Valence’s Anime Awards 2010 : B Side – Good awards

(Disclaimer: Due to the fact that most of the anime this year were either unimpressive or unworthy, Valence’s Anime Awards 2010 – B Side will be much shorter than A Side and probably subject to a lot, a lot of discussion….)

True-to-life Award: Given to the shows where the art closely resembles where the show is set in, i.e. Japan, etc. For extreme effort , observation and a healthy dose of creativity.

WINNER: Draw between Durarara! and Sora no Woto.

I’m really spoilt for choice here. Durarara has its depictions of Ikebukuro, Sora no Woto being based on Cuenca, a town in Spain.  Here you can see some comparison shots (courtesy of a particular website…) For a show about a platoon of all-female troops guarding a town alone, the art certainly is nice to say the least.

Unforgettable award: For the show with the most unforgettable scene of 2010.  A scene where bloggers and watchers alike will continue talking about for a long , long time. For high amounts of creativity and/or effort.


Don’t lie to yourself, folks. You all know that this is probably going to be one of the only scenes you remember of HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD anyway. In fact, it might be one of the only scenes you remember of anime in 2010. Let’s face it fellas- something about the mix of matrix-style dodging, jiggly cliche boob sounds and bullets feels oh so right.

Biggest Surprise award – For the show that beat its initial impressions by miles. For a show that managed to entertain someone who seemed set to dislike it.

Winner: B Gata H Kei

I think it was actually the 12 days post that led me to realize its brilliance, albeit Fridge Brilliance. I think at first I rather enjoyed it, but only when writing the 12 days post did I realize that it was actually very, very funny to watch. I’ve always disliked ecchi since it was all so repetitive, but B Gata H Kei was fresh. It was brand new. It actually tackled the ecchi scenes head on, unlike other shows which tend to run into them by accident. It’s like it completely subverted the tropes of ecchi anime. And I like it.

Compare this to the likes of other ecchi shows that aired this year.Most of them were as cliche as fuck. Others were hardly even entertaining, their only draw being the production crew’s ability to draw slightly realistic water bomb-like sacks of jiggling breast milk.  B Gata H Kei will forever be one of the best ecchi shows out there, in my honest opinion.

Flattest Chest award

WINNER: Hanamaru Youchien. Just putting it out there.

Now we return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

Most affective Award: Given to the show which made me feel the most. For shows that appeal and shows that somehow make me think.

WINNER: Draw between Angel Beats! and My little sister can’t be this cute!

I’ve been known to over-complicate simple matters. I read too deeply into things, and I guess I think too much. I get paranoid, I think about several plausible yet unlikely scenarios, how to resolve them, etc. As a result I’m called an ’emo’ at times.

I guess it’s the same thing here. I watched Angel Beats and thought about too much  – read too deeply into the details. I was reading parts of the Bible and various other works of fiction books at one point, trying to find parallels between certain scenes of the show and the books themselves. At one point I even convinced myself that this might have been the best show this year (it wasn’t.) The blog’s header was Kanade for a long, long time.

My little sister can’t be this cute! left me with some unpleasant memories, to say the least. What one little rant I wrote left me with numerous afterthoughts. Then, it would somehow lead to me vowing to change my lifestyle. Eventually,it would lead me to the realization that even though I hated its ending so very much, I still liked the show- leading me into utter confusion as to why this was so.

tl;dr Both shows weren’t great but they appealed to me lots.

The Fuck-Ishihara Award: Given to the show that fucks Ishihara and Bill 156 the best. For extreme amounts of ballsiness , and for having the bravery to not give a fuck.

WINNER: Seikon no Qwaser

There’s going to be a second season of this show. Oh the humanity.

Show: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Awarded: Best Troll Award ( given to the best troll show of 2010 ),  Best Pastiche Award (given to the show which , although a pastiche of sorts, managed to shine and entertain the most, with extreme levels of parody.)

PSG must have been a crude , if not stupid show for most. It is. Problem is, although it’s so darn stupid, it contains so many good points that the good outweighs the bad. How the show won the Troll award is self-explanatory, but the show must be praised for its extreme amounts of parody. Not just of Western culture at large, but also of Japan’s anime as well. The pole-dancing scenes with anime-styled Panty and Stocking, the cliffhanger-style ending present in both the East and the West, and of course, the all-too-familiar second season announcements, which at this point, seems to be yet another big troll. Kudos to GAINAX and those production crew members on crack.

Best Sequel Award: For the best sequel that aired this year.

