CAPTURING GOD MODE ON : Trying out Keima’s divine technique IRL


It’s been quite a while since I’ve watched the last episode of The World God Only Knows, and I can’t help but wonder when I think back to Keima’s ‘Capturing God’ mode, said to reduce his lifespan by 3 years per 1 hour of usage. Is it even conceivable at all?

Being a big fan of the scientific method, I had to try it out (maybe not) – with anime.

After all, if he has enough to press buttons, make multiple decisions and read 6 stories at once without any error, I figured that simply watching the stories unfold should work fine too. Besides, it’s a shame to admit that as an aniblogger, the only series I actually bothered to complete in the 2 month-long holiday was Bartender – something I had already started watching months ago.

So my backlog list for the previous season’s anime was as follows:

  • Arakawa under the Bridge 2
  • Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
  • Sora no Otoshimono Forte
  • Fortune Arterial

Weapons of choice:

  • Media Player Classic Homecinema – probably the best video player out there. Best performance, least lag, easy to apply additional filters to make videos run smoother.
  • Quicktime player – Was going to use VLC player but VLC’s all loopy on my laptop. So Quicktime it is then.
  • Windows Media Player – Chosen out of convenience.
  • A television. (scrapped) For shows I have on CD , completely unwatched and covered with dust. Scrapped due to TV malfunctioning.
  • iPhone (scrapped) – idea scrapped simply because it would take both eyes to focus on such a small screen.

So the stupid idea is as follows: watch more than one episode simultaneously.

It was running rather fine until I came to the rather straightforward (and derpish) realization that I could have simply used MPC-HC for all of them.

So thus the experiment began with the shows all starting from different episodes: Arakawa from 4, Sora no Otoshimono from 7, Milky Holmes from 2 and Forture Arterial from 4. After changing some of the viewing order and adding a few tweaks into the schedule, in all Capturing God-style fashion, all the series were synced up to the last episode, where all the shows were played simultaneously.

I had to say, doing so was kind of difficult after all, since I kept ignoring Fortune Arterial (it was so FUCKING boring) to watch the other shows, often in revolving sequences, with different amounts of time spent on each. Nevertheless, to summarize the Capturing God experiment, just like Keima-  who commented how two particular scenes moved him – I decided to jot down my thoughts on these series while watching.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

If there has been any other show that has been over-commercialized and set on the path to become a whole merchandise-based empire, it has to be Milky Holmes. Aside from just receiving a PSP game in the works, the group of 4 detectives, ancestors of other detectives that don’t exist, have an anime to boot. In the show, they lose their ‘toys’, sources of power they use to fight the ‘Gentlemanly Thieves’, who turn out to be people inside the school itself.

So, did you like-

NO. Why? Elementary, my dear Watson.

I wondered often : what the fuck was this shit? Every even episode I had shouted out ‘WHAT THE FUCK?’ at least once while focusing on Milky Holmes for seconds. Every odd episode had me fast forwarding past parts that started to piss me off. If Milky Holmes were so darn useless- why place so much time into duelling them and whatnot? Why are you even losing to these bumbling idiots to begin with? These villains are so useless in retrospect. I mean, if I had finished this series earlier, it would have won the Most Retarded Villain cast award. And they eventually find out that their greatest enemy was who they tried to save – by the way her breasts bounce. You read that right.

I think the only reason worth watching this show is because of this fella.

Fortune Arterial

If vampires and Twilight have ever taught me anything, it’s that vampires suck at everything, and that shows revolving around vampires usually turn out to fucking heaps of fucking cruddy fucking shit. And Fortune Arterial is no different – for it too, turned out to be as uninspired and as boring as, well, a fucking heap of shit. Although the flies might provide some entertainment – if you were really bored, that is – nothing can smell as much as failure as Fortune Arterial.

For starters, it was so bad that I can’t remember a single character’s name. You might say that this is to be expected, since I’m watching 4 at the same time. However, if I even manage to remember the members of Milky Holmes – Milky Holmes, mind you – I’m certain this show could have done better. For one, although it was a visual novel adaptation, it takes itself too seriously – resulting in unfunny , uninteresting characters and completely boring storyline that has less to do with vampires than it seems. All in all, watch this so you can say you watched it, and thus you can call it a heap of shit too.

