Style and substance in Star Driver

(Insert unnecessary wrong-sounding joke here.)

For an original anime , Star Driver has impressed me in several ways. One such way would be the art. For an original show, churning out new mecha designs week after week may seem like an arduous task, but BONES seems to have done it – BONES no less.

Here are some quick thoughts on the character and mecha designs in Star Driver.

Pretty ironic that for an organization called  ‘Glittering Crux’, their costumes don’t really reflect this.
-This whole mask thing keeps reminding me of Lady Gaga for some reason. And I like it.
-Of all the section leaders, the only costumed leader who seems to fit his/her name is President, of Adult Bank.
-Although the leaders have nice costumes, you have to hand it to whoever designed their follower’s costumes:
……..seriously, I think that those costumes would obstruct them when working, and hurt them both physically and emotionally –  how would you like to spend every day underground dressed like a clown?
-Looks peaceful, serene – but we know better. It immediately brings to mind the idea of a peaceful, secluded isle – albeit with cities.
-Some physics must have went awry in the design department . . .
The mechanism used to operate the cybodies by the Glittering Crux looks the part. It almost looks like a direct rip-off of all the other mecha shows out there…
Their designs were vibrant, and fitting of their individual qualities. IE Swordsmanship, or simply charging with horns.
-….however while Takuto surely fits the title ‘ Galactic Bishounen’ (he even has that little star to remind you)..Taubarn…….kind of pales in comparison. Instead of seeing a ‘Galactic Bishounen’, I see:

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17 Responses to Style and substance in Star Driver

  1. Sebz says:

    *snigger snigger*
    It’s an excellently humorous approach. especially that last pic xDD

    • Valence says:

      High heels aren’t befitting that of a supposed pretty boy…or are they?

      • Sebz says:

        probably. somehow, a boy in high heels is immediately tagged as a bishounen.

        so there must be another x-factor for Takuto to become the GINGA Bishounen
        maybe his bishounen of a mecha?

  2. kluxorious says:

    tauburn is so manly, he wears heels

  3. Azure Hoshizora says:


    You missed the very first enemy, the one with a ring somewhere, lolol.

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  5. Nopy says:

    Tauburn does look like a flamingo girl, it’s kinda weird for a mech. So far I see Star Driver more as a comedy rather than an action series, it’s so absurd that I can’t help but laugh.

  6. Fai D Fluorite says:

    Nice comparison!!

  7. alucard13mm says:

    lol i just noticed teh snowing effects. i thought i twas just 1 picture. and lol *being stereotypical* what is that suspicious guy doing next to the police car and behind that babe =P. gg

    lol just wondering, im doing some product research. would you buy the following? Most of these PROBABLYwont be sold as “official gear” @_@.. because of lack of funds to procure license. i wonder if retailer stores will carry them. anyone reading this thread/post, i appreciate any inputs ^_^..

    1) “Touhou” wall graphics. Vinyl prints that u can apply, remove, and reapply onto your wall to make your own danmaku design. *although because of licensing issue, id probably call it “danmaku wall graphics” vs. “Touhou wall graphics” @_@.. not sure about the licensing issue, since there are doujin circles cashing in without license *i think*. doesnt have to be touhou/danmaku related.

    2) ice trays that mold anime related items. Ex: Leek (miku), Guitar, Bass, other instruments (k-on), heads of anime characters (Nanoha, Cirno, Ika). i dont think items are licensed =P..

    3) popsicle molds of anime related items *see above*

    4) anime related shower curtain. shower curtain with leek patterns! lol

    5) a clip adaptor that you can use to replace that boring plastic base for your figma/nendo/petite nendoroid. im sure people run out of places to display their figurse, soooo display them in thin air! lol

    if you have any ideas, feel free to suggest lol.
    sorry for posting a largely, 90% unrelated post haha.

    • Valence says:

      2 or 5. I’m guessing I’d be too poor to afford 4 (no space, no money, no need), and have no space for 1. 2 would be adorable, but I don’t really want to suck on my favourite characters or their related items : I bet it won’t be a nice experience…

      • alucard13mm says:

        well these clips, i would sell for like around 120 yen each. cause i saw max factory was selling bits of plastics for building a figma “play set” (far more plastic than some clip) for like 500+ yen. i could sell these commercially, but its aimed at a niche of peepo with a niche of product XD

        but im trying to go the touhou wall graphic route cause its easier to print wall graphics than to engineer a clip XD.. BUT i can only sell the wall graphics as dojin. i doubt i can get ZUN’s permission to sell, since there are literally tens of thousands of dojin circles who make touhou stuff, whom i assume most of them could not or did not get permission from ZUN to sell commercially.

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