Twelve Days of Anime: Day Nine – My little sister can’t be this cute

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For what seems like 6 episodes I’d been asking myself how they’d manage to come up with a character with hardly any balls to defend himself against someone younger than him, and how they seem to lack common sense. I was almost betting that nothing would change even at episode 12.

Well, needless to say, the inevitable happened.

Everything stayed the same.

The ending was all-too-predictable ( and a tad lame, actually),  something I’d thought of when episode 4 was just released, and everything seems to be the same more or less. It wasn’t a spectacular show, nor was it brilliantly fresh and unique. It was fine. Yet I enjoyed it so much, I feel like I lack common sense too.

It didn’t make any sense.

Given how I rate my shows, this show would have been sub-par, if not slightly veering off the average line.  I would have dropped it halfway. I would have watched something more interesting, and avoid the show like the plague from then onwards, or something along those lines.

Yet there seems to have been something to trigger my inner fanboy – trigger my irrationality.  I simply have no idea, but I’m hooked. Perhaps the answer is a tad obvious and shallow. But whatever, now all I need to do is wait for the ‘True End’ to come out.

You know you like something when you read too deeply into details. Some sources of speculation or points of interest:

The year it is set in is 2012. Meaning to say that unfortunately for Shin, he’ll have to settle for a wife half his age, at least.

The bait is placed, the trap is set. Knowing AIC, I bet this is all just a troll anyway. I’m so pessimistic, I’m willing to guess that the True End focuses on Kirino too. Maybe he’ll get with his tsundere dad instead. (Now we know where all the tsundere genes come from in the family.)

>(as pointed out on the forums ) that serial number


>hints of season 2


Well, at the end of the day I still have no idea why I like this show. Its storyline is choppy, its themes so predictable, and if it weren’t for Hanazawa I would have dropped this ages ago. I didn’t particularly like Kirino, nor did I like how Kyousuke was basically kind of a pussy who let his younger sister trample over him like a dog’s chew toy. I wondered why the characters that were nice were pushed to the side. I wondered plenty of things.  It wasn’t fresh, it wasn’t particularly original for an otaku-centric anime, its ending was hardly satisfying, even. It was simply 3 or so minutes of stupid drama pulled out of nowhere and that’s an ending? By any standards this show would have flunked miserably.

I’m still looking forward to the extra episodes though.

Oh god.

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24 Responses to Twelve Days of Anime: Day Nine – My little sister can’t be this cute

  1. Mizorui says:

    It was Ruri’s appearance that made the show enjoyable. Just imagine what would have happened without her.

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  3. Ming Xuan says:

    Just don’t think too much…many shows that are supposedly boring somehow compels me to watch finish them…and i actually kinda enjoyed it. Don’t let common sense get in the way of enjoyment!

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  5. ariannasterling says:

    I just skimmed this article, because I didn’t want spoilers. I’ll be watching the series as probably one of my first few series in the new year. I’ll have to backtrack and actually READ at a later date.

    But was the ending really sort of lame? Darn. Disappointing to think about. Suppose I’ll form my opinion soon enough.

  6. baka~ says:

    I agree with the good end being “meh” but if you read the summaries of the light novels, those written by Seanver btw, the true end may just be similar with Katanagatari in that it destroys its own ending in order to make s2 more “worth the wait”… That’s my assumption though ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌… If anything, for Ruri x Kyousuke fans out there, I guess s2 will be the one worth watching.

    • Valence says:

      I’ve avoided reading the summaries since I’m waiting to read the light novel itself. . . .but I expect a better ending than this one. Katanagatari’s ending was fresh for an anime this year, so I hope for the best.

      Also, I doubt the realization of this S2. . . seeing as how there isn’t much material right now. But given how people like to milk their cash cows, surely, more spinoffs are on their way.

      • baka~ says:

        Well, imo based from what i’ve read, the true end may just be better since it may be what I could call as the Kuroneko route but it may be me though. after all, I have mixed opinions if they try to jam in 4 episodes the content of 1 whole novel considering there’s so many changes and character introductions that comes with it.

        . But given how people like to milk their cash cows, surely, more spinoffs are on their way.

        not far from happening, but I do hope that if they intend to slap in filler/anime-original scenes, at least they do not butcher the entirety of the series with inconsistencies and loop holes.

        oh and probably a personal preference but if there is a second season, I hope ClariS does the OP/ED

        • Valence says:

          The true end must have been better than that good end. After all, the ‘good end’ came out of nowhere. It’s like they worked methodically all the way to the end and realized : ” Wait, we need to finish this.”

  7. Azure Hoshizora says:

    Little sisters aren’t cute. Its her otaku friends that are.

  8. ~xxx says:

    I haven’t watched it yet…

    I’ll try to marathon it because I wanna see my face disappointed in the good ending.
    Wait, I think it’s happily ever after and no bad(worse) things happened.

    • Valence says:

      Which makes it a very bad ending. I mean, the first half was just comedy, then out of the blue comes this segment of drama which is pretty much random. You’ll be disappointed, surely.

  9. Alx2oy says:

    Now i wonder if i should watch all the episodes ._. stopped at episode 3 and didn’t feel like continuing..

  10. Canne says:

    ‘Well, at the end of the day I still have no idea why I like this show.’

    easy. Kuroneko 🙂

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  12. Yi says:

    I thought the storylines were extremely choppy… It was a noticeable flaw. Other than that though, I didn’t have too much problem with the show. Kuroneko and Ayase (and to some degrees, Saori) made the show much much better. Kirino and Kyousuke both got on my nerves at times though.

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