Twelve Days of Anime: Day Four – B Gata H Kei

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Holy fucking shit, Valence, now you’re just out of your mind.

It was the World Cup Final. As the Netherlands started to play dismally, gradually crumbling under pressure, I was awake at 3 am, in the living room watching the game, albeit with my laptop on. As Spain finally scored (to my dismay) a goal, Yamada had almost got to home base, if only that bed didn’t start turning on its own. And as the game ended, they were at the shrine, wishing. Wishing for what? Perhaps for more people to like the show.

Many people hate B Gata H Kei. I mean, the plot synopsis is enough to piss anyone off. It’s about a girl, Yamada, in her epic quest to become…..a slut. She wants to have 100 ‘fuck buddies’, and so she tries to have sex with everyone. Which person wouldn’t feel slightly offended or confused by that? A show, about someone trying to be a slut? I was a bit disturbed when I read the synopsis at first, but I watched it anyway. Others, on the other hand, continued to say that the show was garbage, claiming that it was shallow and uncreative.

But I think they are all missing the point. The point is that all this time while Yamada swears not to be confused about her feelings, rabidly denying any romance whatsoever, the show is indeed rom-com.

You have to admit that as a character , Yamada isn’t poorly designed (Rimshot.)  She isn’t built to be a typical , one-dimensional character which does nothing but fulfill the audience’s call for sexual humour. You have to admit that she’s practically quirky, in a good way. I admit, I will not remember this show a year from now.

But it sadly seems to linger in my mind. I just can’t forget it. Unlike the tons of ecchi shows which have escaped my memory, B Gata H Kei looks set to stay. Why?

One, it is unique. In which show has the female lead agree to become the object of sexual attraction? In most ecchi shows it’s often the male that goes after the female that leads to a sexually suggestive scene,  or even through daily interaction. It’s always an accident, it’s always forced, it’s always happening to the unwilling females. But Yamada is different. She wants to throw herself into such a situation, she wants to be coveted by men, treated (and known) as a slut.

To quote a review on, she practically dispels the myth that girls don’t think about sex.  She breaks the myth that all males are the putrid, horrible sinning creatures that should burn in hell for their sexual urges. Kosuda , on the other hand, is as innocent as a child – he’s practically dragged into Yamada’s schemes for him to have sex with her.

And furthermore, she’s practially tsundere. Which makes it all the funnier.

My slice of cake.

The icing on the cake, however, is that she was completely afraid to have sex after all! She was even insecure about her body, demonstrated when she examines her sensitive area in one of the early episodes. Worried about her virginity, she seeks out Kosuda to lose it,and Kosuda is….similarly a virgin. A perfect match right from the start. Pure comedy gold, people, whether you deny it or not.

Both are equally shy?

Two, for its genre, it was excellent. It achieves all the ecchi jokes that shows like Seitokai Yakuindomo can only dream of. It’s extreme, it (drumroll) goes all the way(rimshot.) to entertain the audience. It doesn’t rely on overused jokes we’ve all heard a million times, it comes up with its own. What the hell was the revolving bed supposed to be? And remember that scene with the cameras?

B Gata H Kei came into the battlefield armed to the teeth. As mines of erection jokes and boob bombs explode in the background and sent smithereens everywhere, B Gata H Kei is dashing through the battlefield, its comrades fallen, dodging the rapid machine-gun-like fire of penis jokes, lobbing grenades of over-the-top sexual humour into the trenches, blasting out the troops of incestuous love.Bleeding profusely , helmet cracked and military uniform no longer sexy,  B Gata H Kei ducks and dodges the fire from the tanks of sexual frustration, grabbing hold of one tank and completely blowing away the other shows in the genre singlehandedly, setting the battlefield on fire. And as B Gata H Kei walks through the blood stained battlefield, it climbs the mountains of failed ecchi anime, planting its flag right at the peak.

Yet more exaggerations, yes. But B Gata H Kei seemed as though it came in with a mission in mind: fuck everything in sight (rimshot). With its over-the-top humour, it completely blows the other shows out of the water. Has any show ever went straight-on with the sexual jokes? It’s like they’ve subverted the tropes of ecchi completely. As I had mentioned, it’s now the girl who is in control. It is not Kosuda who initiates the perverted actions ; it is Yamada. It is not Kosuda who wants to fuck Yamada, it’s the other way around.

You’ll never look at any of those aforementioned objects the same way ever again.

3. She has a god that watches over nothing but her last. Her personal, very own ero-gami. Her teacher, her leader, the one on top. SHE HAS A GOD DEVOTED TO NOTHING BUT SEXUAL URGES. How can that not be awesome? Most of us who have religions believe in men sitting in clouds , with all their divine wisdom and kindness, Yamada believes in a different god. A divine, kind god of sex. A god of sex. It almost makes me believe in gods and goddesses.

Need more convincing why this show was good?

It was the first ever ecchi show I enjoyed. Ever.

Think about that…


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  3. Ming Xuan says:

    …Wait…your first ever as in a show making sexual jokes like seitokai yakuindomo or first as in the first ecchi ever seen?

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  5. I haven’t even heard of this, but it’s going on the list. Right. Now.

    In other news, that one paragraph is the greatest extended metaphor I have ever seen.

  6. Azure Hoshizora says:

    I found the story setting hilarious but I never got pass the first few episodes…

    Erogami, FTW

  7. Lenneth says:

    haha if you did not posted about this I would have forgotten about it…Yamada should have Panty to teach her how to be a slut XD

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  9. Baka-Raptor says:

    The show had original jokes. That’s enough for any show to earn my respect.

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