Capitalism, ho! – Recettear, An Item Shop’s tale

(This post was originally written on September 21. Valence is currently on hiatus)

Recettear is a game recently translated by Carpe Fulgur ( which has received some attention in the interwebs, especially amongst bloggers. You play Recette, a loli who is forced to sell her body items by opening up a item shop , to pay off an imaginary debt her father supposedly chalked up by winged torturer Tear. Every week, the payment required increased more than twofold , and poor Recette suffers from competition from other shopkeepers, scam artists, other lolis and pedophiles of all shapes and sizes as she tries her best to earn the money, by opening up the store, ‘Recettear’, which I assume to be a combination of ‘ Recette’ and ‘Tear’. Pffph.

The main basis of the game is to buy items for cheap from other vendors in town and sell them nearly double the price, even to some of the people who sold you the items to begin with. By selling items earned through scamming others economical wizardry and dungeon-diving, Recette is thus able to make loads of Pix in the process. Every week she pays off part of the debt, and what happens when she fails to pay up? Tear repossesses her house! Being poor, innocent and generally an airhead, Recette gives in and lives in a box on the street. No matter, it turns out to be a dream and you wake up again, with only 1000 pix but everything else intact. So it’s okay even if you lose, you just have to restart from the very first day. Which I think I’m on the verge of doing soon. Too late, couldn’t pay the 500k Pix, back to square one.

The customers in the game vary a lot in the sense of how you bargain with them. The old men are easiest to bargain with, since they’re probably all pedophiles. The little girls all are jealous of your height, and the men and women are just generally stingy, much like most humans are. Of course, you have your bumbling Louie who’d buy everything that’s cheap, the Guild Master who shows up every single time period, since he’s also a pedophile, and Alouette, your competitor who buys stuff overpriced just to show her ‘prowess’. I think she’s a pedophile too, if she was older. A tsundere one too.

Of course, after paying off the final debt, you get to unlock several game modes, such as New Game+ , which allows you to use items from another account,  Survival Mode for those who are especially masochistic (every week you pay a 6-figure sum) and of course, Endless Mode in the account you cleared the game in, allowing you to work on and scam others for eternity.

And what happens to Tear after she claims the complete debt?

…she stays back to help, after being touched by Recette’s complete obliviousness and stupidity optimism for life. And also, because she could not run the shop on her own.

Recettear is a really charming game, and won’t take too much of your time,unless you’ve gotten hooked like me. With it going for only $20 on Steam, there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t buy it , unless you don’t have a Steam Account, like me.

Kudos to Carpe Fulgur for making this game more fun than it already was by providing awesome translations. Yayifications!


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8 Responses to Capitalism, ho! – Recettear, An Item Shop’s tale

  1. Yi says:

    I’m actually really interested in playing this game. It seems like such an addictive and cute way to kill time. Too bad I don’t have a Steam account either. 😦

  2. trewdys says:

    I saw a customer tierlist somewhere.

    Bro tier:
    Young man

    Mid tier:
    Old man

    Shylock tier:

    Shit tier:
    Brown fairy

    • Valence says:

      Alouette is God-Tier. She’d buy everything for at least 10% above what Guildmaster offers.

      And I’ve gotten to a point where I can afford to pay the art scammer. Oh dear god.

      The other adventurers are mid-tier. The old man is definitely bro-tier too, he offers slightly higher than the young man.

  3. The Game says:

    Lol the art scammer Euria. Just decline her offer like 3 – 4 times and she hardly comes to your shop to sell you anything again. And the man sometimes doesn’t accept prices of >125%. Only the Guildmaster and Alouette do

    • Valence says:

      Maybe it’s due to my store atmosphere, since Euria keeps coming back day after day. And the man often accepts the most insane prices, along with the guildmaster and alouette. I don’t really know why.

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