OreImo is starting to piss me off – A rant.

I don’t know. Perhaps it’s me. Perhaps it’s the result of how my friend puts it, ‘being too negative.’ Or perhaps I just don’t like the show as much as I wanted to. Every episode, I find the show to become more and more annoying, especially that Kirino.  Being an elder sibling myself, I find it especially annoying when a younger sibling treats me like a footstool. While in OreImo Kyousuke practically bends over and kicks his own ass for the sake of an ungrateful little brat who will most probably be unrelated to him by blood and , as in all-too-cliche fashion, they end up in a romantic relationship and have great sex.

However, I digress, for that’s not the main reason which pisses me off.

I guess those with siblings might find Kirino to be slightly annoying. But aside from that, another thing that pisses me off is the development and plot- it’s too predictable. I see no foreseeable twists or whatsoever. I can already see the ending.

But of course, I probably wouldn’t have gotten pissed if not for the blogosphere. I’m not blaming it on them , but some posts really roused some sentiments. Right about now, the way I see it, the blogosphere around OreImo has been split into this:

I’m in the center.

In one faction, we have the fist-crunching, quick-jabbing, critical blogger who of course, criticizes OreImo , be it for its fanservice or for other reasons. In the other faction, we have the one(s) , the defenders of OreImo, who accuse the others of being a bunch of monkeys who can’t relax and chill out. One blogger even accused ‘critics’ of raising an unnecessary (quote) “shit-storm”.

As one of the bloggers puts it :

” As far as pointless shitstorms that the aniblogosphere has had, this one ranks somewhere in the middle.”

However, my opinion is different. I think the true pointless shitstorm is trying to argue which side is correct. People tell the critics to relax, accuse them of being riled up over nothing, tell them to remember that ‘anime is not 100% realistic’ in the attempt to prove their stand. The critics then counter with walls of text analyzing, detailing the show, discussing its flaws and et cetera. You know what all of this reminds me of?

That pointless argument they had in Episode 2. You know why? Because it’s pretty much pointless to judge whether a show is good or bad by one scene. Similarly, it’s pointless to criticize other’s opinions simply based on your own. Anime is after all, a subjective affair- either you like it, or you don’t. How they handle it pisses me off because it’s all so childish. While some posts are written well and argues for the stand the blogger supports, some just devolve to flaming, or text spam, be it in the form of posts or even comments. I can’t go alone and not read an anime blog which talks about OreImo anymore. I can’t even watch the show without being reminded of the flame war online.

Before you accuse me of being a hypocrite, I admit, this post sounds critical , I know. But what I want is for everyone to just relax.

EDIT: http://not.dotq.org/2010/10/27/cant-we-all-just-get-along/

Haters gonna hate.

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41 Responses to OreImo is starting to piss me off – A rant.

  1. ScorchNRoses says:

    Lol simple. Ignorance is bliss. What I’m doing now is just enjoy my OreImo and I’ve no knowledge of the flame war online prior to reading this post ^^

  2. Mentar says:

    So why participate in the feud? If it annoys you, drop it. Simple as that.

    Me? I enjoy the story quite a bit, because I can relate to several things depicted. And I find it incredibly endearing when Kuroneko and Kirino yak at each other, just to show mutual acts of kindness hidden with a tsuntsun attitude. I enjoy characters like Ayase, who are in stark contrast to Kirino.

    And – sorry – whenever I hear people say “I already know how it’s gonna develop”, then I call royal bullshit, or spoilage by secondary sources. The novels are still ongoing, and I do NOT think that the upcoming developments are in any way predictable.

    • Valence says:

      I’m not participating in this little argument of theirs, or at least I hope I’m not.

      Right now I’m still okay with the story but gradually getting pissed. I don’t really know why, and the argument online is my explanation.

      And anyway, you can call it bullshit if you want, because it is bullshit. It’s nothing but a wild guess. You can call me critical , sure, but that’s seriously how I think it’ll turn out. It’s used in like a large amount of incest-themed manga and anime.

  3. Janette says:

    I really don’t care if other people like it or not, I watch and enjoy the more crappy anime all the time. As long as I still like it, I’m happy.

    I think you’re misunderstanding something though…at least from from what I can tell, we enjoy disagreeing and arguing with each other. I don’t know if anyone is taking it as a serious ‘feud’ as much as a heated debate, which we have not had a good one in awhile.

    • Valence says:

      Same here, but I find the arguments between the two sides completely pointless, seeing as how we’re not even halfway into the show. I mean, sure a debate is fun and all, but when people start calling it pointless and labelling the bloggers involved as participating in a ‘shitstorm’ ,something is on.

      • Janette says:

        That’s what happens after a boring Summer and a boring Fall…bloggers get itchy and start looking for something to get angry about. XD

        • Valence says:

          I’d like for everyone to be relaxed, but an argument once in a while is fine,just not to the extent where it’s called a ‘shit-storm’.. . . . . .

  4. Shance says:

    As far as realism goes, I think the fanservice part (where Kyosuke gets whipped) is justified. The events are properly set up, there isn’t anything wrong with what happened (because of the events), and sometimes, tripping in front of your half-undressed sister DOES happen (and there are worse things that happen aside from this, too).

    I think I’ll make myself clear NOT to talk about anything with regards to the first half of the episode.

    Anyways, I think I feel for you since you’re getting pissed of not because of the show, but because of the show’s watchers. I watched Strike Witches (both seasons), got people criticizing it for being full of fanservice and nothing else, and it only made me pop a vein. Now I see more than half of them taking back what they said on the second season too. I guess that counts as revenge!

    • Valence says:

      I guess for the Strike Witches part, I’m guilty of this too. I’ve been lambasting K-On for ages until I found that I actually liked that show. I suppose it’s karmic.

