Christmas Letters to Santa

Today, The Straits Times ran a special issue, and one of the articles included inside talked about writing letters to Santa. Of course, I had known about this article previously. My aunt had asked me to write a letter this year, and after putting lots of thought into it, I submitted it. (The Straits Times, CHRISTMAS I, PG 7, 28/11/10.)

However, imagine my surprise (and laughter) when I saw what got published instead.

Probably wasn’t very surprising, but they published the letter I wrote to her when I was like, 13 or 14.  Firstly, some thoughts.

I vaguely remember writing that letter wishing for , of all things, a Kagami figma simply because I was really just beginning to get into figure collecting back then, Kagami being one of the first figmas I had ever laid eyes upon (mostly because of this site) and not only was it from the first anime I had watched, it was also constantly out of my reach. Besides, I had nothing I really wanted for Xmas anyway, so I figured, ‘heck, why not.’

My aunt had asked me to write a letter to ‘Santa Claus’ for X’mas presents, and being deductive ( and poor at time management) I hastily typed a letter for submission, with the full knowledge that it was because she was probably going to buy it herself. And as I type, Kagami stands on my bedside table. Back then, I thought she wouldn’t actually use it for The Straits Times, as she had claimed. I was certain that no-one would read my hastily written, childish letter.

Well, I was wrong. It did come out today, along with some letters from my relatives, all , for some reason, from last year as well. My youngest cousin asked for a racing car and a Thomas the Train toy, while my other cousins asked for a multitude of items, among them tickets to New Moon, tamago sushi and a pony (it’s true.)

So what I would like to introduce to you guys is to ask a child you know to write to Santa Claus. He/she can be 5, 10, or even someone’s inner child – any child you want – to write a letter to ‘Santa Claus’ , or more specifically, the Santa Claus Post Office, located ‘Santa Claus Arctic Circle , 96930 Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland.’

Not only is it a good way to exercise the child’s writing skills, it is also a nice Christmas surprise to get a reply from ‘ Santa Claus’ – something to liven up this Christmas for the kids. (It got my lazy brother to write, I’m sure it’ll work on any other young child.)

I know, Christmas is almost a month away, but well, let’s get crackin’?

EXTRA: Can you guess what I wrote about this time?

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17 Responses to Christmas Letters to Santa

  1. Azure Hoshizora says:

    A pony, lolol
    Don’t we all wish we had a kagami for Christmas~

  2. flyzice says:

    Let me guess. You wish for all-expenses-paid trip to Japan!! I know I want that! =W=

  3. Interesting! I should definitely see about having my little cousins do this. I always approve of writing (of course I do, I’m an aspiring novelist).

    • Valence says:

      I’m not very good at creative writing- lack of practice. I blame it on the schools :p

      …but perhaps I need to pick up writing again!

  4. meow says:

    lols meow

  5. Yi says:

    Hm… My best guess is just something anime related. I hope you get what you want come Christmas. ^ ^

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