So it’s my second time at AFA, and how different it feels. When I was dragged came here last year, I had barely started watching anime for about a month or so, with a measly 10+ conquered under my belt. Now I come with more experience, so to speak, not only as a watcher, but also, as an aniblogger. Certainly feels different this time around.

Photos of the event in other posts.

Came at 8.20am. Obviously, my inexperience when it comes to conventions like these starts to show. Last year I came at 8.00 am and there was no queue. I expected the same this year, save for the fact that I forgot that I came on a Sunday last year…

Nevertheless, after an hour and a half of queueing or so, my friend and I finally secured the tickets.

But it turns out the Hakurei Jinjya’s queue moves even slower than the AFA queue….then from then on it becomes a large amount of time spent just walking around, chancing upon impulse buys and regretting them later. But such is the life of a person like me.

I guess it really does feel different this year. Less people (with me), but I’m definitely understanding more of these little details. I’m slowly becoming part of this community ; this very idea makes me feel great to be at such a convention, where no-one would mock you for your interests, save for anime and stuff like that.

It’s really a great experience I would recommend to others.

Much more Touhou and Dollfie goods, etc, this year compared to the last. Animax is still here, as per usual, but this year we even get Itashas, of ‘AFA-kun’, Gundam 00 and of course, Mirai. Black Rock Shooter was also pushed and we had figuratively, tons of BRS goods. Or as Danny puts it, ‘shiny goodies’.

Wanted to stay for the concert, but was alone, tired, and having a headache. So I decided to leave. Besides, they were having some delays with the opening time anyway, I didn’t want to hang around and spend even more money. Just waiting there got me to somehow buy a ZANEEDS CD , a photo and 2 badges. I need a lock on my wallet at this rate.


But of course…at the end of the day…

…we have the loot. Okay, I admit, I might have gone all out this year. I think I spent like, double the amount last year, thanks to helping people buy files and buying a couple of light sticks for no apparent reason, amongst the several factors.

Badges are a necessity. Last year I bought just one, but it kept coming off so I never used it. The Azusa figma and Kagamiku – I had eyed those for a long time, but now I’m stuck with trying to find out where to store them. And Yotsuba was supposed to be a surprise for someone, but it wasn’t appreciated. Oh well, more for me then.

Anyway, all in all, AFA is a great event and you should go if you can. In fact, you should go to any convention when you can. I think it’ll be the same experience.



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22 Responses to AFA X

  1. Ming Xuan says:

    I bought that Suwako file too, meh.

  2. Carillus says:

    A Levels, w, I didn’t go

    I didn’t really like the past years’ AFA, though – the commercial atmosphere around the place kind of put me off a lot… I remember spending half the time there last year sleeping against the wall (but then again I had a free pass due to certain circumstances so it didn’t matter).

    • Valence says:

      A Levels , w, long time no post.

      Anyway, I go there exactly for that atmosphere. I don’t know why. I spent most of the time last year walking around and taking photos of cosplayers and exhibits, as with this year. And then take hours to post them. I got home at like, what, 7.00+pm? And I just finished uploading everything. . .. . . . . .

  3. Lenneth says:

    haha i saw a guy buying one of the dolls and was standing outside proudly holding it up while people took pictures of it…blocked my way down the stairs ._.

    • Valence says:

      The one with black wings, right………..he was parading it like some sort of totem for the entire convention. Now that’s not the way to treat a ‘daughter’.

      • Lenneth says:

        i was like “wtf just get the fuck out of my way” and had to go around the bunch of people taking photos of it with ming xuan to get down the stairs =/ and i wouldn’t treat my “daughter” like that myself, i rather have her to myself >=D

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  5. Alx2oy says:

    ^ That’s what she said. πŸ˜›

  6. Azure Hoshizora says:

    I spent hundreds of dollars last year. I only bought an artbook and a file this year, weird…
    I only went to the stage once for Kana Hanazawa, despite having bought the stage pass.

    My conclusion was I should have stayed at home or something… orz

  7. flyzice says:

    I’ve never been to any events as such…yet. Perhaps I should join AFA next time.

  8. Yi says:

    That Ika Musume thing is adorably clever! Anyways, glad you had fun. ^ ^

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