WINNER: To Aru Majutsu no Index

In all honesty, this wasn’t a fair award. To begin with, most, if not all of the sequels this year sucked really, really badly. Not really entertaining, not resolving anything, and perhaps not even as entertaining as their prequels. Besides, there weren’t really as much sequels this year anyway. Strike Witches 2, Sora no Otoshimono 2, etc, shows that didn’t live up to expectations.

Which is why Index II won the award. It’s a question I asked myself when Railgun aired:

If Show A has exactly the same format, structure, if not universe as Show B, why does Show B seem so much more entertaining?

For some reason, Index II seemed more entertaining than Index I. Watching and completing Index I helps of course, but Index II seems more based on action, whether fighting or action like the image above…

Most Squidtastic Award: Given to the most Squidtastic show of 2010.

WINRAR: Shinryaku ! Ika Musume!

Honestly, I have no idea what makes this show so entertaining. Perhaps I just like slice-of-life a lot. I admit, the whole premise of invading the Earth to prevent pollution was never really resolved, but what the heck, Ika Musume is interesting enough to carry the show along… de geso. I don’t seem to get bored of her antics every episode, from hiking to being harassed by those stereotypical Anime Americans from MIT. It’s not anything fascinatingly exciting or new, but it entertains nevertheless.

It has its awesome moments too, memorable scenes such as Mini Ika and of course, the last episode, albeit being kind of sudden…

(And I’m sorry for Kuragehime, but it got disqualified since it revolves mostly around Jellyfish , not squids. As a result, Kuragehime can only win the Most Jellifantabulous award. )

Most Imagination award: Given to the show with well, the most imagination.Perhaps this could count as a bad prize too..

WINNAR: Haiyoru! Nyaru-ani

I’d give this award to PSwG, but they’ve won too many anyway.

I wonder how the concept for this show, for the original source, was conceived anyway. Something about turning one of the most grotesque gods from the Lovecraftian universe into a moe body-pillow making idiot seems to get me riled up to watch it. Something about making another god lesbian for aforementioned idiot makes me way too interested as well.

But this is exactly what attracted me to watch this show to begin with, so I can’t complain .Honestly, it’s even acknowledged that the main character is the same mythical deity of malign. It’s too interesting for me to pass up. Short, too.

Best Ending award: Given to the show with the most epic/ entertaining ending, with loose ends tied up and story concluded, with the least amount of doubt or speculation thereafter.

WINNER: Katanagatari

When episode 11 just came out, I watched it,and reached the end hoping for Togame’s survival. Needless to say, she didn’t survive, but I realized upon the ending of the show that that was exactly what the show needed. For an actual , manly ending, with the main character dying, her ulterior motives revealed, and the revelation that she had actually fallen slightly for Shichika – it was all that was needed to start the grand finale.

With Togame dead and heart shattered, Shichika storms the castle, breaking all 12 Deviant blades and killing the very man that caused Togame to go on the path she went. With Togame’s death, everything became clear – Hitei-hime’s motives, and the reason why she wanted – and did- kill Togame , and it turned out that all of them were the same, all as foolish, all as real, all as touching. Although I still wonder about the ending of the series, but Togame’s death led to what seemed to be the best ending of 2010.

And with that, thus ends this year’s Anime Awards. True, there really weren’t much shows worth mentioning this year, but to each his or her own.

P.S. Leave any ideas for other Anime Awards as well in the comments below!

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  2. baka~ says:

    There’s a good award, there’s a bad award… will there be an award for the ugly category?

    oh and any thoughts about the movies (haruhi, nanoha) and other anime (denyuuden, star driver, etc) this season?

    • Valence says:

      I would have done one, but I ran out of time..

      And I hadn’t commented on those movies simply because I haven’t got to finishing them yet.

      Star Driver seems okay tho.

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  5. Baka-Raptor says:

    I can’t wait to see what wins Most Squidtastic next year.

    (Hopefully Squid Girl II.)

  6. kluxorious says:

    Even though I think very little about Sora no Woto but A1-Pictures almost never phailed when it comes to good animation and overall look of the anime.

  7. Nopy says:

    No hottest girl/guy of the year award?

  8. Matteas says:

    Nice selections.
    Even I think that Index II is much better so far than the first season. The story seems more consistent to me.

  9. Yi says:

    Haha, love the categories: best squidtastic award and best eff-Ishihara award. Loll.

    Anyway, when I saw most memorable moment, there was no doubt in my mind it would be HotD.

  10. The last part just slaughtered me with a spoiler. In bright blue letters, even. Crud.

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