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge

Of course, search for reviews on Arakawa 2 and you’ll get classic lines, such as ‘made no sense’ and ‘had no ending’. Then it’ll become a whole shitfight over whose opinion is that the show is shit – and whose opinion is shit.

But people who actually watched Season 1 – and know what the show aims to do – shouldn’t have much qualms about it. After all, Arakawa under the Bridge’s forte is the ability to provide us with random, funny situations every week – and I’m content with that.

Speaking of forte…

Sora no Otoshimono Forte

It has all the makings of a show I’m practically compelled to dislike – but yet, it captivates me in some way. I’m not talking about boobs and butts here –  I’m talking humour better than that of Season 1. Astraea was a funny character, being the walking stereotypical blonde joke with skimpy clothing and wings – and the power to fight , of course. And Season 2 had some form of a plot, in the form of the second-gen Angeloid, Chaos, who seeks to destroy the three Angeloids. Needless to say, she joins Tomoki’s harem to supplement the loli factor.

Still doesn’t explain much. But it’s things along the way that helped – watching it with a friend at one point, and taking it to be light-hearted entertainment. It was perhaps a slight adjustment of mindset that helped, but still, I enjoyed watching the show.

You know, although I did manage to carry out ‘Capturing God mode’ successfully, albeit with anime, and cut time, I find that this makes the show much less enjoyable, since you’re practically focused on 4 different shows at the same time. Perhaps if I watched each show one by one, the shows might have seemed better- Fortune Arterial would not be a fucking heap of shit, but just a heap of shit ; Milky Holmes could have been ingestable without causing diarrhoea , and the two sequels might have been funnier. True, it must have been an impossible task for most mortals, but doing so made me feel like I really did lose 3 years of my life.

VERDICT: Doing such a thing makes one feel like he’s more than a god, less than a human.

tl;dr: The World God Only Knows was funny at times, too bad it sucked so much. Also, Valence is incredibly lazy when clearing backlogs.


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39 Responses to CAPTURING GOD MODE ON : Trying out Keima’s divine technique IRL

  1. Matteas says:

    EPIC! I’m gonna try it too. What shall I watch? I guess I might try Milky Holmes, Qwaser, SoreMachi, and Panty and Stocking. I’ll try one episode and see if I want to keep on or not.

  2. Sebz says:

    the epic experience of God Mode. YES.

  3. hikikomori1969 says:

    Somehow the last episode made me like the series a lot more, though overall it was kind of slowly paced, w/e the second season will probably be better. Maybe I’ll try the watching a few series at once to. Though it’s probably better to watch 2 at a time first then work your way up… to 12

  4. Azure Hoshizora says:

    My own backlog in infinitely expanding…

    I attempted doing something similar a while back, simultaneously doing homework and watching Index at the same time… I ended up with “The magnitude of the car was by word of Accelerator.”

    I am human: God Mode, I dare not attempt.

    • Valence says:

      My backlog still hasn’t been cleared yet. It’s been at all the same episodes for months, since school and stuff leaves me too busy to watch anime whenever I want to….

      Something similar happened to me before, but it was with Chinese-subtitled Anime and some other show I can’t recall. It was weird…

      But I think I’m going to die soon.

      • Azure Hoshizora says:

        God forbid backlogs… they are unclear-able.

        Hurr~ Should be better than watching in Chinese dub. My dad watches evangelion in Cantonese dub…

        At least you proved that god mode indeed shortens lifespan. How about trying out Keima’s girl hitting techniques next? *social experiments, lol*

        • Valence says:

          At least your dad watches it, my dad says it’s all cartoons anyway.

          I doubt I can try out Keima’s techniques, lol ,I study in a boy’s school. Besides, I doubt I’ll have any success : no friends, no good looks, parents, etc.

          These kinds of things I shall not touch upon..

  5. baka~ says:

    I was wondering… did you do the “anime viewing god mode” with vocals on? Please tell me you did XD

  6. I may well be a master of multi-tasking (my sis once walked in to find me with a DS in one hand, my laptop sitting on me so I could write, a Kay Hooper novel beside me and Stargate playing on the TV) but even I would not dare try something like this. Kudos to you.