      I suppose it’s the realism that gets to me. I have a darn annoying sibling, I guess. I can relate all too well, sans the eroge-hiding part.

  5. lolikitsune says:

    Is my browser failing or are both “corners” blue? >_>

  6. chikorita157 says:

    Seriously, I don’t think the fanservice scene was a big deal and it was only 30 seconds. It didn’t really impact the enjoyability whatsoever even though it wasn’t necessary. The problem is that some anime bloggers over blow the negativity so they get everyones attention in a bad way. Personally, this isn’t good for the aniblogosphere since everyone gets upset and it becomes a domino effect. There needs to be a balance between negativity as being negative 80% time will drown out all the positive things a blogger say.

    To say that something like this didn’t happen would be wrong. If I recall, I wrote something defending Amagami SS because some blogger was a bit too harsh on it. Everyone got upset then… So, it’s not like it never happened, it did.

    • Valence says:

      I mean, sure it might have been better carried out but it isn’t something to label the show as ‘fail’ with. Neither is that an excuse to label the show as ‘not fail’. Fanservice is fine, but not when the entire show develops around it. Right now it’s hard to tell, but I don’t agree with someone calling it a ‘shit-storm’. A ‘shit-storm’ would imply shit on all sides, wouldn’t it? That’d be mislabeling some of the better arguments and posts out there as ‘shit’.

      But I guess you’re right about the whole domino effect thing. Case Study : Pretty much every over-hated or overrated show out there.

  7. Ex14 says:

    Lol. it seems everywhere theres some sort of DRAMA around >_> like wtf. if you don;t enjoy so be it. Well the fans who rush to their beloved series defence are at fault too of course. Why can’t ppl just accept their are others out there who have different Taste?

    Plus most of the “too much fanservice” people are comparing the anime with it’s Light novel / Manga or whatever, when are people going to learn that what works in a Light Novel / Manga doesn’t ALWAYS work in an anime =/

    in short. Why do people make their own hobby so stressful? =/

  8. lolikitsune says:

    Man, everyone loves equivocating and rationalizing wrt “the shitstorm”—it’s like, god, guys, we’re in a shitstorm! Finding shelter and uncontaminated water is far more important than rationally dissecting the situation!

  9. Azure Hoshizora says:

    This sort of things seems to happen to every single popular show of the season…
    Kyousuke’s contradiction doesn’t make sense to me, of course, since I’m an older sibling myself; but I don’t dislike Kirino either, maybe because I don’t have a younger sister but a younger brother instead, lol

    • Valence says:

      Same, younger brother too. But you have no idea how darn annoying he is.

      But really, I can’t explain with 100% certainty why the show is starting to annoy me. Perhaps I’m just being too critical.

      • Azure Hoshizora says:

        The only thing annoying about my younger brother is probably how he manages to do my homework which I don’t know how to do…

        Maybe its the lack of logic in the show which seems repetitive. Or maybe you don’t like tsunderes?

  10. Yi says:

    I don’t think it’s pointless to have arguments. If we can’t talk about our thoughts, then why are we blogging at all?
    I loved the argument Kirino and Kuroneko had in episode 2. Same here. I like that people are disagreeing over the merits of this scene and arguing about it. If I didn’t, I’d be watch anime alone and not trying to ever to interact with others.

    Anyways, I’m pro-fan service.

    • Valence says:

      I’m like in constant denial over the joy fanservice brings me. I can’t decide whether I like it or not.

      Although it’s fine to have arguments, it’s not really good for it to escalate to the point where people call it ‘pointless’ , ‘meaningless’, or even a ‘shit-storm’ simply because they don’t agree. An argument is where you defend your stand against the other’s to see whose is better. Not one where you predetermine the outcome. I’m okay with arguments, but now when insults and whatnot are brought in. Because there can never truly be one point that all of the blogosphere agrees on ; there’s bound to be opposition. So I say to these people : relax, and enjoy the show, for it’s not a ‘pointless shit-storm’.

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  12. Ming Xuan says:

    Yup, I can already see the ending.

    As long as you enjoy (or not) watching the show, does it really matter what other people think of it? Just try purely watching the show, accept it for what it is. Because arguing about it on internet does nothing.

  13. hiroy_raind says:

    I lol’ed when some of my friends applauded this anime on being accurate on depicting their bitchy sisters (minus the otaku-ism).^^
    I can understand some people not liking/liking how things turns up, but to think it would turn up to something of this scale? I’ll be blunt, it’s kinda ridiculous ;^^
    but hey, “what I want is for everyone to just relax.” you say?
    thx, cheers man 🙂

  14. flyzice says:

    I watch OreImo for trying to have an understanding what is it really like being called an otaku in Japan. It seems to me the word “otaku” is accepted differently in different parts of the world. Clearly, in OreImo, it is accepted negatively.

    While Kirino’s character and behavior made me wanna punch her in the face sometimes, I can’t help but be reminded of Konata. LOL. It’s her love for anime and games, that is. Other than that, Konata’s the best! =W=

    • Valence says:

      Well, Otaku are treated like scourges , or like a threat to society. Most are anti-social, and probably have poor social skills, when you reach the level of ‘otaku’. While other countries might be more open, Japan itself isn’t very fond of their otaku instead.

      But yeah, have you ever experienced the joy of talking to someone about something you love? Same here for Kirino – she really likes her porn games.

  15. Nopy says:

    I was starting to find all of the characters a bit annoying, but then Ayase showed up and I was happy again.

    I haven’t seen any flame wars surrounding oreimo yet, but then again I haven’t been online much recently. Arguing over an anime is pretty pointless though, if you like it then watch it, if you don’t, then don’t watch it.

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