Posts I’d rather not visit ever again

There were moments as a fledgling blogger where I tried to come up with as many posts as possible to get readers. Needless to say, most of these posts didn’t really amount to much, but just as how Confucius said we gain wisdom by reflection, I felt it to be necessary to revisit these old posts, even if they were really, really embarrassing on retrospect. So without further ado, let’s get crackin’.

As a foreword, I really disliked most of my pre-September posts. Most of them were contrived and created as a result, a compulsion to post something in order to get readers. Back then my only readers were scarletdevilmansion and Fabrice, with occasional comments from schoolmates, so you can roughly understand that allure of having more readers to a fledgling blogger. Well , here we go.

Weekly columns: I believe Ryanime talked about trying to spice up his posts to get more readers. Well, I have tried writing these columns too, but as much as they were steaming piles of detarame, just like Rio: Rainbow Gate, they might have been lulzy

-Strangely Addictive – It was even introduced in its first post as a straightforward way to make filler posts, no fancy language whatsoever. This was from the times in which I churned out one post per day. SA consisted of posting something I felt was truly ‘strangely addictive’ knew was interesting in some way but was in no way ‘addictive’ whatsoever. I’ll be straightforward folks, it was nothing more than a poorly conceived idea for a filler post.

Except for the last one which I vaguely recall putting effort on, the other 6 were failures, since , well, I’m not addicted to any of those at all now.

-Sadomasochism: As wrong as the title may sound, it was an attempt to see the anime I liked from the eyes of a critic. Needless to say, this was even more fail than Strangely Addictive, since I only managed to churn out a measly 3 posts before just allowing it to die.

You can see by the last Sadomasochism post I had already given up completely on this column. And thus ended my very last attempt at writing a weekly column.

Filler posts: Note this separate section for filler posts. Why? If the above posts were normal filler posts, these would be the GODS of fillerpostdom. These posts were so bad, so much a waste of time that I honestly wonder what had been going through my mind at the time I wrote them.

Prime examples :

Stupid post titles. I started with using Latin phrases for my titles among other stupid names. After all, AOIA was a personal blog at first, so I didn’t think much about it. But then it started spilling over into my anime posts, and when I finally dedicated AOIA to anime blogging, it was still an issue, which wasn’t fixed all the way until July/ August, much thanks to helpful comments from readers.

So there you have it. Pretty much all the embarrassing posts I still remember, and can’t forget. This post may have been a filler post as well…..



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33 Responses to Posts I’d rather not visit ever again

  1. Lectin Gaezat says:

    Yeah, I felt the same about my own blog. Until like November I had no idea what I was posting. I was using my real name, posting about music (which was not that bad but still), writing nonsense posts and otherwise talking to a wall.

    Motto: Find what your blog is about, then talk like you already have readers. Not pandering to them though ._.

    • Valence says:

      At first I just moved over to WordPress to blog on a personal level. Hence a shitload of posts on NPCC. But then I readjusted my blog focus sometime in late August, after my epic PIR failure and other unrelated events, and boom! I am now blogging an anime blog!

      Moral of the story : Settle what the blog is about – early.

  2. Fabrice says:

    What ,normally you should be proud/happy with the post you write.. O.o
    well thats for me lol except for the ones that is like negative.. ^^”
    btw your not the only one with writers block plus i liked those post because i kinda found them amusing orz.
    your growing some balls now..i havent seen any writers block post for a while now =/
    lol sorry i just had to say that sentence XD

    • Valence says:

      Yeah, I had to admit after luminodrake criticised how I blogged, my blogger side grew some balls. I like blogging, but some posts weren’t really a ‘log’ so to speak, they were made for the sole purpose of taking up space.

      And also, I started applying things I learnt to editorial writing and blogging, so that helps defeat this false sense of writer’s block =D

  3. I’m happy to say I wasn’t present for these posts you’re talking about, though I may backtrack and read some of them later, just to see, haha. I enjoy the posts that have been around since I started following you.

