Twelve Days of Anime Day 11 – Dumped on Christmas Eve : All my dreams are comin’ true tonight.

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All my dreams are comin’ true tonight, It’s Christmas Eve and I can see we’re in love~♫

On this day, our constantly suffering protagonist Junichi got dumped by his girlfriend, waiting for her alone in the freezing snow. It’s the Christmas season again –  can Junichi ever repair his broken heart?

Amagami SS was kind of a roller-coaster ride for me, for reasons I’d guess you can imagine for yourself. For one, it was in an omnibus-format : meaning you’d only get 4 episodes per character to develop an entire relationship and story, no more, no less. Another reason would be certain arcs being subpar to the others IMHO, including the likes of Haruka’s arc and Sae’s arc.

I admit, the omnibus format has had its pros and cons. Pros being how it can cater to everyone, make everyone happy since all the girls were animated. Definitely, fans of the game would be thrilled to know all their favourite characters get their own arcs. Problem is, the arcs were simply too short to work in. Too much work was needed.  What would usually have been a 8+ week long shot at developing characters and relationships, now we only have 4 weeks to accomplish all of this.

Eat your hearts out, Haruka fans!

The intriguing thing about this omnibus format is that we get to see 6 alternate universes (duh) , from how Junichi makes his choices. It’s almost as though we’ve played the entirety of the game in 24 episodes. True, it must have deviated from the game, surely, but for those who haven’t played the game, it seems entertaining nevertheless.


By this point most bloggers would have had a rating of their favourite arcs. The list is as follows (with 1 being favourite and 6 being least favourite.)

  1. Tsukasa Ayatsuji
  2. Kaoru Tanamachi
  3. Rihoko Sakurai
  4. Ai Nanasaki
  5. Haruka Morishima
  6. Sae my-voice-is-too-damn-pretentiously-cute-sounding-plus-I’m-rape-material-and-that-covers-for-everything-else-in-this-arc Nakata.

Getting a little lazy, aren't we?

What makes this anime even more interesting to me is that in all six arcs, the male lead is one and the same. It isn’t a harem, yet it has the makeup. What I like to watch is how Junichi goes about making choices, and the relationships with the leads. And the best part about this is how in each relationship, the female leads are completely different. In forever friend-zoned Rihoko’s arc, Junichi isn’t even interested in Rihoko as a love interest – but Rihoko sure is – which makes it stand out slightly compared to the other episodes. Tsukasa’s arc revealed a side of her not shown even once in the rest of the anime. Kaoru’s arc showed us her back story.


Even in terms of execution has the arcs differed greatly. Who can possibly forget (or erase their minds of ) the bizarre scene involving the haunted house, ramen, licking and naked Ai? It must have been written when AIC was at the pub or something, drunk on whiskey , shirts drenched with sweat, when suddenly Kanasaki  Takaomi ripped out a pen and began preparing the episode. Seriously, I see no other conceivable way to explain that scene – nor do I see a way how that scene could have happened plausibly in the show itself anyway. Nevertheless, it was entertaining. Call it a guilty pleasure if you must.

And the endings were different too. They weren’t all just “Junichi and <Girl X> live happily ever after” or something. Haruka’s arc had the couple 10 years later, where they are married without children, both mushy and …kind of creepy. Kaoru’s arc was simply Kaoru’s wishes for the future together with Junichi. Nanasaki probably had sex in the hot spring. And Tsukasa gets married and has a child with Junichi.  It’s the little things that count, and make this show so very, very rewarding if you ask me.

Now, since Miya’s episode seems to have been cancelled (sob) what’s left is for the hidden BOSS – Risa Kamizaki, Junichi’s stalker. This is kind of interesting given she probably was stalking him through every single arc and might have even done so for 10 long years, so this episode is definitely a must-watch for me.

In the meantime, I’m going to go hang up some decorations, and prepare everything for Christmas.

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  2. Azure Hoshizora says:

    As someone who only watched the 1 st episode, all I can say is:
    I wonder which unfortunate souls have to watch Higurashi dubbed on YouTube…

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