Amagami SS – Ai Arc End : Lessons learnt from General Burnside’s crater

General Burnside, from which sideburns were derived, was a Union Army general in the American Civil War, having led several successful campaigns in places like North Carolina, but having suffered devastating defeats as well. Widely considered to be his greatest failure, General Burnside’s last battle at Petersburg, dubbed ‘the Battle of the Crater’, was a noble effort from the get-go. The mines placed under the enemy’s fort blasted an entire crater in the ground, but due to his decision to march the soldiers into the crater, they were picked off by the Confederate’s gunfire, resulting in a complete loss.

Now that I’m done with historyfagging, you probably must be thinking : what the fuck does this have to do with the arc to begin with?

It probably sounds like it doesn’t ( I don’t think it does at all, actually.) , but what did the Battle of the Crater teach us?A lesson in fiscal mismanagement and bad decisions. In other words, screwing up a perfectly good idea. In this arc, Nanasaki’s awesomeness was only to be undermined by the inclusion of several unnecessary, time-wasting segments which could have been better placed to use.

The last episode is always the most crucial episode for an arc of Amagami SS. Yet they devoted half of that time to the likes of Junichi’s drunk teacher, Takahashi Maya, and other random ‘funnies’. Sure, I’ve pretty much gotten over most of my dislike for Haruka, but still it was unnecessary for that segment too.

…that was only one episode…

..then how do you explain the whole Haunted House/Miso Ramen part? Drugs?

After all the random happenings, the show ends with them going to a hidden natural spring, to bathe, leading to Nanasaki’s and following that, Junichi’s confession and they kiss – nude. Guess we all can roughly know what happens after that. Only those deer know for sure.

But some of the good things this arc delivers is the usual character development sequences we’ve seen in Kaoru’s arc. Instead of saying “Hello there, I’m <character X> and I’m in love with <character Y>. Let me show you.”, they actually pause to reconsider their feelings. I really liked that touch. However, what I discovered is that this arc tended to focus more on Nanasaki than fanservice for Nanasaki (which was done with aplomb and was aplenty) , leading to this chart :

In the meantime, I’m keeping my hopes up for the subsequent arcs, although the outlook from here looks to be on the up and up from this point onwards.

All in all, although the arc had a lot of potential from the start, it was wasted by the inclusion of unnecessary time-wasting segments and it could have been much better. It’s the second best arc in my opinion though.

I also think that her ED is probably the best:

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13 Responses to Amagami SS – Ai Arc End : Lessons learnt from General Burnside’s crater

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  2. Ryanime says:

    I didn’t get to see the arc ending yet but I understand that it wasn’t anything to write home about. I wanted there to be ‘moar’ mystery in this arc than in any other because it felt fitting for Ai. I didn’t find the mysterious anywhere despite looking for them.

    However, I did fall in love with the ED. Oddly, I feel the first 1 minute and 30 seconds are much better than the rest of the full ED.

    • Valence says:

      I don’t know, the full ED seems to have lost some flair, but nevertheless I liked it.

      There really wasn’t much mystery in this. The only mystery as far as anyone was concerned was what she was wearing under her dress in Episode 13 (Her Swimsuit). But I didn’t expect too much mystery, so it was okay for me.

  3. Ex14 says:

    I Agree. The miso ramen sequence just left a generally big question mark after watching the episode >_> but in all honesty, i still find that she has the best arc thus far (extremely biased guy here XDD)

    And yes Best ED imo too XDD

    Now….for the fabled Miya arc Nishishishi

    • Valence says:

      I think the miso ramen sequence is an excuse to show us her body and give us imagery for what happens after the natural spring scene, what with all the orgasmic groans and moans and whatnot.

      but I doubt the Miya arc will be incest. I think it’ll be kind of focused around her life or something.

      • Ex14 says:

        it’s ok. Junichio can’t have her, But we can 8D (in our mind XDD)

        Btw i like your new layout XDD

        • Valence says:

          Haha, thanks 😀

          I’m willing to guess that a Amagami SS doujin will come out sooner or later depicting what we’re imagining took place at that natural spring though….

          ….and I will download it.

  4. Fidelis says:

    The show’s always had time-wasting scenes, hasn’t it? I guess one has to turn to manga versions (and the game) for straighter tellings. I hear that the haunted house event occurs in every girl’s game sequence, but apparently the writers had all of them going at the same time, right? So what should have been a more intimate thing – just the two of you – becomes a group activity. In generic terms, that’s not so bad, I guess – but then we come again to how certain characters are just there for the sake of it… The show’s been praised for its ‘bold’ multiple-choice format but what if the writers were really bold enough to revisit parallel scenes between arcs, besides the park opening – and keep it tight while they were at it?

    Speaking of comics, apparently both Kaoru and Rihoko have their own ongoing series right now. No scanlations yet though. I hope the former’s keeps the shuttlecock retrieval and the “meet the parents” epilogue. Also, it’s strange that the latter gets a series just as her episodes are airing, since surely the show will cover the story in much less time. Still, better them than others.

    • Valence says:

      I don’t see the link between the haunted house and the whole ramen imagery. I can’t see the link. Perhaps it’s just me. I guess they couldn’t visit parallel arcs since it would kinda make the show feel like Endless Eight….

  5. ippius says:

    nishishi indeed. i actually was pretty bored out by this arc to b honest. ending was pretty straightforward, until she randomly goes commando etc.

    i found nanasaki ai’s ED to be definitely one of the best, with its jazzy style. however rihoko’s one is actually pretty nice too. both are WAAAAAY better than Sae’s.

    • Valence says:

      Sae’s ED could cut quartz. And anyway, I’m still waiting for the doujins. We all know what happened after the confession at the natural spring, don’t we ?

      I don’t know, I rather liked this arc. Kind of charming, at least better than Sae’s arc anyway. Hoping that Rihoko’s arc can be good too.

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