Now I’ll have to wait a month to find out whether she dies, why he shoots her, and what the hell had been going on in Katanagatari the past year.


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  2. Mizorui says:

    Damn Vale, thank god I’ve just watched it yesterday or you’ll mess up my viewing with that huge spoiler. Togame is bleeding heavily, don’t know if she’ll die or not…What a cruel cliffhanger.

  3. Yi says:

    That girl’s violin skills are incredible.

  4. Nopy says:

    It’s going to be a long month 😦

  5. Psycho says:

    I also hate cliffhanger ending. What make it worse this show only one per month. I will hate more if this happens to movie like Evangelion 2.22 :D.

    Stay out from forum like animesuki, spoiler from light novel everywhere if you’re not careful.

  6. Maserbeam says:

    Even though it’s been a totally awesome ride, from the way Katanagatari has/is developed, I’m either going to not care about episode 12, or explode in various questionable ways depicting happiness, hng, and rage all at the same time.. no in between!

  7. Carillus says:

    Unfortunately, I took the liberty of going to find out what happens in the end of Katanagatari quite a while back, so I was expecting this to come soon.

    All I can say is – this is a Nisio Isin work. Expect the unexpected.

    • Valence says:

      For a moment there, I forgot he worked on Bakemonogatari orz

      Okay, will expect the unexpected, but given the one month spent in waiting, I will probably end up speculating so much that it seems completely expected.

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