Simultaneous blogging: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 06

Essentially, this will be a post about my thoughts on the episode. Now that we’re done with that, let’s get this over and done with.

Timings based off ggsubs’s version of the episode.

00:42 – Homerun-chan knocks out Sayaka with a swift blow to the neck. With a metal plate. That was easy. Frighteningly easy. Sayaka does have a death clock positioned right in the center of her face. It’s like she’s begging for the production crew to kill her off.

01:55 – Ah, that quality. Shaft’s getting kind of skimpy on doing their animation scenes. Remember that scene last week where we had the girls walking on a bridge above the road, and below 5 identical cars move in complete unison and harmony?

02:21 – Kyubey: “Homura Akemi, don’t tell me you’re….”

Oh great. Even more material to speculate over. I’m honestly worried that Urobuchi may be aiming to be overly deep. I can’t imagine how all of these points of speculation can be answered easily and conclusively by the end of the show.

03:56 – Sayaka sits on her bed being lectured by Kyubey on her Soul Gem. Apparently it runs on batteries, that you have to extract from giant , hulking monstrosities by fighting and killing them in mysterious universes unknown to others. Also, Kyubey eats your used batteries. He has a mouth on his back. As if his ears growing out of his ears couldn’t be any creepier…

06:19 – Biting off Pocky sticks in an exaggerated fashion sending bits flying everywhere is always a sign of badass or evil. It’s a rule of thumb.

06:19 – Breaking the law, breaking the law! Breaking the law, breaking the law!

06:29 – Apparently the gigantic game is actually the easiest game in the whole arcade, as no matter how much the arrows on the screen change, all you need to do is change your hand actions as you dance about in the same circular motion for most of the song.

06:45 – Pfft. So being just as impulsive as Sayaka – but more aggressive – makes you a good Puella Magi? Or is she referring to her hypnotic circular dance sequence?

Also, you now notice there is a random cat in the top right corner of the game screen.

07:29  – Is it me, or does Japan like making ‘Walpurgis Night’ sound like something ominous to do with the Devil? The last time I saw Walpurgis Night being abused like this was in Fate Stay Night, where it had absolutely nothing to do with…

hold on a minute…

…”in the 17th it was traditional in Germany to have a meeting of sorcerers and witches on the 1st of May…”


07:27 – Defeat who? Sayaka ? (pfft. )

08:22 – You’d almost mistake GAINAX to be the studio making this show, since Madoka resembles Shinji so damn much. She’s afraid of everything but she’s pure and innocent. I think that if she ever does become a magical girl, it’ll only be near the end or something. Honestly, will she ever play a key part in this show?


14:43 – Madoka has the best mother ever. Which other mother do you know that will invite you to have a drink with her, and pass her child what seems to be an alcoholic beverage while saying words of wisdom to help her?

16.27 – Seriously, what it is with this show and cars? Why are all the scenes involving an automobile of some sort all full of quality? Maybe the crew has a phobia or rabid hate of cars. Probably from watching that Pixar movie.

19:04 – Sayaka dies. Death clock has struck and rang.

But not in the way she thinks : much like that latest chapter of Franken Fran, she only looks dead. She became this way after Madoka hurled her Soul Gem over the bridge. Why does that cause this anyway?

19:55 – Kyubey: “Puella Magi can only control their bodies within 100 meters.

Turns out that without the Soul Gem, the Puella Magi is rendered almost dead – as Kyubey puts it, the Soul Gem is the person, the person is now nothing more than a shell, a robot.

21:33 – Kyubey explains that a part of his job is to take out the souls of Puella Magis to be and turn them into Soul Gems. They are ‘smaller and safer’, and even if the body is stabbed or whatever, they can simply recover with magic as long as the Soul Gem is intact.

In other words, you are literally selling your soul to the devil for a wish. Faust time again…

This week’s episode was more intense than the previous week. The problem now, however, is that after Kyubey’s revelation it seems unlikely Kyoko wants to kill Sayaka , or even worse, they may become allies…..

Also, as with every GGsubs episode…

MORNING RESCUE! Anyone knows how this tastes? I’m just getting sick and tired of having to deal with this crap every episode.

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40 Responses to Simultaneous blogging: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 06

  1. baka~ says:

    19:04 – Sayaka dies. Death clock has struck and rang.

    she was dead to begin with… rather, all puella magi are dead the moment they sold their soul XD

    still, I wish Mami’s soul gem was rescued in order for her body to be recreated again ;_;

    • Valence says:

      As in, her soul is still intact and as you can see, she revived at the end. Mami’s Soul Gem was eaten, so there isn’t much you can do there…

      Maybe they should send the Puella Magi with a random lackee who runs around the area with the soul gem trying not to get killed.

  2. Matteas says:

    This was a very interesting episode that has shed some light on some things. What was obvious even before but now it’s absolutely striking is that Kyubey is the biggest evil in this anime. Usually, you sell your soul to devil. Here you sell it to Kyubey. Anyways, nice Faust, as you say.
    I was hoping that Homerun wouldn’t be able to retrieve the thrown away Soul Gem. Or should I say thrown away Sayaka? Sayaka is really getting on my nerves, as well as Madoka. I’m rooting for Homerun and Kyouko. I’d like them to send Sayaka and Madoka together with Kyubey to Hades.
    By the way, Madoka’s mom should be proud of her daughter. She did as she had told her, and did it magnificently. A hell of a wrong thing.

