi novels of the 50’s-90’s. As for the anime itself maybe the ambiguity is their way of playing it safe since they have no idea if this anime will be successful.

  13. massd95 says:

    About Madoka being named after Artemis:

    Artemis is the Greek goddess of hunting, the moon, and chastity. Hunting is obviously related to Madoka’s bow. The moon comes out at the end of the day, providing the only source of light in Darkness. Similarly, it is expected for Madoka to make her contract near the end of the series and by doing so, providing the only source of light in the darkness, that is, Walpurgisnacht. Ironic in that if she does, she will end up being an even more dreaded source of darkness, which may refer to the setting of the moon at the end of the night, providing a sense of closure.

    Finally, chastity. Chastity is a very basic form of purity, and thus this may be referring to Madoka’s pure and innocent state of mind, a state which will inevitably be changed by accepting QB’s contract.

    TL;DR : I have no idea.

    • Valence says:

      Meh, I just think it’s because of her bow. Or that trolls are making this shit up.

      Huzzah on mini lit essays.

      IHE Litfags up in this bitch.

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  15. I’ve actually been wondering that about Madoka for awhile now.

    Other than that, I hadn’t really thought about this stuff.

    …Well, okay, I assumed Kyouko just stole the apples. Seemed logical enough to me.

  16. Janette says:

    I always wonder what Hitomi will think when Sayaka is declared missing after making time with the boy Sayaka wanted.

    And yes, there are infinite numbers of Kyubeis. 😀

    • Valence says:

      I wonder where they hide to avoid detection.

      • Travel Agent says:

        To Kyubeyland of course! To a fun filled paradise filled with lots of Kyubey goodies like the Wack-a-Kyubey machines, Kyebey snack dispensers (now with 20% more Kyubey goodness) and lots of Kyubey themed atractions. Make your reservations today and you can have your very own life-sized Kyubey and the chance to become the demon spawn that destroys the world!!! 😀

        P.S. He’s always watching you (●  ω  ●) . All those who don’t get a reservation might not like what might happen to them if you know what I mean.

        • Valence says:

          Hmm, Travel Agent, could I have a brochure?

          • Travel Agent says:

            Sure! Though I must warn all those who accept any info on how to get to Kyubeyland must subject to the terms of service already presented to Puella Magi. Do keep in mind giving up your immortal soul is more than worth it when thinking of going to a one-in-a-lifetime vacation to Kyubeyland. P.S. For any info please dial 1-800-KYUBEY.

  17. ~xxx says:

    Who created the witches…
    I think there are witches in the start of evolutions who also came along when Kyubey enters the world…

    I think the reason why Madoka is a powerful magic girl is a simple deal… she has a powerful emotion that most of them lacks… and that what makes her so very strong…

    • Valence says:

      Then if witches are formed naturally. . . . that’ll be depressing.

      Madoka’s powerful emotion : I have no idea. I don’t see it yet. I don’t really see anything spectacular that she has, so I’ll just keep waiting.

  18. MkMiku says:

    So many questions to be answered. I don’t really care if they get answered or not, but I do wonder if/when they will be. Kyubey probably has the most interesting/mysterious story. The anime couldn’t really exist without him.

  19. Nopy says:

    ■Are the production crew members fucking with our heads, or are we doing the head-fucking for them?

    I think the latter.

  20. Squares says:

    Madoka’s seen using a bow as a magical girl, that’s really the only relation I can think of.

    Kyubei TOTALLY caused the accident. Smug little bastard probably just strode out in front of the car like a boss and watched it happen.

    As for Kyoko, maybe her family were luddites. Considering her dad was making some sort of cult….thing…it’s not that out of the question, is it? Maybe she goes on those paid date things that keep getting mentioned in manga. I hear they pay pretty well…

    Considering that Kyubei posesses the ability to create soul gems for the Puella Magi, is it out of the question that he comes from a race that can create and utilize their own forms of soul gems? For that matter, they could be some sort of hive-mind deal. Notice that Kyubei doesn’t seem to comprehend the whole ‘individual conciousness’ part about humanity.

    The best part about the whole witches buisness is that we can’t rightly say when the first one most likely appeared. Assuming the story takes place in our time period (I’m thinking no; have you looked at the school?), there’s entirely too many events (past and present) that could be cited as the origin of the witch, in that the birth of the very first witch would probably catastrophic. Or you could just assume that they’ve existed as long as humanity has…

    • Valence says:

      Perhaps witches are the reasons behind sin and whatnot. Or for unexplained disappearances and deaths. Maybe even mysterious phenomena such as the Bermuda Triangle disappearances =o

      One thing we must wonder though: does Kyubey have a soul? Perhaps his race has no souls and thus cannot make Soul Gems. . . .

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