Twelve Days of Anime: Day 7 – The story of a gay priest, two fallen angels and a whole lot of bastardisation

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Maybe I do like goths after all. But then again she's not much better than her blonde counterpart...

I doubt there has been any other show out there this year that has been as random, crude and politically incorrect as Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. It’s like GAINAX picked some acid-tripping drug junkies off the street, tossed them into a room and told them to record their most ridiculous ideas. You know, maybe that’s how GAINAX did it, because I don’t see any other conceivable way.

Has any other show been as politically incorrect as PSG? I’m not talking Ishihara-style hypocrites, I’m talking about as an anime itself. Which other show has ever subverted so many tropes in one sitting? The above picture itself already sums up the argument. BDSM and tentacles are always used for humour, although the other party is always unwilling – aha – Stocking enjoys it. Panty’s an ACTUAL SLUT, and Garterbelt’s a sick, twisted soul. And of course, as luck would have had it,  all are tasked with the holy task of purging these ghosts from the world, with lots of ridiculous things happening along the way. It’s like a bastardized version of the Powerpuff Girls.
And as the bastardized Powerpuff Girl crew go on with their daily tasks, more ridiculous things happen: Panty has sex with just about every male thing in existence, and they participate in gratuitous amounts of profanity. They are more sinful than demons, yet they are actually angels. Not to mention how every episode is so…crude. Everything is so messed up. Everyone has sex, and it’s just so…wrong. It takes every crude joke in existence and rolls them into one lump ,releasing them once per week wrapped with more original humour and ridiculous animation and tropes.
More theories on how the idea for this show was conceived:
  1. When Imaishi Hiroyuki went on holiday, he found the legendary black gates of Mordor. After defeating the orcs with nothing but his bare fists , he brought the evil eye down, and from the fiery chasms of Mount Doom, came a great being who gave him the idea.
  2. A couple of years ago he had the choice to either make Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann or this.
  3. It fell from heaven. Or maybe hell. Either one will do fine.
  4. American hollywood culture, Japanese animation and American animation had a three way around the world facilitated by Yamamoto Yuusuke, and after 70 hours of long flight and over a hundred hours of lovemaking (including time spent in flight checks, booking of tickets, travel, queuing up, or going through security), and fused, becoming a singular entity and giving birth to this show.

Anyway, waiting eagerly for the last episode.

EDIT: The award for best troll of the year goes to…

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13 Responses to Twelve Days of Anime: Day 7 – The story of a gay priest, two fallen angels and a whole lot of bastardisation

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  2. See, it’s the very fact that every picture I’ve ever seen of this series makes me think of some wtf-style version of PPG that tells me I’m never going to watch it. That and the fact that crude humour just doesn’t get me much these days–thus why I leave the room when my dad is watching crap like Family Guy.

    • Valence says:

      On the contrary, it’s this exact sentiment which made me want to watch it, simply because it was fresh.

    • shumbapumba says:

      I agree, the art looks very PPG and has been a bit of a turn off for me, too. It is interesting, though, that after anime influenced American cartoon character designs, such as PPG, the inspiration has gone full-circle where such American appropriations of Japanese imagery is now influencing the original source. Copies spawning copies, models modeling models, I feel a bout of Baudrillard-induced nausea coming on…

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  4. Yi says:

    Everyone hails this as a unique brilliant work that pushes nerves. True, something like this hasn’t been seen often in anime, but it’s hardly new for late night CN. It’s still something to be appreciated though. Such boldness is refreshing.

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  7. Whoa! You did a fantastic job. You should write regularly!

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