    Thankfully I believe I’m avoiding such posts on my own blog. I’ve really only posted about anime, be it reviews or just randomness. All on topic, at least ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yi says:

    When you’ve blogged for a while, you’re bound to have some posts you feel unsure about now. I know I have a bunch of those myself as well. I think it’s fun to go back and read them once in a while though.

    • Valence says:

      It’s fun, but some are just shocking wastes of time. I think one of them was simply a post about ‘discovering the wonders of staying up past midnight,’ or something lame along those lines…

  5. Janette says:

    the racist ,sexist anti-China website revolving around triangles–But without that website, where would I get my daily lulz?

    Ah, I remember those times for me. Back when I was the sole blogger for Borderline Hikkomori, then starting up Black and Blue Socks, I thought I was really hot stuff. Going back and reading the posts I wrote back then is just painful. It’s really when Black and Blue Socks took the more personal turn that it even had redeemable qualities.

    Which says a lot about the sorry state poor Black and Blue Socks was in.

    And hiya, I finally made it over. :DDDD

    • Valence says:

      Hehe, welcome ;D

      SankakuComplex aside, I think it was an urge to post that made me post so much. Each view felt like a little addition to my pride, but at what cost? 100+ meaningless posts. I’ve even posted more than Canne despite being here not as long.

      Your blog is okay, it’s refreshing from the usual episode then review blogs out there ;D

  6. Baka-Raptor says:

    You’re too young to have regrets.

  7. ~xxx says:

    not bad for being a kid…

    You have a long way to go.
    I’d rather read than to blog.

  8. Canne says:

    Self-evaluation gives you more credit and credibility, in my opinion. I like what you did and was surprised on the number of posts you regretted posting.
    How come I never read any of your SA posts ? @_@

  9. Azure Hoshizora says:

    I had a completely opposite experience, lol Friends got me to start blogging on blogger (girls, lol) but the blog started attracting a lot readers due to my anime blogging tendencies so I converted, lol.

    And I’m seconding Canne: How come I never read any of your SA posts ? @_@

    You’re a great writer though, so I don’t mind reading those posts~ And they are a good laugh to re read during rainy afternoons, I do that to myself.

    • Valence says:

      I also started on blogger. I changed over cos my old blog was boring. Readers came for anime, so here I am.

      SA posts came in May last year when I had 0 readers. Explains a lot though.

      • Azure Hoshizora says:

        Blogger doesn’t really well for a blog/website style… And image upload is hell.

        I empathize. Though I find it interesting to read such posts, weird interests I have…

        • Valence says:

          Too much freedom leads to weird blog layouts and after a while, you start to realize having a backup of the HTML coding used is crucial….

          Weird interests..

          • Azure Hoshizora says:

            The layout ends up looking fucked up and you wind up changing your layout and the codes more often than actually writing (ok, that may just be me)

            • Valence says:

              I had like a playlist full of shit songs and for one period my header was a shitload of anime characters combined in one image without any logic whatsoever. Then I switched it to just one big wallpaper, which blended with the background of the blog.

              But soon I fucked up my coding and couldn’t find out what was up, so I deleted it completely and embedded a image linking to this site instead.

              • Azure Hoshizora says:

                I hate those automatic play playlists… Who really listens to them? I always mute them, lol.

                I kept changing the header image and colours and adding small sprites of anime characters everywhere, lol.

                I exceeded my upload limit (actually IDK but images won’t show) so I moved on, lol.

                actually I still keep a blogger for writing reflective stuff, but its sort of dead now~

  10. Nopy says:

    It’s always good to try out new posts to see how well they do. I’ve ventured into different areas myself and found that the posts that worked best for me were magazine posts and reviews of anime and figures.

  11. Duqs says:

    They maybe embarassing, but at least its a lesson to be learned yes? Better to learn from a mistake than to keep doing something without realizing that it is a mistake

  12. dentystyczny says:

    Jon, was that you on the guitar ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Valence says:

      Well of course it’s me! Who else do you know can play the guitar while somersaulting? In order to please you Polish wanker, I’ll leave this link here so that a large amount of, say, 2 people can go to your site, which they won’t read since it’s in Polish!

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