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(This post was originally written on September 21. Valence is currently on hiatus)

Hmm, K-On!!has two more episodes to go, but episode 24 is the actual ‘end’ ,so to speak. You know, K-On!! ending actually matters to me , quite a lot.  Seeing as how K-On!! represents something to me, something like a progression in anime watching. If you hit up that search bar for K-On!!, you’d find that I had written plenty of troll posts flaming it, detesting it, simply because that was the general opinion – that K-On!! , a moeblob show, is inherently bad. However, after watching K-On!!, I think it deserves some praise.

K-On!!’s entertainment value was a far cry from its mediocre predecessor, which mostly brought us to trips on the beach and scenes of them sipping tea over and over again. Aside from being twice the length of its predecessor, K-On!! brings development to the characters. Instead of giant walking towers of moe passion, we get giant walking towers of moe passion with emotion and character. K-On!! managed to flesh out its characters better than K-On! did, especially for Azusa, whose fanbase seems to have virtually doubled.

However, many people still say that K-On!! sucks. I figured out why – too much filler. But honestly, was all that really filler? After all, it is a slice-of-life show, and I don’t see the need for a strong, gripping plot. I can perfectly enjoy a bunch of girls playing music ,sipping tea and fuckloads of moe without having the need to be emotionally drawn in by the thrill, drama and action. K-On!! was also moderately hilarious, providing me with some well-needed laughs compared to the likes of, say, SYD.

Furthermore, K-On!! provided much more screen time to everyone other than Yui and Mio. I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice this. We get Azusa-centric episodes, episodes on Ritsu, episodes on Mugi, and even episodes of Azusa’s gang of friends. Far better than the Yui-milking and Mio-fucking likes of K-On!.

However, ‘far better’ doesn’t automatically make K-On!! a success. Although I liked the series in general, all that obsessive fandom is beyond me. I mean, I vaguely recall a photo of a man licking Azusa’s picture on his computer. Now that’s just fucking creepy.

Animation quality has improved in general, although still not spectacular.

Sound – Sound is the major attraction for K-On!!. Of course, there is still music in K-On(gasp!) and I find that they were okay, but some lacked the edge songs from the previous season carried. Go!Go!Maniac! pierces my ears too much,although its beat is light and spunky. No! Thank You! was better than Don’t Say Lazy in my opinion, but the song about rice…. I don’t think it’ll last long.

So overall, I’d give it a 8/10. Don’t know about you though, but if I could give marks for ‘fandomism’ I’d give a +1 for Azusa-centric episodes.


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8 Responses to K-On!! Review

  1. Ex14 says:

    I haven’t watched K-ON finished and i gave up rating animes. but…if i had to it would be a 7.5-7 based on initial impressions and what the crazy k-on fans told me so far XDD

  2. flyzice says:

    I like how K-ON!! ended the second season. It brings to close what Yui and co. had been through all those years together as a band.

    I’m looking forward to the movie ^^;!

    • Valence says:

      K-On!!’s ending was a great summation and ending to the entire series. Honestly, I’m not exactly optimistic about the movie. If it reverts back to school-life, than damn.

  3. biotoxic says:

    I just cannot watch another episode on K-ON!! I’m too tired of the same thing over and over. Sure it can be funny at times, but the majority is so dull with the same school backdrop, same characters, same stagnant uneventful episodic plots. I thought it was picking up again around episode 12, but my interest dropped soon after.

    I’m stuck on episode 23, one from the “end”, and I just cannot find the strength to watch it. Knowing that there’s another 2 episodes after the “end” is just a killer.

    For me K-ON has gone on too long, but then I was never a huge fan in the first place. I’ll get round to finishing this one day…. maybe.

    • Valence says:

      That’s why watching it on a weekly basis worked for me. Doesn’t feel *too* stagnant. Besides, it’s much better than season one, that’s for sure.

      I haven’t finished the show either. I plan to just leave it at Episode 24, and ignore the last two episodes.

  4. Yi says:

    I agree that this season fleshed out the characters a lot more. In the first season, Azusa and Mugi were kind of like wall flowers, but this season really gave them the space to grow.

    “especially for Azusa, whose fanbase seems to have virtually doubled.”
    I’m one of them.

    • Valence says:

      Azusa? A wall-flower?I suppose so, K-On!! loved them more than K-On! ever did. K-On! just used Yui and Mio over and over again. Both series seemed ‘meh’ towards Ritsu, though she’s the leader. I guess K-On!! has done something about her too.

      Azusa fans are everywhere. Chances are, every K-On! fan you meet is an Azusa fan. Same here, I’m a fan too 😀

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