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43 Responses to MY BRAIN IS NOW FULL OF F*CK

  1. Ming Xuan says:

    What is this, I don’t even-

  2. misterowl24 says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!

    Well, there is some similarities between the 1st and 3rd – that is the twin tails. 😀

    GOD MY OH!!!

  3. bd77 says:

    Same VA. =D

    Also, Happy Year of the Inaba-Inaba-Inaba-Inaba-Inaba <-guess from which song

  4. Ex14 says:

    Is this Evolution perhaps? ._.

  5. lvlln says:

    Don’t forget Mayoi Hachikuji from Bakemonogatari!

    • plasma991 says:

      Considering how she bites Araragi at least once every time she sees him, I would think she’s more devilish than Hideyoshi-kun…

      • Valence says:

        But she practically begs for Araragi to rape her.

        As a certain comic once said, ‘you could be fucking her in public and all they’re see is you thrusting the air!’

    • Valence says:

      Oh right, her too =D

      I’m starting to suspect all 4 main characters of LS also voiced characters from Bakemonogatari. Aya voiced Shinobu if I’m not wrong..

  6. baka~ says:

    I only noticed just now that kyubey had earings O_O

  7. Well that’s more than a little creepy. Of course Kyubey on his own is creepy enough.

  8. ~xxx says:

    I thought Kyubey will make a contract to the two before him…
    Man, Kyubey can crawl the deepest despairs of your life.

  9. Azure Hoshizora says:

    This has been bothering me since episode 1. So Kagami is a Trap magical girl contractor

    • Valence says:

      No, Kyubey is a trap tsundere magical girl contractor. Or Hideyoshi is actually a ghost tsundere magical girl contractor. Hachikuji would be a trap tsundere loli magical girl contractor ghost. Understand? No? Good.

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  11. jacqivarius says:

    Her gender is getting progressively skewed. ;o

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  13. Fabrice says:

    Mayoi instead of become a snail she became kuybey, and calls madododoka!
    gotta love emiri!

  14. haratahiwa says:

    lolicon -> trapcon -> “magical animals”(don’t know what they’re called)-con? *or even Kyubei-con in this pic*

  15. Blacksun88 says:

    emiri kato for the win!! thats what a seiyuu could do…

  16. random guy says:

    After learning that she also voiced one of the Ageha Squads in Eureka 7, would that make Kyubee a second trap?

  17. random guy says:

    My bad, after looking up Hideyoshi Kinoshita, it made even more sense, lol.

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