    Serious, epic, insane kudos.

    • Valence says:

      Nah nah, what you described is even more proof of a better multi-tasker. Kudos to you too, and to all the busy students out there in the world.

  7. Yi says:

    That’s some pretty awesome anime watching. I can never do that with anime. I multitask most of the time nowadays though when I watch anime. Usually, I’d play an episode, and at the same time, be writing emails and such, or reading news, blogs, manga, and stuff. I don’t think I can watch two anime at the same time though. The overlapping music and voices would confuse me.

    Major props to you for attempting and finishing four episodes at once!

    • Valence says:

      It was hard, but it wasn’t really worth much save for completing this section of my backlog. I find that it’s hard to remember the character’s names and episodes since it was, well, 4 episodes at once. Sora no Otoshimono and Arakawa – I had watched the prequels so there was no problem there.

      True enough, the overlapping sound was confusing, so I adjusted accordingly. Milky Holmes softer, since it was so high-pitched, and so on.

  8. Lenneth says:

    I don’t think this is considered as god mode…since what Keima does is use lightning fast reflexes and having a sharp mind to think about the route. What you are doing is just opening 4 windows that show 4 different animes. You can view all of it by going back by a certain distance to see the whole screen.

    And anyways its chaotic if you listen to the sounds…when your trying to focus on 1 of them it might be a loli talking then you will suddenly hear an old man talking…and ya i agree fortune arterial is a fucking piece of crap…

    • Valence says:

      I know it isn’t God Mode, but I just used that since it’s based off the actual one in TWGOK.

      And anyway, that’s why I adjusted the sounds to have the more interesting shows slightly louder when they got to nice bits and so on.

      Fortune Arterial is crap.

  9. trewdys says:

    “vampires suck at everything, and that shows revolving around vampires usually turn out to fucking heaps of fucking cruddy fucking shit.”
    Go back and watch Shiki. I haven’t seen any posts about it.

    • Valence says:

      Note: ‘Usually turn out’.

      It’s true for the most part. Shiki was good, but Fortune Arterial sucked.
      Same goes for shows like Twilight and shit.

  10. Fabrice says:

    Haha im so doing to try that as well XD
    i wouldnt believe someone would actually try it but i was wrong.
    didnt your eyes go funny?

    • Valence says:

      They did go funny, and I think I got giddy afterwards, but it was well worth it for the lols that ensued.

      Although I’d tell you not to try it though, it’s incredibly stupid.

  11. afkeroge says:

    I actually tried playing five visual novels while watching an episode of anime once. It was not a good idea.

    I must say though, you have my salutations on what you did. Maybe I’ll try that out sometime. 🙂

    • Valence says:

      Visual novels? That’s being a god amongst men! I suppose it was incredibly difficult, so I doubt I’ll try it…

      …but try not to do what I did, it makes the shows involved seem much less great than they could have been.

      • afkeroge says:

        Yes, I felt like I died once, not to mention that I barely made progress in any game and I ended up closing the anime window.

        Agreed on Fortune Arterial. I was really disappointed about that one.

        • Valence says:

          Keima has 6 controllers, while most eroge nowadays are on computers….makes it too difficult to attempt in real life.

          Fortune Arterial was reputed to be a good visual novel but the series adaptation just failed if you ask me.

  12. biotoxic says:

    You watched all 4 at once. Watching one at a time (at least in the case of Milky Holmes & Fortune Arterial) was mind numbing enough. Well it’s an efficient way to get crap out of your backlog I guess.

    Yes Fortune Arterial anime was crap. TWGOK could have been funny but it just got so boring. Milky Holmes – urgh. Sora no Otoshimono Forte was interesting, although I preferred the first season.

    • Valence says:

      I just wasn’t tempted with the idea of sitting through Milky Holmes. But Fortune Arterial turned out to be crappier – something everyone can agree on.

      Everything seems lacklustre in 2010. Hopefully it’ll be better in 2011

  13. ScorchNRoses says:

    Hey, God Mode should be awesome for Endless Eight. You can even watch 8 episodes at once! I’m sure it won’t be that hard 😀

    • Valence says:

      Already did, finished, but decided to watch each episode on its own. Someone went to make a video with all 8 episodes playing simulataneously…

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