Twelve Days of Anime : Day Three- K-On!!

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I can imagine what’s going through some of your minds right now, and I think it goes something along the lines of this:

Huh? K-On!!? Didn’t Valence angrily rant against it for like, the whole of 3 months, from April all the way to July, and perhaps even longer? What must have happened to him to make him engage in such a moment of lunacy? All this long holiday has managed to achieve is to make him insane? Oh dear!

Rest assured, I’m just as insane as I was a few months back.

Did I really hate the show so much? Did I rant, get pissed, and dislike the show that much? Did I really want to tear my eyeballs out, and stuff them in my eardrums in the hope of blocking out the sounds from the episode?

I did. (Not so sure on that last part, though.)

I ranted against every episode, satirized the series, described every episode in a sarcastic and mocking manner, claiming to find hidden ,deep philosophical meanings within the show and then setting out to prove them, I disliked the show back then.

Back then.

I supposed I gradually started to enjoy K-On after a change in perspective, albeit spurred by more experience and understanding of the genre.

I slowly realized that I was taking things far too seriously- something I tend to do on a regular basis- and this made me hate the show. Why should the show have plot? I asked myself. One of my arguments back then was that the show lacked plot, so it was garbage.

On retrospect, that line of thinking is garbage. Must K-On have a strong plot?

Was it necessary? Not really. I found that I enjoyed watching the show simply based on its merits, the interactions between the characters, especially Azunyan, their daily antics and light comedy (Rimshot.)

SO I began to watch it for what it was- slice-of-life. I watched every song they performed, I sat through the OPs and EDs, I laughed , I smiled, I enjoyed the show. It did not matter whether they were trying to help Sawako overcome her reluctance to perform her classic metal hits, it did not matter if they were simply cleaning the clubroom, it did not matter even if all they were doing were sitting down and doing nothing but drinking tea.  I still found a way to enjoy it nevertheless. The funny thing about K-On is that no matter how repetitive their antics were, they were changing, ever-so-slightly, to give us something new to watch every week, without fail.

Kudos to Steve

But K-On!! represented another major milestone in my aniblogging career. It brought me to my senses, it enlightened me, it gave me newfound knowledge of realms unknown, of increased tolerance and understanding, acceptance and enjoyment. It let me enter a new world.

Exaggerations, yes, but what did it do, exactly?

It made me realize that aside from being a plot-obsessive blogger, I also can – and do – enjoy, moe.

That doesn’t seem like much, does it?

But for me , it was a great revelation.

I had searched for plot-filled anime, and watched them, enjoying them thoroughly, like Serial Experiments Lain, or even Spice and Wolf. I was practically hungry for a good plot, and everything started to disappoint me.  I beckoned for stimulating shows, to challenge my thinking, to stir my senses, to amaze and overall, to entertain. Nothing seemed to fit this criteria. I felt saddened, perhaps even angry. After I watched K-On, however, I realized something.

Yes, and I think it pwns Seitokai, no matter what you say.

I recalled that my first ever anime I had watched on my own, was Lucky Star.

Think about that for a while.

Just think about it.

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29 Responses to Twelve Days of Anime : Day Three- K-On!!

  1. Ming Xuan says:

    I would have thought Lucky Star was a weird anime to start with.
    And yes, I do hate things for the sake of hating them.

  2. doctordazza says:

    I had the same feelings when watching the first series, I then just looked at it, and didn’t think.

    My love for it was born.

    • Valence says:

      Au contraire, mon frère – it was exactly because I stopped thinking too much and over-scrutinizing everything that allowed me to somewhat enjoy the show.

  3. lelangir says:

    b-but it does have a plot…

    • Valence says:

      I was kinda vague I guess. I didn’t mean to say that there isn’t a plot, rather there wasn’t a really strong one. One was there nevertheless.

  4. Sergio says:

    I am of the opinion, well, plot I mean, it’s a story you tell something. Everything has a plot. IMO what many people often demand is a specific type of plot.

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  6. I loved the first season of K-On!! I even got my fiancee back into anime when I showed it to her. The second season disappointed the both of us. I don’t mind slice-of-life shows, but I want the characters to be interesting and trying to do…. something. In the first season they had a goal (Budokan) but in the second they seemed to not really even care about being a band. It was more about them running around and being moe. Not even interesting moe. Just cut and dry mass produced moe. I get it, the turtle is cute.

    Granted I gave up half way through.

    • Valence says:

      To be honest , I think it was the last few episodes which actually made me like the show. After all, I hated it all the way to about episode 18 or 19.

  7. chikorita157 says:

    I loved the second season more than the first… It reminded me of some of the high school memories a long time ago… And it was pretty fun too.

  8. Baka-Raptor says:

    I’m thankful that K-ON consolidated and streamlined my hatred so well that I was able to produce a great post about it.

  9. I definitely say that not everything needs a great plot. Sometimes I really just want to find a series that won’t make me sit there and focus on the plot, because I don’t always want to be thinking after I get home from a day of thinking at school.

    I’m glad I have the Internet at home now though; it’ll give me a chance to catch up on my anime, including this one. Everything you’ve posted on, actually. 2011 will be my year of catch up 🙂

    • Valence says:

      Same here. I spend too much time reading up essays and books on various unrelated topics, yet find a way to link them, resulting in this warped and overdemanding attitude when I watched anime. But I guess I changed.

  10. trewdys says:

    “I watched every song they performed, I sat through the OPs and EDs, I laughed , I smiled, I enjoyed the show.”
    “I smiled”
    Valen? Smile?!

    • Valence says:

      Pigs must be flying, huh? Perhaps I exaggerated a bit. Maybe it wasn’t a smile, but a face looking like this : 😐

      It denotes happiness.

  11. Azure Hoshizora says:

    I remember when K-On started last year, a lot of people were trying to draw parallels with Lucky star. Weeks later, there’ wasn’t even a point in comparing, the 2 series turned out different in its own ways, despite the fact that they are about the same thing: the daily lives of (boyfriend-less) high school girls.

    I think I liked K-on towards the middle of season 1, specifically when Azusa joined the cast. The characters just started to grow on me; or it could be that I like Azu-nyan and enjoy pointless slice of life shows.

  12. Hachiko says:

    Haha, I had exactly the same preconceptions as you did before watching K-On! with the added fact that I had hated Lucky Star. I began watching K-On! without liking it much and stopped at episode 4. Then I got into college, and I started needing to watch something that needn’t make me think. And I got back to the series. And now I am a fan. End of story.

    • Valence says:

      Same here, save the ‘I hate Lucky Star’ part. Surprisingly, I liked it, even if it was the first one I ever watched. I probably don’t like it as much now, if I had to rewatch.

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  14. Yi says:

    I still don’t get all the hate others have for K-On! What’s there not to love about cute girls doing fluffy things?

  15. flyzice says:

    I’m glad you like K-ON even the slightest at the end of it all. =W=

    I won’t say I’m a huge fan of K-ON but it is the first anime I watch that doesn’t have a heavy plot. Back then, it was a refreshing change. I just watch and had a good laugh, and that’s that. Good way to unwind myself after a long day.

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