    • Valence says:

      If Sayaka dies so early the show wouldn’t have much to do later on, wouldn’t it?

      The Soul Gem should have went under the wheels. . .

      Sayaka is getting on my nerves too. Not Madoka though, since she’s arguably the main character and thus I have to wait to see what she does. Much like Shinji from Evangelion. D’oh!

  3. Azure Hoshizora says:

    Well I be fucked. *WALL HEAD BANG*

    6 episodes in Madoka still isn’t a puella magi, despite the show tittle being Puella Magi Madoka Magica? And Sayaka… Sayaka…
    And I guess this makes Mami’s revival remotely possible? since her soul gem became a grief seed which was probably eaten by Kyubey… *shudders*

    If only arcade DDRs were as great as the ones in Madoka-verse… The DDR machines can’t handle my awesomeness.

    • Valence says:

      Impossible! Mami cannot be revived anymore, her soul gem’s fucked and out of energy, it’s probably destroyed too, that’s why she’s now nothing but a pile of muck in an unseen universe. It was probably ingested by Kyubey though. Has a sort of literal connotation when you think about it. Kyubey, Eater of Souls.

      The DDR machine was HUGE! I can’t play DDR for nuts since I , well, suck at dancing, but seriously, the machine was so large! Perhaps they just don’t ship those to Singapore, huh.

      • Azure Hoshizora says:

        Kyubey=Soul Eater, I have never watched or read Soul Eater, lol *random*

        I still keep hoping Mami would return and Sayaka won’t do something self destructive (she’s purposely hoping onto landmines, orz) and Homura doesn’t do anything bad but…

        Its a 3 player DDR which possibly lead’s to a witches labyrinths judging by its weirded out pixelated creatures on the screen and it has the OP remixed. Not to mention its so easy to play since you just keep doing the same actions despite the arrows~

        I was actually convinced to get myself a USB DDR mat to play stepmania at home but I gave up on that idea after the computer crashed and all my simfiles, songs and high scores went into oblivion…

        • Valence says:

          I just played Osu and Taiko when I had the time back then. I hope I’m still in the Top 10 for Taiko SG . . .

          Mami will not return. Her soul gem was in her hair, and since her head was crushed I doubt the soul gem is intact. Sayaka seems fated to turn into a witch seeing as how that witch from Ep. 1 looks kind of like her Mahou Shoujo uniform.

          The 3 player DDR might be a portal for these Mahou Shoujo to talk to God!

  4. ~xxx says:


    in short she is dead to begin with…
    like in FMA: Brotherhood that they put souls inside dolls, that makes sense.
    Overall, fools die first.

    I have to believe Sayaka will in turn have to fight Madoka in the future.

    • Valence says:

      All the mahou shoujo sell their souls. But fools don’t always die first : Mami died first, but perhaps because she was foolish in thinking that she could be a mentor, of encouraging them to join the ranks…

  5. afkeroge says:

    Finally. Another person who noticed the now obvious impossibility of Mami’s revival.

    I was practically annoyed at myself for not noticing the purpose of the soul gems earlier. And, it has been hinted throughout the show that Kyuubee does not necessarily have the ability to grant all possible wishes. The contract has fine print at font size 1.0*10^-10. Sneaky little… ◕ ‿‿ ◕

    And, the manga shows something really disturbing.

    Anyway, I did my own post on the impossibility of Mami’s revival at this point and it seems that we think the same way.

    • afkeroge says:

      Also, if you’re getting tired of that so overly abused Morning Rescue ad like me, try Mahou Shoujo-yesy subs. They translate better.

    • Valence says:

      And you’d think the name itself was a dead giveaway. ‘Soul Gems’. What else could they connotate? Kyubey seems incapable of some things , but perhaps he’s just faking it, i.e. he doesn’t really give a shit about the mahou shoujo. What does he do upon ingesting the Grief Seeds anyway? Does he get anything?

      And there’s a manga? Charlotte seems much more evil there. Good post though, I almost forgot that her Soul Gem was on her head. I thought she hung it around her neck or something.

      • afkeroge says:

        I kind of got that Mami puts her soul gem on her head only after rewatching the first episode.

        But this now brings up the moderately plausible theory of witches being “Soul Seekers.” Mami got her soul eaten, her body was just a bonus. Oh, wait… what the…

        Kyuubee eats grief seeds, doesn’t he?

        • Valence says:

          I’m concerned that Kyubey eats grief seeds to turn dead Mahou Shoujo into witches. That witch from Episode 1 when the world was being destroyed had some costume resemblances to Sayaka….

          Grief Seeds may have been souls too, ya ‘know.

  6. Janette says:

    I think if Madoka becomes a Mahou Shoujo, it’s essentially game over.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just use the chinese subs for no morning rescue. Its closer to the original meaning than english anyway

  8. Kyueby ish plain evil. EVILLLL.

  9. Nopy says:

    “Oh great. Even more material to speculate over. I’m honestly worried that Urobuchi may be aiming to be overly deep. I can’t imagine how all of these points of speculation can be answered easily and conclusively by the end of the show.”

    I’m a bit worried too, it’s bringing back memories of Chaos Head. At first it looked so deep, but in the end everything just magically turned out well and I was asking myself “wtf just happened!?”

    • Valence says:

      This is what happens when people try too hard. Chaos;Head was great potential but wasted when at the end everything just imploded. Same for 11eyes. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to Madoka!

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  12. Squares says:

    You are hilarious!
    However, I’m starting to get the feeling you watch anime a lot more than most of us…

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