Amagami SS – Sae Arc End : Moe, Tentacles and hitting First Base

(This post was originally written on the 22nd of September. Valence is probably on hiatus right about now.)

With Sae’s Arc ending (and UTW misleading me into thinking they got married), I realized the point of having an omnibus format- of having new characters, yes, but also, to have a new audience. A new approach to things, new content. Did they do it? Yes. Did they succeed in appealing to us? Not really.

I thought they would get rid of all the weird fetishes, but in this arc they bring in Tentacle Rape. Now isn’t that sweet? However, I digress.

It appears that Sae’s arc is fueled on a number of things. Amongst this list , includes moe, tentacles, shyness, moe, more moe, maid costumes and more moe. And don’t forget “Moe Death”. That’s the main appeal of Sae’s arc- moe. Sae is a walking tower of moe passion. Everything about her is moe. The way they act as a couple is moe too. Penguin suit? Really? Every single shot of Sae is generally moe. No, not generally, but very. Every shot is very, very moe. That shot of her eating her sandwich? Moe.

But what else could have happened? What’s the alternative to pumping out buckets of moe every few minutes? Pointless drama? Pointless drama aimed at sexing up the female lead, like Nympho’s Haruka’s arc? Sae’s an underclassman, and just that makes her eligible for being moe. She speaks in a shy style, and her constant abuse by Tachibana and his sister is moe too.

As such, character-wise Sae rests on the same level as Haruka – general fanservice-style. This happened most notably in Episode 12, with Tachibana almost hitting a home run and Sae in some sort of black lace dress, that looked more like lingerie than anything. Nevertheless, she’s still better than Nympho, who as usual, chalks up a huge amount of screentime when she’s not really wanted.

Previously I felt that Kaoru’s arc meant something new. It made Amagami SS bring something new to the table. Then Sae’s arc comes along, and reinforces the stereotypes and usual character archetypes we have in anime for females. Sae’s breasts are a constant source of humour. Why? It’s a overdone joke, dating back past Usa Mimi in Kodomo no Jikan to perhaps the beginning of the World’s interest in anime, when anime became distinctly identifiable from other forms of animation and people were starting to like it. Sae is a walking pile of moe, yes, and less of a person than we see. Kaoru had some kind of impact. She felt like a real character, she interested me and renewed my hope in Amagami SS. While I can’t say Sae ruined it for me, I would have to say that Sae could have been better.

She generally is characterized as helpless on her own, and requires Tachibana to be her instructor for god seems like everything, down to the extent they become a couple because of this. Also, how she looks like a child is a constant joke as well. Which children’s entertainer makes fun of people’s breasts on stage?

Nevertheless, Sae’s arc ended with that distinct feeling of mediocrity. It seemed to knock Amagami SS’s success back a few notches, but it was still fun to watch. I hope the next arc will be better though.

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15 Responses to Amagami SS – Sae Arc End : Moe, Tentacles and hitting First Base

  1. Ryanime says:

    I found her moe-ness annoying most of the time. I was very much hoping for the conspiracy to take place where she was actually playing (e.g. helping with learning how to work) with Junichi. No luck there.

    Everyone says Sae is moe and I agree. A lot of people also say that Ai is also moe, but I don’t think they’re comparable.

    • Valence says:

      Her moeness is unnatural. It feels like a sin to enjoy watching her moe , since it’s just so shallow. I suppose I hoped that she was playing with him too, and when she stripped down to what seemed to be either a black lace dress or black lingerie I kept my hopes up, only to be utterly disappointed by the ensuing penguin suit scene.

      I think Junichi’s sister is moe. And ever since I heard she’s getting her own arc, all the better it is.

  2. trewdys says:

    No comments on the narration?
    Also 6×4=24 so i guess Miya gets the last two episodes. In the VN she’s also the route just above bad end.

  3. Nice!were can i find the like-button or twitter-retweet-button 🙂 Matthias

  4. flyzice says:

    I dislike this arc. I dislike Sae’s voice. I still prefer Kaoru arc when things are a little bit more realistic.

    • Valence says:

      Her ED sucks, period. I’m having a debate over whose voice is squeakier : Sae or Yui. Seriously, they’re too darn squeaky to sing songs.


  5. Fidelis says:

    Yeah, on one level one has to take the story on its own terms, and on another level it can’t help but feel …shallow. (Unlike Kaoru’s, the deepest of the first three, hohoho).

    In the post after this, Valence comments: “I think each girl’s arc is like, specifically catered just to show one thing. Haruka is fanservice, Sae is moe, etc etc.” There’s more to it (relationship dynamics, etc.), but one could describe each arc in a word just like that. (But if the theme is “anime elements”, what would be Kaoru’s? I’ve seen her described as “tsundere” but there’s more to her and her arc than can be described with a single clichéd term, more so than the other two)

    trewdys: Wasn’t it announced weeks ago that a secret stalker character in the game will get her own time in the limelight? Perhaps that accounts for the last two episodes.

    flyzice: Just a little? 😛 I’d say the least realistic thing about that arc was the navel fetish kiss. Aside from that, it’s the most likely of the first three arcs to happen in real life, which is a big plus in my book. I hear they cut out several mouth-to-mouth kisses (and hugs) so why have an unusual kiss at all when the story was not lacking for normal ones? (Because it’s Amagami.)

    • Valence says:

      I think ALL the fetish kissing scenes are unrealistic. Who in the right mind volunteers to kiss kneepits and navels? Rather, who asks people to kiss THEIR kneepits and navels? But scrap that.

      Kaoru is tsundere-ish, if you ask me.

      And the last two episodes is based on Miya if I’m not wrong, nishishishi.

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