Twelve Days of Anime : Day 10 – Anime Festival Asia X , for the xth time

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Photoshopped to hide the author’s horrible ugliness.

AFA. Probably one of the only events in Singapore which hold anime fandom in high regard and celebrates it. There aren’t any haters – it feels like everyone knows each other there. I went with only one friend this year, but it still feels like a party. It’s a time when every anime-related item I could possibly want to buy within 2010 is gathered conveniently in one place. In other words a horridly effective way in making me spend an entire day and a huge amount of savings in one sitting.

I think it’s the feeling that matters. In Singapore we don’t have much of an anime culture, save for perhaps some shops located in Dhoby Ghaut and events held occasionally at Republic Polytechnic and Suntec. Otherwise there really isn’t an obvious trend here in Singapore. Everyone looks pretty much the same. You can’t really tell the fans from the non-fans given just one glance. That’s why conventions are a great experience. They just fill you with that warm fuzzy feeling you don’t feel most of the time. Kind of like getting involved with the blogosphere, where there hardly is any animosity and everyone kinda feels like a friend.

Well, I’ll just leave these here to speak for themselves (click images for links)

Anyway, it was a great experience, and although I still think I shouldn’t have spent that much, it was worth it. It’s things like these that make this fandom so rewarding.

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16 Responses to Twelve Days of Anime : Day 10 – Anime Festival Asia X , for the xth time

  1. Ming Xuan says:

    The caption for the first photo made me laugh. But yes. I spent a lot of money too. 😦

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  3. ariannasterling says:

    I’ve never even been to Singapore, so I really wouldn’t know, but I can say that convention atmosphere is really a wonderful thing no matter where you are. That’s why no matter how shy I may be in the “real world”, as soon as I step into a convention I get about 10x more confident and am willing to run up and ask people I’ve never met for pictures, hug people I’ll never see again, start conversations with the random person next to me in line, and so on. It’s great.

    Glad you had a good time!

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  5. Yi says:

    AFAX looks like an amazing event! And that girl is really cute. ^ ^

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  7. Azure Hoshizora says:

    Lol at photoshopped image. Your readers have already saw your uncensored face in all your uncensored glory…

    Strange, I kept thinking I should have spent more. Must be me.

  8. Canne says:

    I visited Singapore once and I saw no trace of anime fandom there. But then again, I was just a tourist. I wish there were events like this in my city.

    • Valence says:

      It’s not very blatant given Singapore’s conservative society. There aren’t much shops or locations for the hobby either. But I assure you there are indeed anime fans, although with power levels not very high…

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